FaceOff Makeup Remover Cloth Review

Today, I’m doing a FaceOff Makeup Remover cloth review. You’ll be able to find more pictures on the products and before/after below. A big thank you to Face Off cloth PR team for sending me the product to try. Read more below to find out what is FaceOff and my thoughts on it.

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face off makeup remover review

What is FaceOff makeup remover cloth?

  • FaceOff is a natural, soft, reusable cleansing cloth that removes all face and eye makeup, even mascara, using only warm water.
  • It instantly eliminates dirt, excess oil and skin impurities leaving the complexion fresh and radiant.
  • It is designed to delicately exfoliate and cleanse the skin, and it is safe and suitable for all skin types.
  • The unique weave of ultra-thin microfibres, designed to gently lift dirt and
    impurities, leaving the skin naturally clean and smooth.

Care and Washing Instructions:

Wash the cloth thoroughly with soap and water prior to initial use and after each use.  Hang to dry.   FaceOff easily rinses clean of all stains and is also machine washable. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners.  The cloth should be replaced every 3-4 months.

FaceOff Cloth, 2016

face off review

The Face Off makeup remover cloth is pretty much a microfibre towel. The first thing you’ll notice is that this cloth is white and it’s absolutely soft. If you’ve used microfibre towels before you’ll realized the resemblance. I’ve used microfibre towels before for my hair as well as hand towels, and this one is very similar to the hair microfibre towel.

Since it is white, there will be a lot of stained going on in this towel after using it. I’ve used this towel 5 times, and believe me when I said it does not look anything like the picture below anymore. The most stubborn stain that I’ve come across is the liquid lipstick stain. It did not come off easily at all. I was trying to remove KVD Liquid lipstick in Damned, and after the first wash, the cloth is actually stained pink from the lipstick.


face off makeup remover review

So, all I did with this towel is submerge it in warm water and the wring the excess water off. They claimed that it’ll remove your makeup with just warm water and this towel.

Anyways, here’s my honest FaceOff makeup remover cloth review:

  • You’ll need to apply a lot of pressure to remove most of the makeup off.
  • Eye makeup, especially liquid lipsticks, liquid liners and mascara, does not come off easily at all. This does not come as a surprise for me since most of my liquid lipsticks, liners and mascara are waterproof and smudgeproof. 
  • I feel like I’ve to pull my skin a lot, which is something I do not like to do especially with the skin around my eyes. 
  • It does not remove all of the makeup on the face. Even though on my before-after picture below my skin might look clean (in the after), in reality when I used a cotton pad & waterless makeup remover there is still a lot of foundation residue leftover.
  • I like using the FaceOff cloth as a wash cloth instead of as a makeup remover. It’s a good wash cloth for a daily skincare routine (for cleansing), and/or after working out if I’m in a rush.

In conclusion, I personally don’t think that this FaceOff cloth alone can be used to remove your makeup. I think this can be used as a wash cloth in conjunction with your cleanser. I, personally, do not like using this cloth to remove my makeup. It leaves my skin pretty raw after all that tugging and pulling, and still I find residue of makeup left on my skin.

The issue I have with this towel is that it does not break down any makeup products. It’s just a microfibre towel! Makeup products nowadays are mostly waterproof & smudgeproof. It’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to use a remover that will break down the products to remove it altogether. All you’re doing with the FaceOff towel is just using your own strength, to remove your makeup.

I’ll try to post a short video on my Instagram to show you guys how this FaceOff towel works. So if you haven’t please follow me there! Once the video is posted I’ll update the link here.

If you are interested in giving FaceOff a try, you can buy them online. 

face off makeup remover before after


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