Travalo Travel Size Refillable Perfume Spray

Travalo travel size refillable perfume spray is the perfect product for all you globe trotters out there! It’s small, compact, and you can fill it in with your favourite perfume/cologne! Read more below to find out how to use Travalo before your next adventure.

refillable perfume bottle

So, as you all know, I travel quite a bit between Canada and Southeast Asia. Often, when I packed my perfumes in the luggage, I worry that they might break during the flight. Not to mention, I either bring all of them  (and thus worry more), or I have to choose one to bring with me while leaving the rest at home.

Now, with Travalo, I can carry my favourite perfumes without having to worry about breakage! This pocket size atomizer is perfect for traveling. I can even have it on my hand-carry if I want to!


So, what is it?

Travalo is a stylish and premium fragrance atomiser that you can bring and use daily easily for various occasions, offering the most reliable and safest refillable experience ever.

Travalo refills in seconds from any standard fragrance bottle using our patented Genie-S refill technology, there is no degradation or exposure to air. It comes with a supreme HD spray head, every spray covers a wider and even area. Our products are also glass-free and are aircraft approved for hand baggage, making it convenient for our customers to carry it every day or for travel.

Travalo, 2016

Travalo Travel Size Refillable Perfume Spray

If you take a look at the picture above, that’s the bottom of a Travalo bottle. See that little hole there? That’s where you fill your Travalo bottle with your favourite perfume!


1. Remove perfume bottle spray head

2. Place Travalo on the tube

3. Pump to fill (repeat until it’s filled)

4. Take it off the perfume bottle, and done!

Just a side note, I only fill a little bit on my  bottle so it shows better in picture. Isn’t this a genius way to travel with your perfume(s)?! Anyways, you don’t have to worry about the hole at the bottom of the bottle. The perfume won’t leak from that hole, it’s like a one-way valve, the perfume can go in but can’t come out!

Travalo Travel Size Refillable Perfume Spray


Travalo bottle was sent to me as a PR Sample. All opinions expressed in this post is based solely on my own experience.