Sigma E35 from Obsessed Canada

Today I’m going to do a Sigma E35 review, since I just recently received this brush from Obsessed Canada. A big thank you to Obsessed Canada for sending me this brush! If you don’t already know, Obsessed Canada is the sister company of Nail Canada. They are an online beauty store that carries a large selection of beauty related products, which offer free shipping within Canada.

sigma e35 review

Anyways, I decided to give Sigma E35 brush a try since I have yet to own/try the E35. The E35 is a tapered blending brush, with synthetic bristles. This brush is slightly longer and thinner than the E25 brush. I have used this brush on myself and on models. From my experience using this brush, the E35 is suited for blending or to apply transition shade.

I find that this brush is easier to be used on those with deeper eye socket. On myself, since I do not have deep eye socket, I find the E25 to be a better brush to use for blending, and to apply crease color. Nevertheless, the E35 brush is still a good blending brush for those with deeper eye sockets than mine (or Oriental eyes).

sigma e35

Disclaimer: This brush was sent to me by Obsessed Canada for review. Any opinions expressed on this post in based on my own experience.