Epicare Facial Hair Remover [Sponsored Review]

Couple weeks a go, I received a package from Nail Polish Canada, and inside was the Epicare Facial Hair Remover. I’d like to say a big thanks to Tiffany for sending me the package! I wasn’t too sure how to use this product at first until I saw the demonstration video on Nail Polish Canada website.

So, what is Epicare Facial Hair Remover?

Say Goodbye to embarrassing and unsightly facial hair with Epicare’s revolutionary spring. No more messy waxing, chemical burns or expensive laser treatments. Just Bend and Roll and facial hair gets pulled out from the roots. Epicare® is so compact that it fits into your purse and is always ready for use when you need it.

Epicare® is the original facial hair threader, and has been around since 1999. We are proudly Canadian. Choose from 8 amazing colors. Looking good has never been easier.

(Nail Polish Canada, 2014)

Epicare Facial Hair Remover

The spring-like hair remover has a plastic covering on both ends. It comes in a small paper-based package. At the back of the package is a list of reasons why you should use Epicare. The back of the packaging says:

Why Epicare?

Epicare is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself Manual Threading device to remove unwanted facial hair. Its unique spring action removes unwanted hair from the roots safely and effectively without damaging the skin. Just bend and roll. It’s as simple as that!

  • Environmentally friendly and reusable
  • Convenient, easy and fast
  • Small enough to carry around
  • Able to remove very fine, short facial hair quickly and effectively
  • Finer hair re-growth
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Low risks of outbreaks
  • Affordable and economical
  • Hypo-Allergenic

(Epicare Canada)

Epicare Facial Hair Remover

Ok, so at first, I was confused as to how I should use this. The package says “bend and roll”, and I thought you just roll the spring part against your face..hahaah I was so wrong! What you need to roll is actually the purple part aka the handle. You roll the handles so the spring rotates front and back (does that make sense?) while moving the whole thing against your face.

I find that the spring will catch on to the hair better when you go against the direction of hair growth, much like waxing and threading. As you can see in the picture below (Left), I have very fine “whiskers” (lol) on my upper lip, it’s barely visible but it’s there. On the after picture (Right), the hair pretty much is gone.

How does it feel? If you’ve gotten your eyebrows threaded, that’s exactly how it feels. You can hear and feel the hair getting plucked out of your face. It’s not painful, may be slightly uncomfortable if you aren’t used to waxing or threading. It might sting a little if your hair is thicker than mine. Your skin might get red after the removal, but it doesn’t stay red that long – may be around 5 minutes.

Afterwards, I clean it by rinsing it off with water and facial cleanser. For a spot cleaning, I just rub cotton soaked in 99% alcohol on the spring.

So, if you want to get this, you can grab it from Nail Polish Canada for $15 (if you are in Canada), or from Epicare Home if you are in the U.S.A.

Epicare Facial Hair Remover

(Left to Right: Before & After)


  • Easy and fast hair removal at home.
  • I don’t have to spend money to get my hair removed every couple weeks.
  • It doesn’t hurt at all for me.
  • Cute colors – they come in 8 different shades: timeless black, soothing lavender, fiery red, forest green, ocean blue, fuschia pink, girly pink and sunshine yellow.
  • Small, and so easy to bring it anywhere.


  • It says only for facial use, but really, you can’t use it on your eyebrows. It’s too large for eyebrows, please DO NOT USE THIS ON YOUR EYEBROWS.
  • It’s not precise enough to grab a specific hair, so again DO NOT USE ON EYEBROWS.

Disclaimer: Links to Nail Polish Canada and Epicare Home websites are not affiliated links. I do not earn any money or commission if you click on those links. Even though this product was sent to me by Nail Polish Canada, my review is honest and unbiased. Please keep in mind that result may vary for each individual.

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Instain by The Balm [sponsored post]

Joy (Hi!!) from Nail Polish Canada contacted me earlier last week to see if I want to give The Balm Instain products a try. I wanted to get my hands on the Instain since it’s The Balm new blush product range, but sadly I’m not in Canada. Nevertheless, I wanted to share more info about these blushes with you guys. So, read on below and if you (my Canadian readers) are interested in purchasing them, you can grab them from Nail Polish Canada website for CAD$22/each. I’m not sure if this line is out yet in Indonesia. I know The Balm has several booth in Jakarta, but I don’t know if it is going to be available here.

The Balm Cosmetics line boasts a wide range of high quality make-up including powders, bronzers, lips stains, blushes and more.  The Balm’s philosophy is “Beauty in five minutes” and with their multi-use and quick fix products it is easy to achieve stunning looks within minutes.

The Balm Cosmetics has just released a new long-lasting blush, Instain.  Instain was created in six different shades and comes in the brand’s trademark nostalgic packaging.  With it’s high pigmentation and long lasting ability, Instain blush would make for a great addition to any makeup bag.  The blush comes in a compact case, perfect for travel or on-the-go make-up applications.

The Balm Instain blushes come in:

1. Lace Instain Blush Bright Pink

The Balm blush

2. Houndstooth Instain Blush – MauveThe Balm Instain blush

3. Argyle Instain Blush  – Petal PinkInstain The Balm

4. Toile Instain Blush – StrawberryThe Balm Instain

5. Pinstripe Instain Blush – PlumThe Balm Instain

6. Swiss Dot Instain blush PeachThe Balm Instain blush