White Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Ok, so this White Eyeliner makeup tutorial is actually my World Cup 2014 England Inspired Makeup, as requested by Nurina over on facebook. However, since World Cup is over, I didn’t want to title it as England inspired makeup. Not to mention, I feel like this look can be worn during Indonesia’s Independence Day which is coming up next month, or any country with a red/white flag.

Anyways, I think ever since I tried out the white eyeliner look in my Netherlands inspired makeup, I’ve been quite a fan of white winged eyeliner. It’s a fresh outtake on my usual black winged eyeliner, not to mention it does brighten up the eyes quite a bit. For my World Cup 2014 makeup series, please check my Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina, and Germany inspired makeup posts.

For this white eyeliner makeup tutorial, I wanted to show you how you can use tape to create your winged liner. I’ve done this before in my other tutorial, but just going to show it again. That tape will create a very clean edge for your eyeliner. All you have to do is run a diagonal line from the outer tip towards the inner corner of your eye. For a detailed tutorial on how to create winged eyeliner, please check my how-to post.

The only word of caution I’m going to mention again, is to be very careful when applying mascara. If you’re not careful you might end up with black spots from the mascara all over your eyeliner. The easiest way to fix this is to let the mascara dry first, run a clean cotton bud over the mascara spots, and then run the white eyeliner on top of it again.

white eyeliner makeup


1. I applied MAC Pearl cream base all over the eyelid for some shine.

2. Then, I realized it started on crease on my eyelid, so I set it with Revlon Sand eyeshadow.

3. I placed a tape on my skin to create an angle for my eyeliner.

4. Using Revlon Photoready Kajal eyeliner in Carbon Cleopatra, I created a diagonal line from the outer corner of my eye towards the inner corner. I just dragged the pencil eyeliner on my lid, and filled in any gaps.

5. I set the eyeliner using Sleek Makeup iDivine Ultra Matte v1 Brights in Pow using an angled eyebrow brush.

6. I removed the tape, curled my lashes and applied MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash.

7. I applied Gwiyomi false eyelashes no. 3 for added drama.

8. I filled my brows using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash.

white eyeliner makeup tutorial

9. I applied Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation using my fingertips all over my face. (Such an amazing foundation, btw!)

10. I applied Bobby Brown under eye brightener in Peach, and blended it out using my finger.

11. I set my face using NARS setting powder.

12. On my cheeks, I applied Smashbox Halo Powder blush in In Bloom.

13. For added shine, I applied MAC Soft and Gentle on top of my cheekbones, and the bridge of my nose.

14. I very lightly contoured my face using Smashbox contouring palette.

15. I lined and filled my lips using MAC Redd lip liner, then added L’oreal Super Lustrous lipstick in Ravish Me Red.

red lips makeup tutorial


How to: Winged Eyeliner

I finally got around to post this tutorial. Sorry for being M.I.A this week, I was busy and I got really sick. Anyways, this how to winged eyeliner tutorial was a request from a former student of mine. I’ve done something similar in my Sugar and Spice tutorial. You can use a tape, yes scotch tape, to help create that clean straight line.

I use an angled eyeliner brush (MAC 208) because it has a sharp angle that will help you to create that “wing”. Please note on how I drag the brush from outer or inner part towards the center of my eyelid.

The trick is to let the brush guide you. Also, it’ll be easier if you tilt your chin up and look down to your mirror – that will allow the skin on your eyelid to stretch (just like in my photo).

You can also use a liquid eyeliner, or a straight brush like MAC 209 brush. I, personally, find the angled brush is easier for beginner. That sharp angle really helps in creating the wing. Yes, I know I sound like a broken record, but trust me, yes? 🙂

2 products you’ll need:

1. MAC 208 brush.

2. Any black gel eyeliner – I used L’oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer in Blackest Black.


1. Create an imaginary angle for your wing. I usually line the outer corner to the tail of my brow.

2. Using MAC 208 and gel eyeliner, I drew an angle. I suggest just placing the brush down to mark it. If you want to make it longer, you can extend it later.

3. Drag the brush towards the center of the eyelid.

4. Flip your brush so the longer end is on the inner part of the eyelid. Drag the brush towards the center of the eyelid so the lines meet.

5. Once the triangle is complete, fill in the rest of the empty area.

6. At this moment, if you want to extend your tip, you can.

7. You can also use a wet wipe, or a q-tip dipped in makeup remover (non-oily) to clean up the edge of the wing if needed.

8. I filled my brows in, applied some falsies and voila! Done!

how to winged eyelinerow-