Grand Opening of Kiehl’s Indonesia

I had the pleasure of attending Kiehl’s Indonesia third store grand opening in Emporium Pluit, Jakarta, on Saturday! I’m sure most of you already know and heard about Kiehl’s before, right? Kiehl’s is a natural skincare company from the States, started out as a pharmacy, and now it has hundreds of stores worldwide!

Anyways, like I said, I was invited to Kiehl’s grand opening and I enjoyed the event a lot! It was a lot of fun, and I’d like to say a big thank-you to Kiehl’s Indonesia for inviting me!


Kiehl's Indonesia

Kiehl's Emporium Pluit

Kiehl’s Emporium is located on the Ground Floor at Emporium Pluit Mall. It is situated nearby Jco, Bodyshop, & L’occitane, if you want to find it.The store is like the other Kiehl’s store, staying true to its old vintage pharmacy look. Actually the store has been opened for a few months, but their grand opening was just yesterday.

Below is Ms. Regina (Kiehl’s Brand Manager) and Mrs. Dian (Kiehl’s Retail Manager) having the ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open their store! The atmosphere was amazing, there were dancers showing off their moves during the event.

Kiehl's Jakarta

Anyhow, if you feel intimidated by all the products, and too confused to figure out which one is for you, do ask for help since they give out free consultation. The Kiehl’s staff would be able to suggest and recommend products that are best for your skin/hair condition. I actually am having some issues with my scalp, and I was recommended to use the Amino Acid shampoo. I might go back there tomorrow to grab some shampoo, as well as perfumes.

Their perfumes smell so amazing, not to mention in such cute glass bottles! Love iiiit! I love the packaging, it has that old apothecary feel to it! It’s simple and gorgeous. I’m such a sucker for packaging!

Kiehl's Indonesia

Kiehl's Emporium Pluit

I’m not sure if you guys remember, but a few years a go Kiehl’s Indonesia sent me samples of their products. Back before then, I was actually introduced to Kiehl’s by one of my makeup instructors. She taught me to use the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer to prep my clients and models’ faces since it contains no perfume, and great to be used on both women and men!

You know how the men in your life (father, husband, son, fiancee, bf etc) might need some new skincare products, but they either can’t be bothered with it or unsure which products to use? I’d suggest for you to bring it to Kiehl’s right away since they are one of the few brands that actually carry a LARGE selection of skincare FOR MEN!

Kiehl's Indonesia

Like I’ve said above, the event was really fun and enjoyable. There were cotton candy machine, popcorn, drinks, snacks, cupcakes, dancers and singer! What a performance! Kiehl’s Indonesia sure know how to rock it! I couldn’t resist those cotton candies! So fluffy and pretty!

Besides all the performances, there were also a selfie contest, as well as spin the wheel. I actually didn’t partake in any of  the competition because I was distracted by my fellow bloggers! I haven’t seen some of them in the longest time and we had a lot to catch up. It was really awesome to see all the bloggers. Not to mention, I get to meet the new ones too! So glad I get to meet and make new friends!

Kiehl's IndonesiaCotton Candy & Popcorn booths

Kiehl's JakartaSpin the Wheel

Kiehl's JakartaMr. Guitarist and Mr. Beautiful Voice

Of course, I have to take a picture with the always so lovely Ms. Regina Widjaja (Brand Manager for Shu Uemura and Kiehl’s). Might have seen her in my other event posts for Shu Uemura.

Lots of photos below with fellow bloggers turned into friends! They are pretty awesome,  you guys! Please go to my Instagram to find out more about them!

Kiehl's IndonesiaRegina and I


Kiehl's IndonesiaL-R: Franky, Fweegy, Mei, myself, Jean

Indonesian Beauty Bloggers

L-R: Franky Wu, Fweegy Theresia, Meilani Chow, and myself

Kiehl's Indonesia

Indonesian Beauty Bloggers


Healthy Face Movement with Etude House Indonesia

If you guys followed my twitter account, you would know that I was kindly invited to join the Etude House Healthy Face Movement event last Saturday at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta. I was happy to see the other beauty bloggers, especially since I met familiar faces as well as new bloggers. I was quite surprised to see that some of these bloggers actually know my face and my name.

Etude House Indonesia

For those who were there, and have been reading my blog, a big hug and thank you. I’m not one that’s good with faces and names, so a big apology!!! I know I kept asking some people their names, ’cause I can’t remember. Sorry sorry sorry..I’m just really really bad with memorizing names and faces in big events, esp. because there’s way too much things going on (i.e. loud music and people chattering). If you see me next time, just come up and say hi to me. I’d probably ask for your name again, but I promise I’ll try to remember! Or say hi to me on Twitter 😀

Indonesian Beauty Bloggers

Indonesian Beauty Bloggers

Back to the event itself. So, Etude House Indonesia created an Etude Carnival in the atrium of Mall Taman Anggrek. Pretty much, they’ve turned the mall Pink! Pink is the main colour of Etude House. They even have pink makeup case! Cute much?  Not only they turned the atrium into a Pink Carnival, they organized makeover booth, cosmetics stand, manicure stalls, photo booth and a big centre stage.

Pink Makeup Case
All bloggers were directed to the Beauty Workshop area where we were introduced to Yohanna and Ivonne. Yohanna, as the media relations staff, explained to us what Healthy Face Movement is. She mentioned about 3Me – my skincare, my makeup application and my makeup removal. This campaign is directed towards Indonesia women to care  and give extra attention to their skin using those 3 steps mentioned – cleaning face with skin care, using moisturizer or light primer and cleansing the skin after activity.

For this Healthy Face Movement Campaign, Etude House created a Video Competition for everyone! All you have to do is to create a video testimony and tutorial of the 3Me activity that you have done, and a Daily Makeup Look. For more info please visit Etude House Indonesia Facebook fan page.

etude house indonesia makeup class

Besides that Healthy Face Movement campaign, the event itself was created to officially released the first Korean CC Cream  in Indonesia. More on the CC cream on the next post.

So after Yohanna talked to us a little about the Healthy Face Movement, she introduced Ivonne who is an Etude House Indonesia makeup artist. She talked to us about the little makeup competition that we had to do using Etude’s products. She introduced Michin, Etude House Korea makeup artist, and Michin performed a demo to a model. We were supposed to create a similar look on ourselves using products provided to us on our table.
Etude House Indonesia

Etude House Indonesia
I just want to say this was the only time in the event that I felt grossed out. First of all, the products given to us were used testers. I’m not sure if these testers were well cleaned with alcohol or not, but the eyeshadows look quite dirty. If you guys don’t know me personally, let me just mention that I hate using testers on my own face. I think it’s nasty! Not to mention products like mascara should NEVER be shared around! Second of all, we were given no brushes, and some of the eyeshadow sponges were dirty, like used dirty with brown stuffs on it. Next, the products like the compact powder does not even match our skin tone. It was my worst nightmare!!! Ok, fine may be I was being a big baby, but anything that’s going to come close to my eyes better be clean! I do not want any eye infections! So I used the clean Q-tips given to us and my fingers to apply my makeup.

Etude House Indonesia

Nevertheless, I wanted to be a good sport and not a party pooper. Thank goodness I brought my own baby wipes. Ladies, please, regardless whether you have a baby or not, always carry baby wipes in your handbag, you never know how useful these things are. I used the wipes to wipe down some of the products, and cleaned my face with it. I was glad I had worn my own mascara before the event, so I avoided using mascara provided by them.

Korean makeup before and after
During this time, I get the chance to try on their CC and BB cream. I’m not sure how I feel about these 2 products just yet. You guys should know by now that I think CC and BB creams are just a big marketing hype. I’ll talk more about these 2 products this week.

The event ended when Michin chose 2 winners and that’s it. After our blogger event, the area was used for makeup classes. I walked around the atrium for a while and man, it was PACKED! I, especially, loved the nail corner. Since I had to go and meet a friend, I didn’t get the chance to shop around. Nevertheless, it was quite awesome.

Etude House Indonesia

Etude House Indonesia

Caruso Hair Steam Setter

I think that heat tools pretty much suck the moisture out of the hair, since the heat evaporates the water in your hair. Obviously there’s lots of heat-protectant spray and such, but I believe that it’s better to prevent it from happening than having to try to “heal” it after the damage has occurred.

I tried the whole “sleep-with-your-hair-wet-in buns” but really, my fine hair loses any type of volume and it just becomes super flat and limp. One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Wendy Nguyen (from Wendy’s Lookbook), had a video where she used Caruso Hair Steam Setter to create curls.

Caruso Hair Steamer

(image is courtesy of Amazon)

I got really curious and I was able to get my hands on the Caruso Hair Steamer from Amazon for a very good price: cad$35.44 (tax included) for the Professional 30 rollers set. I think it’s more expensive now, but still, pretty cheap :)

So, the rollers are made from foam and you heat it up using water. How it works is that the heated water evaporates, causing hot steam that seep through the foam rollers. You put your hair on these rollers, wait for 3-minute (or leave it on when you do your makeup), and voila! Volume and curls!

Hair Rollers

These rollers don’t give much volume. It gives just enough and I love how the curls end up. I also feel that since it uses steam, it does less damage to the hair. It actually gives the hair more moisture instead of sucking the moisture out of it.

Curling asian hair

The rollers are also waaay cheaper than the Babyliss hot rollers or The O velcro hot rollers. If you’re just starting or want to give rollers a try, you should keep this roller set in mind. I love the big bouncy curls and how I don’t have to put extra styling product on my hair.

Please keep in mind that I purchased this using my own money and I’m not sponsored by Caruso.