Givency Noir Interedit Macara Review

It’s been a while since I last wrote in the blog, so I’m excited to be able to take part in this little review. Thank you Givenchy for sending me the Givenchy Noir Interedit Mascara for a review. As always, even though this mascara was sent to me as part of PR consideration, I just want to say that my review is honest and is based on my personal experience.

If you want to see how this mascara works on my straight Asian lashes, keep reading below!


You can grab Givenchy Noir Interedit mascara in Sephora for CA$38

givenchy noir interedit honest review

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Micellar Rosewater & Dead Sea Minerals Mask recently sent me a couple of products to try, one of which is the Micellar Rosewater, and the other is the Dead Sea Face Mask. Read more below to see how each of these products work and how my skin looks!

micellar rosewater

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Soft Purple Makeup ft. Ciaté The Pretty Palette

My first Ciaté purchase! The Ciaté The Pretty Palette is so pretty and absolutely dreamy. Today, for some reason I create another look using the purple shades again, with rose gold liner (again!). I don’t know why, but it doesn’t matter because I love how this look turns out! It’s very wearable and definitely eye catching. Watch the tutorial below to see how I achieve the look, and check out the swatches as well as pictorial below.

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Shu Uemura Blushing Beige Palette

I apologized for not getting back to blogging regularly! Summer is just a busy season, and it seems that I need more than 24-hour! Anyways, I promised 2 weeks a go that I’ll be posting swatches on the Shu Uemura Blushing Beige palette, and so here we go. For today’s post, I also added Shu Uemura Shu: Palette swatches below for comparison.

shu uemura shu palette

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UD Alice Through the Looking Glass

The UD Alice Through the Looking Glass eyeshadow palette is here! I wanted to create a tutorial as well as swatches of this palette, so if you are interested in this look & swatches, you can watch my youtube video or read more below!

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Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Collection (Review)

As you all might know from my Instagram page, I’ve recently  purchased some products from the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea collection, namely the water foundation, aquacealer, so fine micro liner & eyeshadow palette. If you guys want to find out how I feel about this collection, please watch my youtube video or keep reading.

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Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Swatches

Are you guys ready to see the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani swatches? I was lucky enough to grab the palette as soon as it was released on the UD Canada website. I’ve tried this palette as part of my tutorial, which will be posted in a couple of days. I won’t be doing an in-depth review, but will do a quick first impression instead. I haven’t tried this palette long enough to actually do an in-depth review, but so far, I’m loving it!

Check out my VLOG using this palette!

Have you bought this palette, or are you thinking of buying it (for yourself or as a gift)? What are your thoughts/concerns regarding this palette? Comment below!

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani

At first, I wasn’t going to buy this Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette, since I do have a lot (A LOT) of neutral palettes on my makeup kit already. However, since it is Gwen Stefani, I decided why not and I thought if I didn’t like it I could always return it, right? Oh boy, when this palette arrived at my doorstep, I knew I was going to keep it. The palette’s packaging is so gorgeous, and how cute is that “Magic’s in the Makeup” quote on the mirror? So adorable!

As you know, Gwen Stefani has this very quirky Japanese inspired fashion style, yet at the same time she has a vintage look for her makeup – winged liners, red lips, etc. It was no surprise to see most of the colors on this palette are neutrals since she does use a lot of neutrals on her eyes (watch her on The Voice and see for yourself). I love how she adds some colors like Pink, Blue and Gold, I wish she has added a Purple, but hey these colors are gorgeous too!

Let’s get going to the swatches! All description of the eyeshadows are from Sephora’s website (not an affiliated link).

Top Row – this row is mostly highlighter colors (except for Punk), but the shades on this row also have more of a warmer undertone.

  • Blonde – pale beige/pink iridescent shift
  • Bathwater – pale beige with gold pearl
  • Skimp – pale nude satin
  • Steady – medium rose/metallic gold shift
  • Punk – reddish brown matte

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani swatches

Middle Row – this row has mostly matte shades, except for Baby and Serious. It’s slightly darker than the first row, and the shades are a bit more cool toned.

  • Baby – cool metallic rose
  • Anaheim – light taupe-brown matte
  • Stark – nude-pink matte
  • Zone – medium brown matte
  • Serious – smoky gray with iridescent floating pearl


Urban Decay Gwen Stefani swatches

Bottom Row – most of the shades on this row are jewel tone shadows, except for Blackout which is just a matte black.

  • Pop – pale coral with iridescent sparkle
  • Harajuku – metallic blue-pink/iridescent micro-shimmer
  • Danger – deep metallic royal blue/blue micro-sparkle
  • 1987 – bright metallic yellow-gold
  • Blackout – blackest black matte

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani swatchesPros

  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Beautiful pigmentation
  • Easy to blend
  • Long lasting
  • 12 new shades
  • Large range of textures and neutral shades


  • Might not work for those with darker skin since most of the colors are pretty light (can look ashy if it is too light)
  • The colors are not unique, you can definitely find dupes of these eyeshadows
  • Sparkle eyeshadows have a lot of fall out, as usual. For this palette, watch out for “Pop”


THEFACESHOP Canada (Product Reviews)

As you know, I recently received a few great products from THEFACESHOP Canada. If you have not checked out my post using these products, please check out my Lavender Glitter Party Makeup tutorial! It’s easy, fun, and definitely eye catching!

Have you tried any THEFACESHOP products? If you have, what’s your favorite product from this brand? If you haven’t, which product would you like to try? Leave your answer below on the comment section.

So, as part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network, I was selected to give THEFACESHOP Canada products a try. Big shout out to Canadian Beauty Bloggers, as well as THEFACESHOP Canada! I received these 5 products in the mail  (L-R) – Freshian Big Mascara,  Candy Violet blush, Lavender Glitter eyeshadow, Purple Violet Color Proof eyeliner, and Pink Scarf Rose Ink Lipquid. Keep on reading below to find out the swatches, as well as my review on these products!

THEFACESHOP Canada                                                                                      THEFACESHOP Canada

Let’s start with THEFACESHOP Canada Freshian Big Mascara (01 Curling). The Freshian Big mascara is described as  “Mascara that provides natural eyelash looks. Curling & volume effects are well seen!”. There’s actually a Volume version of this mascara, the one that I received is the Curling effect. I actually quite like the wand on this mascara, it’s thin and I can get the bristles right in between my lashes. The formula is not too runny, and it does not dry out too quick either.


THEFACESHOP Canada Freshian Big Mascara (01 Curling)

In the “before” picture below (top row), you can see that my lashes are stick-straight and long. I have to curl my lashes before I apply the mascara (middle row). As you can see in the “after” picture (bottom row), my lashes lost some of its curls but gain extra length. The mascara itself does not cause my lashes to clump, it separates the lashes pretty well. The reason why this mascara does not keep the curls of my lashes is because it does not dry quick enough. If you’re looking for a curling mascara, you should look for one that is waterproof since waterproof mascara dries out faster when you apply it, which then would help to lock the curls in place. This mascara is NOT waterproof, and so it does not hold the curls very well. It is still better than other non-waterproof mascara though in terms of holding the curls.

THEFACESHOP Freshian Big Mascara

THEFACESHOP Canada also sent me a Candy Violet blush! Prior to this, I did not own a violet blush. This was my first time using a purple-toned blush. I know it looks quite pink in the picture, but it is actually a light purple if compared to other pink/rosy blushes. It is a very pale cool tone blush, so I wasn’t quite sure how this would show up on my skin.

The blush, since it’s purple, is really great to brighten your skin. As you know, purple/violet works as a brightening corrector. So, this blush does a good job to brighten up your skin. It has a little bit of shimmer, and it works well as a highlighter. The downside to this blush is the fact that it’s too light for my skin. I can’t really use this as a blush on its own, so I use it as a highlighter or a brightener on top of my other blush. I also can use this blush to change the “warmness” of my other blushes. For example, if I think my other blush is too warm-toned, I can apply this blush first then the warmer blush on top to make it more cool-toned or neutral.

THEFACESHOP CanadaTHEFACESHOP Candy Violet single blush

One of my favorite products from this package is this stunning sparkly purple eyeshadow! THEFACESHOP Lavender Glitter eyeshadow is described as “Highly pigmented Single Shadow Glitter gives a uniform and ultra shiny finish. Its silky, easy-to-adjust texture applies easily and adheres without smudging, for long-lasting hold.”

Oh, this gorgeous eyeshadow is amazing! Just enough glitters and there was no fallout at all! Glitter eyeshadows are notorious for their fallout, where the glitters will be everywhere EXCEPT in your eyelids where you want it to be! Not this eyeshadow! The glitters in the eyeshadow stay on the eyelids. You can also apply this eyeshadow with a wet brush, and it’ll make the shade even more purple and sparklier. Don’t believe me? Check out my Lavender Glitter Party makeup tutorial to see the eyeshadow in action.

THEFACESHOP Canada                                                                  THEFACESHOP Lavender Glitter eyeshadow

My other favorite product from THEFACESHOP Canada PR Package is this Purple Violet Color Proof eyeliner. I wish the eyeliner is slightly more purple, but as you can see from my swatch, it’s actually pretty dark in color. On my tutorial, you can see that it looks almost black. However, I don’t really mind it. It almost looks like a soft black eyeliner, which will be a great alternative for those who prefer a non-black eyeliner. Sometimes a black eyeliner can look too harsh on those with fair-light skin tones. The hint of violet in this eyeliner will bring out the colors on your eyes. Purple is universally flattering on everyone and every eye colors!

THEFACESHOP CanadaTHEFACESHOP Color Proof Purple Violet eyeliner

The last product in my package is THEFACESHOP Pink Scarf Rose Ink lipquid. It’s a liquid lipstick, hence the name lipquid. It is described as ” [An] all-in-one lipstick, gloss, and tint comes in 12 shades and provides hydration and hold for up to 12 hours! The specially shaped applicator helps both define lip contours and fill in the lips. Using the chisel tip, you can define and color your lips with great precision.”

This lipquid is similar to a lip stain. It stains your lips with a pretty color, and you can layer it to make the color more intense. Since it is a stain, it lasts pretty long even after eating and drinking. When I did the swatch for this lipquid, my hand was stained for the whole day.

I love this lipquid, it’s not sticky or drying like other brands, and it’s also moisturizing. This shade Pink Rose Scarf is a beautiful shade of rosy pink, which is very flattering on everyone. One tip on using this lipquid is to apply it in layers. When you apply it in layers, apply it sparingly to control the intensity of the stain. On my previous tutorial, I applied a sheer layer on my lips, then I added more layers just in the center of my lips to create a gradient effect.

THEFACESHOP CanadaTHEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid Pink Scarf Rose

Maison Kitsune Indigo Palette Review

You all know my love for Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsune Holiday Colection, yes? And as promised, here’s my review and swatches on the Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura Beauty Remix palette in Indigo. This Maison Kitsune Indigo palette review is based on entirely my own honest opinion and experience with the palette. I bought this palette myself, and I’ve done 3 tutorials using it. Please check out my tutorials if you want to see how the shadows look like on my eyes.

Why do I choose the Maison Kitsune Indigo palette over the Plum? Well, that’s probably because I prefer the colour selection on the Indigo over the Plum. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Plum palette is gorgeous, but I’m more attracted to the shadows in the Indigo palette. The difference between the Indigo and the Plum palettes is that the Indigo palette leans towards the cooler tones, while the Plum palette is a lot warmer compared to the Indigo.

Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura What is Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura Beauty Remix Smoky Eyes & Cheek Palette #Indigo?

“Sharpen up for a night of clubbing and electro beats in a “new classic” Maison Kitsuné style with the beauty remix smokey eye & cheek palette. Inspired by Western smokey eye and Tokyo street girl’s high cheek. Be bold and chic French style, or subtle and modest nipponesque, two opposites create a new harmony. Play with accent colors on smokey eyes for a fresh, spirited twist. A happy collision between effortless French style smokey eye with navy and pink blush under eyes inspired by a youthful Tokyo spirit.”

Shu Uemura Canada, 2015

This collection is all about East meets West! Bringing the French chic and Japanese street style together, this palette is the perfect combination of East meets West vibe. This Maison Kitsune Indigo palette consists of stunning shades from smoky navy to sparkling gold, and pink blush to top it all off.

Maison Kitsune Indigo palette review


As you can see from the first picture on this post, the Maison Kitsune Indigo palette comes in plastic package. The front cover is a pretty artwork, and it’s very colourful. Open the palette up, and you get a huge mirror inside, 7 eyeshadows and a blush. You also get 2 makeup brushes along with it. I don’t use the brushes that come with the palette, just because I find them too small.

Shades & Finish

7 eyeshadows and 1 blush.

Top row (L-R):

  • #1 pressed eye shadow P navy – navy blue (metallic)
  • #2 pressed eye shadow IR black 985 – gunmetal grey (metallic)
  • #3 pressed eye shadow P soft blue – sky blue (shimmers with white glitter)

Middle row (L-R):

  • #4 pressed eye shadow G gold – yellow gold (glitter)
  • #5 pressed eye shadow IR white – white (glitter)
  • #6 pressed eye shadow G soft green – lime green (glitter)

Bottom row (L-R):

  • #7 pressed eye shadow G deep pink – pink (glitter)
  • #8 glow on blush in pink (matte)

Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura


All the eyeshadows and the blush blend easily, and they last for a good while, especially if you use primer underneath. Who doesn’t use primer nowadays, right?!

The only issue I have is that some of the eyeshadows, even though they might look highly pigmented on the palette, on the eyes they aren’t that great. In my case, I think the Gold, Green and Pink shades look pretty, but don’t really show up on my eyes. As you can see from my tutorial #1 and #3, the Gold and Pink are very sheer, but it still looks very chic. The glitter shades are very pretty as highlighter, to be placed on top of other eyeshadows (like in my tutorial #2).

The Navy and Black eyeshadows are gorgeous, and very pigmented. The shades are beautiful on its own but I have to say, if you layer a colored base underneath it, the shades pop even more especially the Navy. Absolutely gorgeous. My Navy smoky eyes tutorial show just how stunning the blue eyeshadow is.


CAD$85 from Shu Uemura website

Maison Kitsune Indigo palette review



  • Beautiful palette
  • Gorgeous eyeshadows and blush
  • Eyeshadows and blush have a great pigment pay-off
  • Lots of sparkles on this palette
  • Eyeshadows with sparkles/glitters are quite sheer, but in a way it makes wearing glitter very chic and not tacky.


  • Eyeshadows with sparkles/glitters are quite sheer, so in terms of pigments pay-off it’s not that great.
  • The lighter shades might not work for darker skin tone
  • Pricy