Simple Everyday Makeup

How is everyone’s Monday going? The Holiday is approaching real soon, eh?! I wanted to share with you guys this super easy and simple everyday makeup tutorial which can be worn by everyone, especially those who don’t usually wear much makeup. I did 2 version – one with a simple peachy lips, and another with red lips.

I think this look is great for those who prefer a simple no-fuss makeup. Nothing too dark, nothing too bright, but with a bit of colors. This is also a look for those who prefer earthy brown tones over black. I probably would wear this for a brunch (with peachy lips), or even a dinner party (with red lips).

Eyeshadows used in this tutorial are from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette.

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smashbox full exposure makeup tutorial


1. I applied MAC Groundwork paint pot on my eyelids using my ring finger.

2. Using a fluffy blending brush, I applied Smashbox Full Exposure palette in M2 above my crease.

3. Using Smashbox bullet crease brush, I applied Smashbox Full Exposure palette in M1 on the outer half of my eyelid.

4. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied S1 on the inner half of the eyelid, blending it towards the outer half.

5. I applied S4 on the inner corner of my eyes using Real Technique shading brush (skip this step if you have wide-set eyes).

6. I lined my waterline and tightline using L’oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner.

7. I also applied M7 along my upper lash line using an angled eyeliner brush. I applied this along the outer half of my lower lash line as well.

8. I curled my lashes and applied Maybelline Express Turbo Boost mascara on my lashes.

9. I filled my brows using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo Powder.

10. I also applied Mata Nona no. 15 falsies.

nyx monte carlo tutorial

11. On my face, I applied MAC Pro Long-Wear foundation using Real Technique Expert Face brush.

12. Under my eyes and on my blemishes, I applied MAC Pro Long-Wear concealer. I set my face using CoverFX Translucent powder.

13. On my cheeks, I applied Chanel Blush de Horizon.

14a. (left) For the peachy lips, I filled my lips using MAC Spice lip liner. Then I applied YSL Glossy Stain in Peche Cerra-Colla (27).

14b. (right) I removed the previous lip color, and then applied NYX Monte Carlo on my lips.


Products used

Eyes – MAC Groundwork paintpot; Smashbox Full Exposure Palette (crease – M2, outer lid – M1, lid – S1, inner corner – S4, liner – M7); L’oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner; Maybelline Expres Turbo Volume mascara; Anastasia Beverly Hills duo brow powder; Mata Nona falsies no. 15.

Face – MAC Pro Long-Wear foundation NC30; MAC Pro Long-Wear concealer NC25; CoverFX translucent powder.

Cheeks – Chanel Blush de Horizon.

Lips – MAC Spice Lip pencil; YSL Glossy Stain no. 27; NYX Monte Carlo

Holiday Makeup 2014 #1

Hello everyone! I’m back with a new Holiday Makeup tutorial! Christmas is just around the corner, and I want to be able to squeeze in couple holiday makeup looks before it’s here. For this year’s first holiday makeup series, I wanted to create a very warm eye makeup with a bit of color. So, I decided to use my beloved Kat Von D Monarch palette and some loose gold pigment.

Since the eyes are so strong, the rest of the face is kept simple and on the down low. We want the attention to be on the bold eyes. No liners, you can if you want, but I wanted to keep the focus on the colors since it’s so gorgeous. The lashes are optional to, but I think the lashes help to make the eyes look bigger.

gold and orange makeup tutorial

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1. I prepped my eyelids using Urban Decay Primer Potion. I dusted Tiny Death from Kat Von D Monarch palette all over my eyes, all the way up to the brow bone.

2. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied Wrath from the Kat Von D monarch on the outer V, blending it inwards towards the inner corner.

3. Using another flat eyeshadow brush, I applied a L’oreal HIP High Intensity Pigment in Visionary on the inner half of the eyelid.

4. Using the same shader brush as step 2, I applied Wrath on the lower lash line.

5. I filled my brows using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe and Brunette.

6. I applied Mata Nona falsies no. 015  on my upper lashes.

7. I lined my waterline, just the outer half, using MAC Smolder kohl eyeliner pencil.

kat von d monarch tutorial

8. On my face, I applied Etude House BB cream.

9. I applied MAC Pro Long-Wear concealer under my eyes and my on blemishes.

10. I set my face using Cover FX Translucent powder.

11. I applied NARS Orgasm blush on my cheeks.

12. Lightly, I dusted The Balm Mary Lou Manizer on my cheekbones, nose and cupid’s bow.

14. I also dusted a little bit of MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Deep on the outside perimeter of my face to warm my face up slightly.

13. I applied Revlon Socialite lipstick on my lips.

holiday makeup

Smokey Winged Eyeliner

I’ve been wearing trying out a new look last week, and this smokey winged eyeliner look seems to have gotten quite a lot of compliments. I followed quite a few beauty gurus on Instagram and Youtube, and Samantha from Batalash posted a smokey eyeliner video. I loved how it ended up, and I re-created this look. Her technique is slightly different than mine, but the result is not bad I think. I’ve re-done this look when I had to attend the GlamGlow event, and I absolutely love it.

Anyhow, for the rest of the eye makeup, it’s pretty basic nothing fancy. I do not wear this falsies to the GlamGlow event, I actually wore a smaller one. However, for this tutorial I did wear wispy lashes because I wanted to accentuate the wings. Nevertheless, you can opt to wear lashes or not, it’s totally up to you.

You can also pair this look with a simple soft peachy lips like mine or you can pair it with a bold lip color – red, maroon, orange, pink, purple, black etc.

I would like to mention that someone on instagram commented on how she wanted to know how I apply my eyeshadow to my crease. This is how I do it (first photo on top left corner) –

  • When I want to apply my crease color, I looked directly on the mirror and marked where I want the shadow to be.
    • By doing so, I can make sure the eyeshadow color can be seen when my eyes are open, since I’ve quite a hooded lid.
  • Then, I tilted my head back slightly so it looked like I was looking down at the mirror and apply my crease color.

smokey winged liner

List of products used are at the bottom of the page. All eyeshadows used are from Urban Decay Naked Basic palette unless stated otherwise.

My eyelids are prepped with Urban Decay Primer Potion.


1. I applied a mix of Urban Decay Faint and Naked 2 on the crease using a crease brush

2. Using a fluffy blending brush, I blended the edge of the crease to avoid harsh line.

3. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied Urban Decay Venus on my eyelid.

4. I lined my lower lash line using Urban Decay Faint using an angled eyebrow brush.

5. Using the same angled eyebrow brush, I applied Urban Decay Crave eyeshadow on the upper lash line creating a winged eyeliner. I focused most of the eyeshadow near the roots of my lashes.

6. I used a pencil brush to smudge the line slightly.

7. Using Kat Von D Trooper eyeliner, I lined just the bottom part of the eyeliner – very close to the roots of the lashes, and the bottom part of the “wing”.

8. I used the same brush and eyeshadow as step 5, and run it through the winged eyeliner again.

9. I filled my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe and Brunette.

10. I applied Gwiyomi no. 3 false lashes.

11. I applied MAC Chromagraphic eyeliner pencil in NC30.

smokey winged eyeliner

12. For my face, I applied Shu Uemura Oleopact foundation using the sponge that comes with it.

11. I lightly dust my face using MUFE Pro Finish powder in 118.

12. I applied Benefit Hervana on my cheeks.

13. On my lips, I filled it in using L’oreal Color Riche lipliner in Rose, then applied YSL Glossy Stain in Peche Cerra-Colla (27)


Products used

Eyes – Urban Decay Primer Potion (original); Urban Decay Naked Basics (crease: Faint/Naked2, lid: Venus, liner: Crave); Kat Von D Trooper eyeliner; Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe/Brunette; Gwiyomi false lashes no. 3

Face – Shu Uemura Oleopact foundation; MUFE Pro Finish (118)

Cheeks – Benefit Hervana

Lips – L’oreal Color Riche lipliner in Rose; YSL Glossy Stain in Peche Cerra-Colla (27)

4 Bridal Makeup Looks

I collaborated with to create a bridal makeup look. I was shown 3 photos of the bridal gowns, and I chose my favorite as below for my post. While I was thinking of to create a look for this gown, I decided to create not one, but FOUR bridal makeup looks to suit the gown! I created 4 looks since I knew that most brides would have their own interpretation of their makeup, some chose to be more on the natural side, while others might not be afraid to go bold!

I also took into consideration of the whole outfit and hair. As you can see, the gown that I chose has a very demure neckline, along with a very elegant lace details. With this in mind, in my opinion, I think brides who chose this type of gown would be very classy, lady-like and conservative.

wedding gown

Since the hair is pulled back, so not to clash with the neckline, I didn’t want to create a heavy dark smoky eyes. I think with this gown and hairstyle, a simple warm eyes would suffice. I feel that a heavy, dark smoky eyes would be too heavy and might clash with the high neckline. Of course, you can go on the dark smoky eyes look, but I prefer going light on the eyes and play on the lips.

So, for this tutorial, I created 1 eye makeup which can be paired with 4 different lips look. Usually for bridal makeup, I tend to choose the warmer neutrals (think browns and gold) since I think it looks very flattering on everyone. Very rarely I do a black smoky eyes, unless the client asked for it, and/or during change of makeup from morning to evening. Even then, I’ll still add some warmth on the smoky eyes.

To compliment the lace and the gown’s off-white color, I decided to use a beautiful gold on the eyelids from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye palette called Creme Brulee. This gold isn’t too yellow, nor it is too shimmery. It has a somewhat satin finish, which makes it perfect for this look so it doesn’t clash with the texture of the gown.

Since this gown doesn’t have shiny finish, I decided to keep the face semi-matte to avoid looking too dewy. I feel that this gown has a grown-up feeling to it, so I try to avoid the dewy/glowing finish since it can make the bride looking too youthful. Semi-matte is the right choice for this look.

bridal makeup tutorial

In all of the 4 looks I created, I only added extra blush on the bottom looks (both left and right), and added a black waterline on the look with the dark lips. Otherwise, everything is exactly the same (brows, foundation, highlight, contour etc).

No, I do NOT contour my face heavily with cream foundation. You can if you want, but I prefer not to. I like very subtle highlight/contour so my clients look still like themselves in the photos instead of looking like someone else. HOWEVER, IF or WHEN the client asks for heavy contouring (i.e. Kim K contouring), I’ll still provide the cream contouring for her.

If you’d like to see me do a glam Bridal makeup (i.e. smoky eyes, contour, and the whole nine yards), do let me know by leaving comments here or on my Instagram page!

Natural bridal eye makeup

Eyelids are prepped using Urban Decay Primer Potion. Face is primed using MUFE HD Elixir.


1. I applied Salted Caramel from Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye palette on my crease using a clean blending brush.

2. On the outer V, I applied a mixture of Triple Fudge and Semi Sweet (both from Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette) using a Smashbox Bullet Crease brush.

3. Then, using the same brush as step 1, I blended out the edge of my crease.

4. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied Creme Brulee (from Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette) on my eyelid.

5. I lined my waterline using MAC Chromagraphic pencil eyeliner in NC15 (or L‘oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner for the dark lips version).

6. I also applied Triple Fudge/Semi Sweet mix on the outer half of the lower lash line. Then, I applied Creme Brulee on the inner half of the lower lid. I used the edge of a flat eyeshadow brush to do this.

7. I created a winged liner using Shu Uemura Calligraphy:ink liquid liner pen along the upper lash line.

8. I filled my brows using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe FIRST, then I darkened the tail and any sparse area using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette.

9. I curled my lashes and applied Gwiyomi no. 3 false lashes.

10. On my face, I applied MUFE HD foundation all over using a foundation brush.

11. I set my face using CoverFX translucent setting powder.

12. I lightly contour my face using Smashbox contour kit powder, and highlight my face using The Balm Mary-Lou highlighter. If you have oily skin, I’d suggest skipping highlighting using Mary-Lou. Instead, you can use a matte powder which is a shade or two lighter than your skin, or the highlight powder from Smashbox contour kit.

13. I applied Chanel Blush de Horizon on my cheeks.

natural bridal makeup

14a. For this blushing bride look, I applied Lancome Color Design in Vintage Rose Sheen.

This look is perfect for those brides who prefer to have a natural look. The rose lipstick has just enough color to brighten up the face. This bridal makeup look is great for Summer Wedding!

blushing bride makeup

14b. For this youthful bridal look, I added YSL Rouge Pur Couture no. 52. I applied it using a lip brush.

This lipstick is pretty much sold out in Indonesia! When applied lightly on the lips, this YSL no. 52 really lives up to its popularity! It deposits enough pigment without looking too bright on the lips. This gorgeous coral lips is also great for Summer Wedding makeup, but I think it’d be perfect for Spring Wedding where all the flowers are just blooming, and the weather isn’t quite warm yet. This bridal makeup look would instantly gives the bride the most beautiful smile on her big day!blushing bride makeup

14c. I applied MAC Girl About Town on the lips using a lip brush. I had to add a bit more blush to avoid my face looking washed out for this look since the lips are quite bold.

This is another look which would look great for Spring/Summer Wedding. For brides who are a bit more adventurous, but not into red lips, this is definitely a look to try. What I love about MAC Girl About Town lipstick is that the color is not too fuchsia. It still has enough warm undertone to make it wearable for a wedding, and at the same time bright enough to give a punch of color.

fall bridal makeup

14d. For this lovely deep red, I first lined my lips using L’oreal Color Riche Anti-Feathering lip liner in True Burgundy. Then, I applied MAC Diva lipstick on top of it. (The blush was the same as 14c)

Last but not least, we have the makeup look for a Fall/Winter wedding. Of course you can choose the other lip colors for Fall/Winter wedding, but I really love this deep red lips look. Personally, this is my favorite look out of the 4. I chose to darken my waterline to compliment the deep red lips.

So, that’s all folks! I think everything is pretty self-explanatory from the photos. I’d like to say that  yes, you CAN wear all these makeup looks even if you aren’t a bride! Obviously some steps for bridal makeup are different than daily makeup, but that’s for next time! Yes, you can wear this look to a wedding party, or if you’re bridesmaids etc. Again, like I said, the way I applied and steps taken for bridal makeup is slightly different than daily or party makeup. You can tweak it to your preference!


Products used

Eyes – Urban Decay Primer potion; Too Faced Chocolate Bar eye palette (crease: Salted Caramel, outer V & lower lid: Triple Fudge/Semi Sweet, eyelid & lower lashline: Creme Brulee); Shu Uemura Calligraphy:ink liquid liner; MAC Chromagraphic pencil liner NC15 or L’oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner; Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe and Brunette; Gwiyomi no. 3 falsies.

Face – MUFE HD elixir; MUFE HD foundation; Cover FX Translucent Powder.

Cheeks – Smashbox Contour kit; The Balm Mary-Lou; Chanel Blush de Horizon

Lips – Lancome Color Design Vintage Rose Sheen (a); YSL Pur Rouge Couture no. 52 (b); MAC Girl About Town (c); L’oreal Color Riche lipliner in True Burgundy and MAC Diva (d)

Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Competition

Hello everyone!!! Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog this week. I was busy since I entered Shu Uemura Brave Beauty Competition. So, if you haven’t been following me on Instagram (you should, btw..what are you waiting for? Go check out my Instagram to get the latest update!), I’d just do a quick recap of what happened. Last month, I was browsing on Instagram, and saw Shu Uemura Indonesia was organizing a makeup competition. I actually didn’t want to join for many reasons, but first and foremost because I’ve a case of stage fright. N, my sister, and Franky (fellow blogger) kept encouraging me to do it, since I’ve nothing to lose anyways. This was my first makeup competition!

So, I submitted my face chart, portfolio and went on my merry ways. I actually didn’t even remember I entered the competition. Couple days after Eid, I received an email and a call notifying that I was one of the top 10 finalists for Shu Uemura Brave Beauty competition. Fast forward couple days later, I had to attend a briefing for the competition (Monday, Aug. 11), and the competition itself was on the following day (Tuesday, Aug. 12). The other 9 finalists were nice and friendly. They’ve entered makeup competition prior to this one. So, really, I was the only one with no prior experience. Oh well, there’s always a first time for everything right?!

Shu Uemura Brave Beauty top 10 finalists


Makeup station at backstage

Photo above is my makeup station back stage. We were given 2.5hr to do the models’ complexion (skincare, base, foundation), hair, nails, and wardrobe. Nails were provided by Feliz Nail Art, and wardrobe was provided by Tex Saverio. My model is Juanita Haryadi and she’s amazing!

For the competition, we are not allowed to bring our own makeup products, except for our makeup brushes and lashes. All makeup and skincare products are given by Shu Uemura. So this competition was interesting since I don’t actually owned any Shu Uemura eyeshadows. I entered this competition without having any knowledge on how the eyeshadows going to blend and such. On the briefing day, we were given times to know the products and play with the colors. However, swatching and looking at colors are quite different from actually using it on the eyelid. Not to mention, there was no eyeshadow primer at all from Shu. That was quite a concern amongst the finalists.


Shu Uemura Brave Beauty top 10 finalists

Standing (L-R) – Suzi, Vony, Catherine, Irwan, Mirtha (Grand Prize Winner), Stephanie (Best Makeup Show winner). Sitting (L-R) – Shanti, myself, Sari

I, personally, was happy to actually join the competition. I am not a competitive person to begin with, and as I’ve mentioned before I’ve a case of a stage fright. I was like super nervous about this competition. I’ve never entered a competition before, so this was my first experience. I’m glad I did it because I managed to meet amazing makeup artists, and became friends with them. They are a bunch of great people, and we talked, shared and laughed together. We had tons of fun, and no one was mean to anyone. It was wonderful!

Also, we get to meet the legendary Kakuyasu Uchiide (Shu Uemura International Artistic Director), as well as internationally acclaimed Fashion designer Tex Saverio. Why is Tex Saverio there? That’s because Tex Saverio collaborates with Shu Uemura! 2 legendary people, and I was in between! Mr. Uchiide was like “oh come, you should stand in the middle”..OMG I ALMOST DIED!

I’ve met Rae Morris, now I’ve met Kakuyasu Uchiide! Dreams do come true! Master makeup artists! They are so friendly, humble, down-to-earth, and passionate about their work.

Kakuyasu Uchiide

(L-R): Tex Saverio, myself, Kakuyasu Uchiide

Shu Uemura Brave Beauty

Mr. Uchiide’s interpretation of Brave Beauty on the models

So, we were given 30 minutes ONLY to finish up our eye, lips and cheeks makeup. I barely had enough time to complete the look. My hands were shaking throughout the entire time. I think at one point I wasn’t even sure what I was doing. I was too nervous! Stage fright I tell ya! Anyways, 30 minutes was up and that was it!

The winners were announced – Stephanie won 2nd place (best makeup show), and Mirtha won 1st place (grand prize). I didn’t feel much disappointment. I thought they deserved to win since their makeup results were quite elaborate. I knew I wasn’t going to win because I think I have a different interpretation of what Brave Beauty was.

Anyways! I was very happy I entered this competition. I’ve made new friends, I gained experience, and I’ve definitely learn to manage my stage fright. I’ve met great people, and for me it was more than enough! I didn’t even expect to be in the top 10, so that in itself was already quite amazing!

So, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who have cheered and supported me throughout the whole time!

Shu Uemura Brave Beauty competition

(L-R): myself, Juanita, Dara, Mirtha.

Juanita Haryadi

Juanita Haryadi in Tex Saverio 

Shu Uemura Brave Beauty competition top 10

Top 10 Finalists with their models (L-R) –  Felita, Irwan, Stephanie, Sari, Jilly (me), Mirtha, Catherine, Shanti, Vony, Suzi

Shu Uemura Brave Beauty top 10 finalists

Left – my submission for Brave Beauty competition; Right – my creation for Brave Beauty competition top 10Juanita Haryadi

Juanita & me at backstage

White Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Ok, so this White Eyeliner makeup tutorial is actually my World Cup 2014 England Inspired Makeup, as requested by Nurina over on facebook. However, since World Cup is over, I didn’t want to title it as England inspired makeup. Not to mention, I feel like this look can be worn during Indonesia’s Independence Day which is coming up next month, or any country with a red/white flag.

Anyways, I think ever since I tried out the white eyeliner look in my Netherlands inspired makeup, I’ve been quite a fan of white winged eyeliner. It’s a fresh outtake on my usual black winged eyeliner, not to mention it does brighten up the eyes quite a bit. For my World Cup 2014 makeup series, please check my Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina, and Germany inspired makeup posts.

For this white eyeliner makeup tutorial, I wanted to show you how you can use tape to create your winged liner. I’ve done this before in my other tutorial, but just going to show it again. That tape will create a very clean edge for your eyeliner. All you have to do is run a diagonal line from the outer tip towards the inner corner of your eye. For a detailed tutorial on how to create winged eyeliner, please check my how-to post.

The only word of caution I’m going to mention again, is to be very careful when applying mascara. If you’re not careful you might end up with black spots from the mascara all over your eyeliner. The easiest way to fix this is to let the mascara dry first, run a clean cotton bud over the mascara spots, and then run the white eyeliner on top of it again.

white eyeliner makeup


1. I applied MAC Pearl cream base all over the eyelid for some shine.

2. Then, I realized it started on crease on my eyelid, so I set it with Revlon Sand eyeshadow.

3. I placed a tape on my skin to create an angle for my eyeliner.

4. Using Revlon Photoready Kajal eyeliner in Carbon Cleopatra, I created a diagonal line from the outer corner of my eye towards the inner corner. I just dragged the pencil eyeliner on my lid, and filled in any gaps.

5. I set the eyeliner using Sleek Makeup iDivine Ultra Matte v1 Brights in Pow using an angled eyebrow brush.

6. I removed the tape, curled my lashes and applied MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash.

7. I applied Gwiyomi false eyelashes no. 3 for added drama.

8. I filled my brows using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash.

white eyeliner makeup tutorial

9. I applied Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation using my fingertips all over my face. (Such an amazing foundation, btw!)

10. I applied Bobby Brown under eye brightener in Peach, and blended it out using my finger.

11. I set my face using NARS setting powder.

12. On my cheeks, I applied Smashbox Halo Powder blush in In Bloom.

13. For added shine, I applied MAC Soft and Gentle on top of my cheekbones, and the bridge of my nose.

14. I very lightly contoured my face using Smashbox contouring palette.

15. I lined and filled my lips using MAC Redd lip liner, then added L’oreal Super Lustrous lipstick in Ravish Me Red.

red lips makeup tutorial


Pink Smokey Eyes Tutorial with UD Naked 3

If you guys followed my Instagram account, you’d have known that last night I was doing a tutorial, yes? Anyways, today’s look is a Pink Smokey Eyes tutorial using Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Yes, again! Naked 3 again! I know you guys might have gotten bored with Naked 3, but I have not. I loved this palette and wanted to make use of this palette as much as I can. If you want to check out my other Naked 3 tutorials, please take a look at Urban Decay Naked 3, and UD Naked 3.

I created this look since I wanted a more girly take on the smoky eyes. At the same time, I wanted a darker, more glam, and sultrier looking smoky eyes using the Naked 3 palette. Check out my review on the naked 3 palette.

I would like to mention that I absolutely love how my skin looks like in this tutorial. I, for some reason, love how MAC Pro Longwear foundation photographs. It makes my skin looks absolutely flawless, at the same time it doesn’t feel heavy at all. I really should give this foundation more compliment. I’ll try to do a review of this foundation next time.

rose smoky eyes


1. My eyelids are primed using Maybelline Inked in Pink cream eyeshadow.

2. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied Blackheart on the outer third of the eyelid, extending it slightly on to my crease.

3. Using a small fluffy blending brush, I applied Nooner on my crease to blend Blackheart out.

4.  I applied Buzz on the eyelid using a flat eyeshadow brush.

5. To add extra sparkles, I applied Dust using a small eyeshadow brush on the inner corner, and in the middle of my eyelid.

6. I created a winged liner along my upper lash line using Kanebo Kate Super Sharp eyeliner, and lined my waterline using L’oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner.

7. I also applied Blackheart along the lower lash line, and Buzz on the inner third of the lower lash line.

8. I curled my lashes and applied Buxom Lash mascara. I, then, applied Lavie Lash Bluebell falsies.

9. I filled my brows using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette.

naked 3 makeup tutorial

10. I applied MAC Pro Longwear foundation all over my face using MAC Masterclass brush Oval 6.

11. I lightly contoured and highlight my face using Motives Fire sculpting palette.

12. On my cheeks, I applied Maybelline Master Glaze in Make A Mauve.

13. I set everything using CoverFX Translucent powder.

14. I filled my lips using MAC Whirl lip liner. Next, I applied Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip balm in Honey Douce just in the center of my lips. I blended the 2 shades together by pursing my lips.

naked 3 smoky eyes look

I forgot to take pictures of the products, so I’m just going to list them here.

Products used:

Eyes – Maybelline Inked in Pink; Urban Decay Naked 3 (eyelid: Buzz, outer V: Blackheart, inner corner: Dust); Kanebo Kate Super Sharp eyeliner; L’oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner; Buxom Lash mascara; Lavie Lash Bluebell falsies; Anastasia Brow Wiz in brunette.

Face – MAC Pro Longwear foundation; Motive Fire sculpting palette; Maybelline master glaze in Make A Mauve; Cover FX Translucent setting powder.

Lips – MAC Whirl lip pencil; Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm in Honey Douce.

Night Out Makeup Tutorial

Today’s Night Out Makeup tutorial is a collaboration with Aria Resort in Las Vegas. I was approached by them to create a look for a night out in town. I took a look at pictures of their beautiful resort, and was inspired to do this gorgeous metallic smoky eyes. So, I used the picture below to create today’s look. I wanted to add more color, but decided to create something that’s more wearable instead. Perhaps next time, I’ll do a different look for Aria again.

Aria Resorts Las Vegas

Inspired by the glass windows of Aria Resort’s building, and of course the awesome lights in Vegas, I decided I want to create a smoky eyes with a hint of sparkles. So, I took out my MAC Blue-Brown pigment, and MAC Raindrops crushed metallic pigment for this look.

This look is a little bit over the top if you aren’t used to wearing makeup. Of course you can always take it down a notch, but hey, it’s Vegas, baby! Go big or go home, yes? hahaha..

For the face, I didn’t want to do anything too much since the eyes are already quite dramatic. Of course, you can contour and highlight to your heart’s content. I, personally, prefer a fresh dewy face look over a heavily contoured face to balance out the eyes, since it is a wearable look. You can wear this for a night-out, or to go clubbing. Whenever you blink, the shades will create beautiful sparkles when lights hit them.

Scroll all the way down for product list!


wearable blue smoky eyes


1. I prepped my eyelid using Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden.

2. Using a fluffy blending brush, I applied Shadow Box from Kat Von D Monarch palette on my crease.

3. Using a bullet crease brush, I applied Deadhead from Kat Von D Monarch palette on the outer V, blending it to the crease.

4. I applied (dry) MAC Blue-Brown pigment using a flat eyeshadow brush. You can apply this pigment wet if you want a more intense look.

5. On the waterline and lower lid, I smudged L’oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner.

6. Then, I applied MAC Raindrops crushed metallic pigment on top of the smudged liner on the lower lash line. I also applied this pigment on the inner corner of my eyes, and just a tiny bit in the center of my eyelid.

7. I created a winged liner using Kanebo Kate Super Sharp eyeliner.

8. I curled my lashes and applied MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash mascara. I also applied Lavie Lash false eyelashes in Fleur.

9. For the brows, I filled it in using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ash Blonde and Brunette.

night out makeup tutorial

10. On my face, I applied Marc Jacobs Gel foundation using Cover FX cream foundation brush.

11. Under my eyes, I applied MUFE HD concealer.

12. I applied Benefit Moon Beam highlighter on top of my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and cupid’s bow.

13. I set my foundation using MAC Mineralized skin finish in Medium.

14. I lightly contoured the hollows of my cheeks and sides of my nose using MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Deep.

15. On my cheeks, I applied Smashbox Halo Blush in In Bloom.

16. I lined and filled my lips using MAC Lip Liner in Spice. On top of it, I applied Vaseline to keep it moist.

mac blue brown

Products used:

Eyes – Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden; Kat Von D Monarch Palette (crease: Shadow Box, outer V: Deadhead); MAC Blue-Brown loose pigment; MAC Raindrops crushed metallic pigment; Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash; Lavie Lash in Fleur, Anastasia Brow Wiz (Ash Blonde, Brunette).

Face – Marc Jacobs Gel foundation; Make Up For Ever HD Concealer; Benefit Moon Beam highlighter, MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (setting powder: Medium, contour: Deep); Smashbox Halo Blush in In Bloom.

Lips – MAC Spice lip liner; Vaselinelavie lash

Smoky Eyes with a Neon Eyeliner

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is doing great this weekend! I posted this look on Instagram last night, and I almost forgot to upload it today. Anyways, as mentioned on my Instagram account, this smoky eyes with a neon eyeliner look is a recreation from @jenmiamakeup. She’s one of the many great makeup artists who I follow on Instagram. I love how she does hers with a neon yellow. I tried this one with the only neon pigment I owned – MAC Neo-orange loose pigment.

If you are going to recreate this look, I’d suggest using a mixing medium instead of water, like I did. I used water and for some reason the pigment didn’t want to mix smoothly. I ran out of my mixing medium so I have to go get one in the near future. The other issue that I kept having is the fact that my smoky eyes kept creasing. Ugh, I should have used a different eyeshadow base (and probably should have prime my eyelid first). So, I’d suggest for you to use an eyelid primer to avoid creasing.

Anyhow, let’s get the tutorial started!

smoky eyes for asian


1. Using a light brown eyeshadow (mine was a sample, and it has no brand nor name), I applied this shade just above my crease using a clean blending brush. I used this shade as a transition color, the shade is just slightly darker than my own skin color.

2. Using a deep chocolate brown (again, this was a sample with no brand and no name), I applied this shade right on the crease using a small crease brush.

3. Using the same blending brush as step no. 1, I blended the chocolate shade.

4. I applied Revlon Photoready Kajal eyeliner in Carbon Cleopatra, I applied the black eyeliner all over my eyelid, and waterline.

5. I lightly blended the eyeliner using a synthetic art brush.

6. I applied Kat Von D Monarch palette Deadhead eyeshadow on top of the black base using a flat eyeshadow brush. I also applied this eyeshadow along the lower lash line using a small shader brush.

7. Using the same brush as step no. 1, I blended out the edge of Deadhead so there’s no harsh line.

8. I mixed water and MAC Neo-Orange loose pigment to create the neon winged eyeliner.

9. On my brows, I used Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash to fill them.

10. On my lashes, I applied Ardell 105 false lashes.

mac twig lipstick

11. On my face, I applied MARC JACOBS gel foundation using CoverFX foundation brush. I concealed using MUFE HD concealer, and set my face using CoverFX translucent powder.

12. I applied Benefit Moon Beam highlighter on the bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, chin and cheekbones.

13. I lightly contoured my face (sides of the nose, under my cheeks, jawline, and temples) using NARS ITA kabuki brush and MAC Blunt powder.

14. I applied MAC Dainty on my cheeks.

15. For the lips, I applied MAC Spice lip pencil all over.

Very Purple with Sleek Makeup Candy Palette

As mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to share this tutorial with you guys! Today’s look uses Sleek Makeup Candy Palette (Limited Edition) that I bought from Luxola! Don’t worry, the palette that I’m giving away is totally brand new, and unused!

Oh, you didn’t know about the giveaway that’s going on? Check out my Sleek Makeup Candy Palette Giveaway post for details! This giveaway will last until Thursday (June 12, 2014) at 11.59pm.So, hurry up and check out that post for more info!

I also want to mention that since my images were getting used without my permission nor credits, I’m putting a huge watermark in the middle of all my pictures from here onwards. I do apologize if the watermark is bothering the picture, but I have to protect my work. I do want to thank all of you who have been kind enough to let me know whenever someone used my pictures (aka plagiarism). I appreciate all your kindness! A big thank you, hugs, and kisses for you who have been supporting me!

Anyways, let’s get the tutorial started!

sleek makeup idivine candy paletteEyelids are prepped using Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. All shades for the eyes are from Sleek Makeup iDivine Candy Palette.


1. Using Smashbox bullet crease brush, I applied Flump slightly above my crease.

2. Using a small blending brush, I applied Parma Violet on the outer V and the crease. You can apply this using a small shader brush for a more precise application.

3. Using the same bullet crease brush as step 1, I blended out Parma Violet to remove any harsh edge on the crease. I also slightly winged the outer part.

4. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied Aniseed all over my eyelid.

5. Using a small shader brush, I applied Bon Bon on the inner corner of my eyes, and then I applied Parma Violet along the lower lash line.

6. I used my face powder (MUFE 118 Pro Finish) and a blending brush under my brows, blending it into the purple shades slightly to remove any harsh edge.

7. I lined my upper lash line using Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner. On the waterline, I applied black eyeliner pencil.

8. I curled my lashes, applied mascara, and then applied Ardell Demi Wispies lashes. (As you can see, Ardell demi wispies falsies are my current favorite lol).

9. For the brows, I applied Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash. I lightly set it with Anastasia Brow Powder duo in Brunette.

sleek makeup candy tutorial

10. For my face, I applied Motives Fire highlight/contour palette. I applied the lightest highlight color on the high planes of my face – cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, forehead, chin, below hollows of the cheeks, and under my eyes. I applied the darkest contour color on the hollows of my cheeks, sides of my nose, and temples. I blended them out using a damped beauty blender sponge and MUFE HD Foundation in 118.

11. For my cheeks, I applied Smashbox Halo blush in In Bloom.

12. For the lips, my new favorite, I applied L’oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Rose Symphony