#BackToBrows with Tweezerman

For today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you guys products that were sent to me by Tweezerman and for the tutorial, I’m showing you guys how you can achieve a natural yet defined looking eyebrows. Read more below to find out all the products I used, and don’t forget to check out the video tutorial to see how I fill my brows!


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FaceOff Makeup Remover Cloth Review

Today, I’m doing a FaceOff Makeup Remover cloth review. You’ll be able to find more pictures on the products and before/after below. A big thank you to Face Off cloth PR team for sending me the product to try. Read more below to find out what is FaceOff and my thoughts on it.

I’ve actually shared my first experience with this product on my IG Stories, which you guys might have missed it if you didn’t follow me. So, please do follow me on IG (@kireimakeup) so you’ll get first dip on review and tutorials!
face off makeup remover review

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Sigma E35 from Obsessed Canada

Today I’m going to do a Sigma E35 review, since I just recently received this brush from Obsessed Canada. A big thank you to Obsessed Canada for sending me this brush! If you don’t already know, Obsessed Canada is the sister company of Nail Canada. They are an online beauty store that carries a large selection of beauty related products, which offer free shipping within Canada.

sigma e35 review

Anyways, I decided to give Sigma E35 brush a try since I have yet to own/try the E35. The E35 is a tapered blending brush, with synthetic bristles. This brush is slightly longer and thinner than the E25 brush. I have used this brush on myself and on models. From my experience using this brush, the E35 is suited for blending or to apply transition shade.

I find that this brush is easier to be used on those with deeper eye socket. On myself, since I do not have deep eye socket, I find the E25 to be a better brush to use for blending, and to apply crease color. Nevertheless, the E35 brush is still a good blending brush for those with deeper eye sockets than mine (or Oriental eyes).

sigma e35

Disclaimer: This brush was sent to me by Obsessed Canada for review. Any opinions expressed on this post in based on my own experience.

Epicare Facial Hair Remover [Sponsored Review]

Couple weeks a go, I received a package from Nail Polish Canada, and inside was the Epicare Facial Hair Remover. I’d like to say a big thanks to Tiffany for sending me the package! I wasn’t too sure how to use this product at first until I saw the demonstration video on Nail Polish Canada website.

So, what is Epicare Facial Hair Remover?

Say Goodbye to embarrassing and unsightly facial hair with Epicare’s revolutionary spring. No more messy waxing, chemical burns or expensive laser treatments. Just Bend and Roll and facial hair gets pulled out from the roots. Epicare® is so compact that it fits into your purse and is always ready for use when you need it.

Epicare® is the original facial hair threader, and has been around since 1999. We are proudly Canadian. Choose from 8 amazing colors. Looking good has never been easier.

(Nail Polish Canada, 2014)

Epicare Facial Hair Remover

The spring-like hair remover has a plastic covering on both ends. It comes in a small paper-based package. At the back of the package is a list of reasons why you should use Epicare. The back of the packaging says:

Why Epicare?

Epicare is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself Manual Threading device to remove unwanted facial hair. Its unique spring action removes unwanted hair from the roots safely and effectively without damaging the skin. Just bend and roll. It’s as simple as that!

  • Environmentally friendly and reusable
  • Convenient, easy and fast
  • Small enough to carry around
  • Able to remove very fine, short facial hair quickly and effectively
  • Finer hair re-growth
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Low risks of outbreaks
  • Affordable and economical
  • Hypo-Allergenic

(Epicare Canada)

Epicare Facial Hair Remover

Ok, so at first, I was confused as to how I should use this. The package says “bend and roll”, and I thought you just roll the spring part against your face..hahaah I was so wrong! What you need to roll is actually the purple part aka the handle. You roll the handles so the spring rotates front and back (does that make sense?) while moving the whole thing against your face.

I find that the spring will catch on to the hair better when you go against the direction of hair growth, much like waxing and threading. As you can see in the picture below (Left), I have very fine “whiskers” (lol) on my upper lip, it’s barely visible but it’s there. On the after picture (Right), the hair pretty much is gone.

How does it feel? If you’ve gotten your eyebrows threaded, that’s exactly how it feels. You can hear and feel the hair getting plucked out of your face. It’s not painful, may be slightly uncomfortable if you aren’t used to waxing or threading. It might sting a little if your hair is thicker than mine. Your skin might get red after the removal, but it doesn’t stay red that long – may be around 5 minutes.

Afterwards, I clean it by rinsing it off with water and facial cleanser. For a spot cleaning, I just rub cotton soaked in 99% alcohol on the spring.

So, if you want to get this, you can grab it from Nail Polish Canada for $15 (if you are in Canada), or from Epicare Home if you are in the U.S.A.

Epicare Facial Hair Remover

(Left to Right: Before & After)


  • Easy and fast hair removal at home.
  • I don’t have to spend money to get my hair removed every couple weeks.
  • It doesn’t hurt at all for me.
  • Cute colors – they come in 8 different shades: timeless black, soothing lavender, fiery red, forest green, ocean blue, fuschia pink, girly pink and sunshine yellow.
  • Small, and so easy to bring it anywhere.


  • It says only for facial use, but really, you can’t use it on your eyebrows. It’s too large for eyebrows, please DO NOT USE THIS ON YOUR EYEBROWS.
  • It’s not precise enough to grab a specific hair, so again DO NOT USE ON EYEBROWS.

Disclaimer: Links to Nail Polish Canada and Epicare Home websites are not affiliated links. I do not earn any money or commission if you click on those links. Even though this product was sent to me by Nail Polish Canada, my review is honest and unbiased. Please keep in mind that result may vary for each individual.

Product of the Week: MAC Masterclass Brush Oval 6

Hi all! Before we proceed to the review, don’t forget to join my GIVEAWAY (worth up to $250 of gift cards)! Read more all about it in my Trend Trunk post!

So, I have been waiting for this MAC Masterclass brushes ever since I found out about it last month. When it was released last week, I couldn’t handle the excitement and ordered the Oval 3 and Oval 6 brushes! Today, however, I’ll be sharing with you how I feel about the Oval 6 brush.

When I received this brush, I put a picture of it on Instagram and people were saying that it looked like a toothbrush. It does look like a toothbrush, eh? This brush is definitely quite different than any makeup brushes that are around. The handle is different, the bristle is different and there is no ferrule.

MAC Oval 6 brush

I think the pictures above and below are pretty explanatory on how the brush looks like. The bristles are so lovely! It’s super dense, soft and fluffy. It is not too stiff, nor too flimsy.

From MAC Website:

Ideal for blush, foundation or powder, the rounded, medium-sized brush applies, blends and contours all over the face or cheeks for even, flawless coverage. Synthetic fibres. Handle features special grip design and tilted brush tip for ultimate precision. Sleek black finish.

MAC masterclass brush

MAC Pro Longwear before and after nc30

I applied MUFE HD Elixir primer all over my face using the brush. Then, I squirted a pump of MAC Pro Longwear foundation on the back of my hand, and then picked some of the foundation using the Oval 6 brush. 

I think the trick with this brush is to apply it in downward stroke. Doing small circular movement (otherwise called buffing) also helps, unless you have dry patches on your face. The buffing motion might cause the dry skin patches to flake, so make sure you moisturize your skin really well.

If you are a beginner, you’ll probably find that this foundation brush is easier to use than other brushes in the market. If you have issue with streak marks from foundation application, you might find that this brush would help to get rid of that streaking issue. I also find the Oval 6 brush is perfect for blending the foundation into the skin.

MAC Oval 6 brush review


  1. Apply foundation using Oval 6 brush on the face. Apply from the center of the face outwards. You want to use downward strokes. I also used a small circular movement to buff the foundation into the skin.
  2. Using the tip of the brush, I applied the foundation under my eyes in a left-right motion.
  3. I also used a downward stroke from my jawline down to my neck.
  4. For the chin, I tilted the brush horizontally so it’s parallel to the floor. Again, I used downward stroke for foundation application.
  5. I used stippling motion for blemishes.

how to use MAC Oval 6 brushI simply love the result that I achieved using this brush! I feel like my pores were completely covered, and almost disappeared. Such flawless result!

Not to mention, this brush takes out the guesswork. It’s so simple to use! You can use any type of motion – downward strokes, buffing, stippling to use it.

It costs CAD$50.50 for Oval 6 brush. Pretty pricy, compared to a normal foundation brush, like the MAC 190 that costs CAD$41.

MAC Pro Longwear nc30

(Left: Bare Face; Right: with MAC Pro Longwear applied using MAC Oval 6 brush)


  • Easy to use
  • Flawless result
  • No streaking
  • Great packaging
  • Soft bristles
  • Synthetic fibers
  • Multi-use: can be used for primer, foundation application, blush and/or contour.


  • Pricy!
  • No Pro Discount

4.5 starts out of 5! Lost 0.5 star because of price.

Product Review: Arte Stile [sponsored]

Hello, everyone!!! Has the week been treating you well? Again, I apologize for the lack of tutorials, but I’m sure if you follow my Twitter and/or Instagram account, you’ll find snippets of what’s going on in my life right now. Anyhow, if you’ve followed my Instagram account, you’d probably already know that I received a sample from ArteStile!

What is ArteStile?

“Originally created for beauty experts, each ArteStile piece is handcrafted in Italy with the finest grade surgical steel for lasting performance.The tips and blades are hand-filed and perfectly aligned to effectively grab even the smallest hairs.

The ArteStile Collection is a unique line of tools with a patented baked enamel finish for a luxurious in hand feel and a perfect grip for at home use. The collection is available in different colours and patterns and is designed to be stylish and chic without compromising the professional quality ArteStile prides itself on. The ArteStile Collection is the perfect balance between luxurious artistry and expert quality making each piece an ideal beauty tool.”

ArteStile, 2013


The best part about this brand is:

“[…] our products are crafted in Italy by small family businesses that are subjected to third party audits to secure all compliances are met. Our lead free implements may cost a little more but when you purchase one you can be assured we have remained true to this policy. There are NO harmful labour processes involved in creating our products. ArteStile is proud to stand behind this promise and it is something you can count on!”

ArteStile, 2013

I’d like to say a big thank you to Nick for sending me the tweezers and nail scissors! They are so adorable. You know how I like to put “xoxo” in a lot of my tweets and/or insta comments?! These 2 products are the “Hugs and Kisses” edition! Ah, perfection! I love the cute details on it.

arte stile

To be honest, I’m a big fan of Tweezerman’s tweezers. I owned several, and I thought nothing could replace those. They are the best tweezers in the whole wide world. Yet, after trying the ArteStile tweezer, I think I might have to change my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, my Pointed Slant-Tip Tweezerman will always be the one. However, the slant-tip tweezer by Arte Stile is actually better than my Slant Tweezers by Tweezerman! I find that the one by ArteStile graps my fine eyebrow hair better, and it doesn’t slip. The tip feels thinner and grips my individual eyebrow hair better.

I love it! This will go on my kit, for sure. This specific ArteStile Hugs and Kisses tweezer costs CA$24.97.

arte stile tweezers

The ArteStile Nail Scissors is slightly curved. The use of the nail scissors is obviously to cut or trim your nails. I usually used it to cut my cuticles or any hangnail.

Another use of the nail scissors, esp. the one like the ArteStile Nail Scissors is to actually cut the eyelid tape. As most East Asians know, if you have monolids, you probably have used eyelid tape to create a lid. My fellow Indonesian Bloggers and Makeup Artists most definitely have tried to cut and create their own eyelid tape. This scissors is perfect in creating those eyelid tape because of the curvature of the blade.

The other possible use of this nail scissors is to trim your eyebrows (in conjunction with eyebrow brush/spooly). Please be very careful when using this to trim your eyebrows as the tips are very sharp.

This ArteStile Hugs and Kisses Nail Scissors cost CA$24.97 as well.arte stile nail scissors

You can get all these products from their website ArteStile.ca ! They have an amazing collections, like the super adorable glitter tweezers, nail scissors, c0lorful eyelash curlers and more. So, what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

Tmart Pink 22-piece Makeup Brush Set

Happy Monday, everyone! Today I want to share with you guys a 22-piece PINK makeup brush set that I recently received from Tmart.com. I’d like to thank Tmart for sending me this product! If you are interested in purchasing this 22-piece brush set for yourselves, please visit their website.  I do not get any fee whatsoever if you click on the link.

Anyways, let’s get the review started!

My first impression of the set was “IT’S SO PINK!” hahahaha..I’m very old fashioned when it comes to my makeup set, every brush that I owned pretty much is black in color. I’ve never bought any pink/green/yellow (i.e. colorful) makeup brushes in my life, and so when I received this set the color was quite of a shock for me. Nevertheless, when I first opened the makeup bag, I am quite impressed by the amount of brushes included in it.

I believe the bristles of these brushes are all synthetic. It’s very soft and fluffy, especially the big fan face brush!

Tmart shopping

I’ve divided the brushes into several categories, but below we’ll start with the big face brushes. So, you get a big face fan brush, a powder brush, a blush brush, a flat-top brush and a foundation brush. (not in the picture below, but in the picture above: small face fan brush)

I actually do not like these brushes much. There are several reasons why I’m not a big fan of these brushes. One, the first 2 brushes from the left (fan and powder brushes) were broken. It wasn’t obvious when I first held it, however, upon a closer inspection, I realized that the handle of these 2 brushes were loose. So, when I tugged the ferrule (that’s the aluminum part), it came off from the handle! You can fix this by gluing it back together.

Next, the flat-top brush is too flimsy. I’m not sure what this brush is for since it’s not dense enough to be used to apply foundation. It’s also too flimsy to be used for contouring, and buffing. I have yet to find a good way to use this brush.

The foundation brush, however, it’s not that bad. It’s pretty sturdy and dense. It’s a good brush to apply foundation or cream blush/bronzer/highlighter.

Also, I forgot to include the small face fan brush, which is also a great brush for contouring/highlighting! The one that comes with the brush set is pretty good. It comes in a good size, and has enough bristles to do light contouring/highlighting.

makeup brush murah

The next set of brushes are the flat shaders, which I love! I want to categorized them as eyeshadow brushes, but I know they also can be used in so many ways. Anyways, if you buy this set, you get 5 flat shader brushes. These brushes are my favorite in this set.

The bristles are very sturdy and dense, which make these brushes great for eyeshadow application. They are also synthetic which means they would work excellent with cream-based products! These brushes will also work great with water-activated products.

tmart makeup brush

Upon closer look, you can see that the size of the brushes aren’t all the same. You get some of the larger size bristles, and you get the smaller ones. I love that it comes in different sizes. It’s great because you can use some for eyeshadow application, and others for lips or highlighting.

What is great with these brushes is the fact that you can get 5 in the set! Usually you only get 1-2, and to be honest, you can never have enough of the flat shader brush. They are so useful for eyeshadow application, body painting, face painting etc.

cheap makeup brush

The next set of brushes are the eyeliner brushes. These 2 brushes are more for precise line works for eyeliner, eyebrow or face painting. You get a straight edge brush, and you get the angled brush. The straight eyeliner brush works great for eyeliner application, and also can be used to highlight under the brow. Obviously this can also be used as a lip brush for precise lip work.

The angled brush, as you all know, is widely used to create winged or cat-eye eyeliner. It is also great to be used for filling in the brows using powder or gel product. Other than that, it can be used to create geometric shapes for face paintings and body paintings.

tmar makeup brush

The angled and straight eyeliner brushes are a great addition to this set because they have such dense and sturdy bristles that will work great when creating eyeliner or shapes. It’s not flimsy, so your line can be precise. The brushes are not too dense, so you can create a thinner line if you want.

tmar shopping

The next 5 brushes, I feel, should be under a lip brush category just because they are so small! I’ve used the longer ones as a shader brush, just to smudge the eyeshadow on the lower lid, which works. However, I feel that they work better as lip brushes.

The bristles on these 5 brushes are smaller in width and shorter in length compared to the eyeshadow brushes. One of these brushes (the first one of the left), is quite flimsy, the rest is quite dense and sturdy.

tmar shopping

These brushes, like I’ve said, will work great for lipstick application, especially that small one of the right in the picture below. It’s so small that you can work precisely for red lipstick application.

They also work for face paintings and body paintings. These brushes are small enough for precision work.

tmart shopping

The brushes on the next category, are on the miscellaneous side. I think, I’m not quite sure, the brush on the left in the picture below is supposed to be an eyeliner brush. The one on the right is a smudge brush.

tmart makeup brush

The eyeliner brush is pretty stiff. However, I feel that it’s not thin enough to be used as an eyeliner brush. Nevertheless, it can be used as an eyeliner brush. I just prefer the angled brush over this one.

The smudge brush shaped like a dome. It’s a sponge-tip brush. I’m not a big fan of this brush. It’s not versatile enough to be used as a pencil brush. It’s just good for smudging.

tmart makeup brush

Last but not least, the eyebrow collection! The brush on the left can be used to brush those unruly brows, if you have. The comb side can be used to clean excess mascara off the lashes.

The spooly can be used in conjunction with cuticle scissors to trim eyebrows. It can also be used to remove excess brow product from the eyebrow. Of course, it can also be used to remove excess mascara off the lashes.

tmart makeup brush


  • 22-piece for USD$13.95 (from Hong Kong warehouse, meaning for Asia), and USD$15.95 for USA. Usually retailed at USD$33.99. Pretty cheap for a set of 22 brushes.
  • World-wide free shipping!
  • You get a lot of eyeshadow brushes!
  • Bristles are soft.
  • Bristles do not shed much for the smaller eye/lip brushes.
  • Great for beginners who do not want to spend money in buying individual brushes.


  • Beware that handle might come off.
  • Bristles of the brushes shed quite significantly on first wash for the larger brushes.
  • Some of the brushes might not be of any use.

I cannot comment much about shipping because this was given to me for free. However, if it helps, the person who contacted me communicated with me throughout the whole time to ensure I received the product on time. I was in Hong Kong when this product was delivered to where I was staying, and it took 5-business days to reach me. It could’ve been faster, however, there was a typhoon in the week that I was there, which might cause a delay.


Great brushes for beginners who do not want to spend too much money buying medium to high-end makeup brushes. I know that makeup brushes can be quite expensive, and if you’re doing makeup on yourself, these brushes might be great to start with. The price is pretty low, and affordable for most people. However, if you want to become a makeup artist, you might want to invest on a more well-known brands.

Although these brushes are great to start with, I cannot say how long they’ll last. I was quite disappointed to see that the handles of some of the brushes weren’t even glued properly. The bristles do shed quite a lot on the bigger brushes.

On top of that, I wished that they’d have included a blending brush for the eyes, as well as an angled face brush which is more useful than the flat-top brush.

Nevertheless, the eyeshadow, eyebrow and lip brushes are excellent. These eyeshadow brushes by themselves can proved to be very useful for those who are just starting to do makeup on themselves.

So, if you want to buy this set of brushes, please visit TMART.

I’ll give these brushes 3 starts out of 5!


Unboxing Beauty Treats Indonesia!

After a long wait for my first Beauty Treats package to arrive, I finally got my hands on it! Today’s box was quite late because apparently they were changing their courier service, so there was a delay. Also, just to let you guys know, if you did not input the special code given to you for payment confirmation, they will not notify you that there’s something wrong with your payment. You do have to contact them if you have issues with payment and subscription, don’t expect them to contact you.

Anyhooow, let’s get to the good stuffs! The package arrived safely. I love the little “sshh…it’s a secret!” slogan. I think it’s cute. Inside the package, there’s a little “thank-you” note, and I find it very lovely that they handwritten my name. I think it’s a nice personal touch.

Beautytreats indonesia

You will find a booklet explaining which brands and products are inside this month’s box. The booklet also contain the full description of each item and their original price should you be interested in buying the original size. I heard that they will be releasing a new section on their website where you can buy the full-size products online. On the last 2 pages, they included makeup tutorials, which you can also find on their Facebook page and website.

The beautytreats package comes in a pretty pink box, with black ribbon tied around it. I’m keeping the box, and probably will use it as an organizer or to keep my stuffs inside. It’s pretty sturdy! Inside the box you’ll find vouchers and booklets from the different brands that are partnered with beautytreats. Beautytreats indonesia

So, what’s inside this month’s box?

1. Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural lipstick – test set.

2. Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum – real size!

3. Hada Labo Gokujyun Alpha Ultimate Anti-aging, Shirojyun and Gokujyun Ultimate Whitening – 15ml/bottle.

4. Travel-size Skin Aqua moisturizers (super cute!) – 15ml/bottle.

5. Face on Face Nourishing Blush on Blooming Rose – real size! (as big as an eyeshadow..so adorable).

6. Acne Pore Strip – 1 sachet.

7. Masami Shouko White Puff with Black Fabric – real size.

8. Koji Eyeliner Pencil – sample size.

9. D’eyeko lashes – real size.

Other subscribers might receive the following products instead of the Masami Shouko White Puff:

  • Biokos Derma Bright Set, or
  • Caring Colors BB Cream Fair White, or
  • Caring Colours BB Cream Everlast, or
  • Caring Colours BB Cream Luminizing, or
  • Lioele 3D Lifting Mask.make up for ever indonesia

Update: as of July 2, 2013, I’m very disappointed with Beauty Treats Indonesia. The June box arrived in July 2, the products as well as the amount of products inside the box were not up to standard. 

Caruso Hair Steam Setter

I think that heat tools pretty much suck the moisture out of the hair, since the heat evaporates the water in your hair. Obviously there’s lots of heat-protectant spray and such, but I believe that it’s better to prevent it from happening than having to try to “heal” it after the damage has occurred.

I tried the whole “sleep-with-your-hair-wet-in buns” but really, my fine hair loses any type of volume and it just becomes super flat and limp. One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Wendy Nguyen (from Wendy’s Lookbook), had a video where she used Caruso Hair Steam Setter to create curls.

Caruso Hair Steamer

(image is courtesy of Amazon)

I got really curious and I was able to get my hands on the Caruso Hair Steamer from Amazon for a very good price: cad$35.44 (tax included) for the Professional 30 rollers set. I think it’s more expensive now, but still, pretty cheap :)

So, the rollers are made from foam and you heat it up using water. How it works is that the heated water evaporates, causing hot steam that seep through the foam rollers. You put your hair on these rollers, wait for 3-minute (or leave it on when you do your makeup), and voila! Volume and curls!

Hair Rollers

These rollers don’t give much volume. It gives just enough and I love how the curls end up. I also feel that since it uses steam, it does less damage to the hair. It actually gives the hair more moisture instead of sucking the moisture out of it.

Curling asian hair

The rollers are also waaay cheaper than the Babyliss hot rollers or The O velcro hot rollers. If you’re just starting or want to give rollers a try, you should keep this roller set in mind. I love the big bouncy curls and how I don’t have to put extra styling product on my hair.

Please keep in mind that I purchased this using my own money and I’m not sponsored by Caruso.