IMATS Toronto 2013

Again, this year, I managed to show up for IMATS in Toronto. It was held in the Metro Convention Center. I attended the event on Saturday only. This year IMATS was definitely more packed and busy than last year. Please check my post on IMATS Toronto 2012 if you want to see my last year event coverage.

I wasn’t expecting anything from the IMATS. I actually went there without any intention of buying anything. I just wanted to see if they have good deals on certain products.

IMATS Toronto

Anyways, it was a makeup trade show, so there was a lot of brands that were present to sell their products. I think MUFE had one of the best booths there. The body paintings done by MUFE makeup artists were amazing! They have quite a great deal too: 50% off makeup brushes, certain deals on a set of foundation/concealers/primers/powder/blush etc. However, there was a HUGE line up for the MUFE booth, and I just couldn’t bring myself to line up for hours…ok may be not hours, but you get my point…

IMATS Toronto

There were several body painters in the show for their own booths, one of which was the makeup artist from Blur booth. Below, you can see the model from Blur. That was one of the most amazing body paintings I’ve ever seen.

IMATS Toronto

So, I walked around the whole exhibition hall, and bought some makeup brushes from Crown Brush. It was such an awesome deal! Some of the brushes were only $4, others were $7.50. Pretty great, no?!

Besides Crown Brush, I also bought 8 nail polishes: 6 OPI for $30 and 2 Essie for $3.50/each. You probably would have seen the picture of the brushes and nail polishes if you followed me on Twitter or Instagram.

IMATS Toronto

Besides the shopping, a very amazing event took place! Ok, so N was sitting down while I was shopping around looking at all the different booths (kudos to IMATS for providing chairs all around the hall for people to take a short rest).  While I was all skipping down the aisle getting my brushes, N was asked by a lady if she can sit beside him. He said yes, and took a glimpse at her name tag. Guess who??? RAE MORRIS! (the makeup artist, not the singer)

So, N immediately send me a message “you’ll never believe who sat beside me? where are you? come dowwn! it’s Rae Morris!”

Unfortunately, when I went to his seat, she already left to do some judging for the competition. So, N and I decided to stalk her..hahahahaha…Anyways, we managed to catch her after the competition, and we managed to chat and take a picture with the world famous Rae Morris! She was so nice and kind!

Below is pictures of us with Rae Morris. Yep, that’s my N right there! 😀

Rae Morris

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Workshop Event

So many events lately! Not that I’m complaining, but I’m really sorry for the lack of tutorial posts, and again soooo sorry if there’s too many “event” posts. It’s just pure coincidence that all the events were very close to each other this week. Anyways, today’s post is about MUFE Pro Finish Workshop event. I do have to say that MUFE Indonesia PR Staff was one of the best team that I’ve met so far. They are extremely kind, and friendly, so helpful and I really had a good time with them.

This MUFE Pro Finish workshop event was an introduction to their new product, which is (duh!) MUFE Pro Finish. This product was released to the public on September 7, 2013 in Indonesia. There’s only 17 shades in this range for Indonesia. There’s actually 25, but only 17 is available in Indonesia. I think this is one of the best brand for foundation since there’s a huge range of colors, besides MAC. This product will cost IDR. 430,000.

MUFE Academy IndonesiaMorris introduced MUFE Pro Finish

Just to let you know, I’ve actually already owned this product (my shade is 118). I bought it in Canada beginning of the year and have been using it. Let me just give you a brief introduction about MUFE Pro Finish. This product is a compact powder. What’s special about it is the fact that it can be used both DRY and Wet.

However, a word of warning, if you do apply this wet, you might find that the shade goes darker when applied to the skin. I’m not too sure why, but this is what I find. They also said, if you apply this wet, you get a sheer finish. I find this otherwise. I think applying it dry gives a more sheer finish.

I don’t like using this product wet. I, much prefer, using it dry to set my liquid/cream foundation. If you apply this dry with a buffing brush, you can get a good medium coverage. You, do, need to set it with a setting spray to avoid looking cakey or powdery.

It’s so great how, after you apply this wet, the powder will just dry and return to its normal powder state. If you’re like and have tried to wet MAC compact powder or ANY compact powders, you’ll find that there’s this weird coating, and had to scrape the coating off first before you can apply the powder underneath. With MUFE Pro Finish, you don’t have to do that! No coating!

MUFE Indonesia

Anyhow, let’s get back to the event. I felt like I’ve just done a short review about the product…lol…So, the event started out with a little makeup demo by Morris, a MUFE Makeup Artist. Then we were asked to try the products on our own face. Obviously, if you followed me on twitter/instagram, you’d have seen my makeup in the morning – bare face, strong brows, mascara and bold lips. However, since I wanted to be a good sport, I removed my makeup and stripped it down using MUFE Gentle Milk (picture above). Everyone was provided with a little table and a few products, as well as brushes on the table. We pretty much shared everything, not the most hygienic thing to do, but at least I already wore my mascara and I sharpened all the lip liners. The brushes were clean, so that was great.

Below on the left is my face with nothing on, but mascara. On the right, I’ve applied MUFE Pro Finish (dry) using foundation brush, filled my brows using MUFE brow pencil, contour slightly, a little bit of blush and added lip-liner to fill my lips. As you can see, the result from MUFE Pro Finish is pretty natural. It knocks out the redness and it covers my pores pretty well. Very sheer and natural. It also helps when my skin has been behaving well lately. However, you can see my dark under eyes (those late night sleeps are taking its toll..hahahaha). I didn’t apply any concealer.MUFE Pro Finish 118

Before and After MUFE Pro Finish

After I did my own makeup, Franky (from Rebzone) and I did Lucia’s makeup. Lucia is actually a friend of mine who tagged along today. So, again, thanks MUFE for allowing her to join us. It was fun, she enjoyed it a lot and she actually ended up buying that pink lip-liner on her lips!  Isn’t she gorgeous? 😉

Jilly Kirei Makeup and Franky Wu RebzoneLucia

So, after I did Lucia’s makeup, I wanted to go back to my bold lips since my face is quite bare. So, I applied MUFE Aqua Lip Liner in 11C and filled it in my lips. I, then, applied my Revlon Black Cherry on top of it. The result is the photo below! Super awesomely dark! Perfect for Fall/Winter makeup! I’m starting to love dark lips now.

Below is a picture of me with Maria. The pretty lady is a MUFE Intern, and guess what?! She is Indonesian, but her background is a Pakistani. She’s so friendly, and we couldn’t stop talking the whole time!

MUFE Academy IndonesiaWith Maria

Indonesian Beauty Bloggers(L-R) Franky, Lucia, myself, and Mukti

MUFE IndonesiaWith Mukti Lim

Of course the event won’t be completed without a great pictures of us! By this time almost everyone was gone, so it was just the 5 of us and the Staff.  Thanks MUFE Indonesia for inviting us! Thank you for being such a great host!

Make Up For Ever Indonesia

MUFE Indonesia

P.S.: FYI, I was not forced or felt compelled to post every events I go to. I think it was nice that I was invited to all these different events, and I just wanted to share with you guys what I learnt and did during the event. To be honest, no one told me I’ve to do an event coverage or anything. I just wanted to share my good experience, and hopefully you guys can learn something from this post as well (i.e. the products).


Sebastian Gunawan Mod Muse 2014

Last night, Wiwin and I had the pleasure of attending Sebastian Gunawan Mod Muse 2014 Fashion Show at Hotel Mulia. I just want to take the time to give Bryna Lie a shout out. All thanks to her that I was able to watch the show, and even able to bring Wiwin (and did her makeup mwahahahaha) along. We are all childhood friends, so it was a good little reunion (again :P). So, again a big huge hug, loads of kisses and thanks to this sexy hot mama!

sebastian gunawan mod muse 2014

Sebastian Gunawan is a famous Indonesian-based fashion designer. His design is very popular amongst Indonesians. He’s actually Bryna’s uncle! He’s not only known in Indonesia, but also very prolific in the world’s stage. Anyways, below is a quote from his website about his profile:

A life dedicated to inspire and be inspired by women seems to be a pre(-)destined matter for Sebastian Gunawan. Born in a tight knit family with 4 sisters, his interest in style started early thanks to his elegant mother’s natural flair in fashion. This led to a discovery that the young Sebastian Gunawan is gifted in fashion illustration. From mere hobby, this talent was then honed by a degree in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. The glamorous air of Hollywood seems to be a starting point for his design inspirations, something that was later honed at Milan’s famed Instituto Morangoni. It was here when he met his wife and creative partner, Cristina Panarese. He and Cristina then came back to Jakarta, Indonesia and launched his line, Sebastian Gunawan in 1993. In the same year represented Indonesia at the prestigious “Young Fashion Designers Contest”. His distinctive style was later recognized internationally when he received the First Award at the “International Apparel Federation World Young Designer Award 2004” in Barcelona, Spain. A year later he was invited to show his collection at “Moda in 3D” in Rome, Italy.

Sebastian continues to grow his presence by launching two ready to wear lines. The first one, “Red Label by Sebastian & Cristina” and “Votum”. He cites his family and the ongoing desire to make women look their most beautiful as the driving force behind his never ending inspirations.


sebastian gunawan mod muse 2014

Anyhow, the show took place in Hotel Mulia (Jakarta) Ballroom, and can we all just take a look at how amazing the decoration is. I mean, that runway backdrop was so gorgeous! The event showcased cocktail dresses and evening gowns, as well as 3 bridal gowns. Everything was super pretty. Lots of pretty colors ranging from gold to blue and silver. I especially love the first few dresses, which has a lot of orange/blue combo (not in pictures) . I definitely love all the 50s inspired skirts and dresses.

sebastian gunawan mod muse 2014MOD MUSE 2014

Besides the amazing clothes, I have to mention how edgy the hair is. The models get a very tight braid along the scalp, almost like a corn braid, but in bigger section. The makeup is smoky eyes, I think with silver on the lid, I can’t say for sure. I know there were a lot of falsies involved, though!

sebastian gunawan mod muse 2014


sebastian gunawan mod muse 2014

Refer to the photo below: I’ve fallen heads over heels for that skirt with the pocket (second from the right, model has her hand inside the pocket). The model next to her (the one with her hand on her hip, third from the right), she has the best walk! I’m no expert, but she rocked that stage!

sebastian gunawan mod muse 2014

sebastian gunawan mod muse 2014Sebastian Gunawan with his wife and daughter. What a beautiful family!

sebastian gunawan mod muse 2014

sebastian pr girl(L-R) Wiwin, Livia, Bella (aka Sebastian PR Girl), Bryna, and myself

Livia, Bella and Bryna are all wearing Sebastian Gunawan dresses.

Dr. Jart+ Indonesia V7 Product Launch

As you might know from Twitter (I was live tweeting), I was invited to join Dr. Jart+ Indonesia product launch, and the event occurred just last Wednesday. A BIG THANK YOU AND HUGS to Indah for the invitation! Anyhow, I wanted to share what happened last Wednesday in this post. For the official press release, I’ll post that up later on this week.

I have heard about Dr. Jart+ back when I was in Canada. Sephora stores in Canada carry this brand. To be honest, I never actually paid much attention to it since I thought it was just another brand selling BB creams. Just couple months back, I was actually curious about Dr. Jart+ skincare lines, and lucky me I received an invitation to join their product launch!

Dr. Jart+ is a Korean skincare brand, which is developed by Korean dermatologists. Their products are known globally, and now are available in Indonesia.

Dr. Jart V7 skincare line

Last Wednesday , they wanted to launch the Dr. Jart+ V7 skincare line in Indonesia. Several key people in the pictures below are: Vera Liono (Brand Manager Dr. Jart+ Indonesia), John Kim (Overseas Sales Team Manager), and Dr. Kevin Maharis (guest speaker, an aesthetic physician).

So, what is V7 skincare line? The V7 skincare line consists of several products, which help individuals to achieve a brighter looking skin. It’s called V7 because the products in this line are infused with several vitamins which can help to brighten the skin. The products include cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and BB cream. This line is directed for those who want to get rid of their dark spots, dull skin and hyper-pigmentation. The products do not consist of any alcohol, and artificial fragrance, coloring as well as preservatives. It’s for all skin-type, and for both men and women.

Dr jart indonesia

(Vera Liono giving us a brief introduction regarding the brand)

Dr. John Kim

(John Kim, explaining to us about the development of Dr. Jart+ globally)

Dr. Kevin Maharis

(Dr. Kevin Maharis talking about the importance of proper products during skincare routine)

During the event, there was a demo to show us the right sequence to apply these products and what kind of effects the skin will get. I felt that the BB cream was way too light for her skin, when the makeup artist started her application. I zoomed in a little closer to see if my hunch was right, and true enough. Look at the picture below to see the difference between the left and the right side of her face.

Dr. Jart bb cream

(Skincare and makeup demo)

In the Q&A session, obviously, I had to ask. I raised my concern regarding the range of shades from the BB cream. I am, afterall, a makeup artist and I was curious to see if they have a good answer. I do want and like to recommend products to my clients, friends and family. I, of course, want to ensure that I recommend great products.

Not surprisingly at all, the answer to my question was quite confusing at first. The answer was NO, there is not a wide selection of shade for the BB cream. In fact, there’s only ONE shade for the BB creams. So, anyone who’s darker than MAC NC/W15 (may be NC/W20 can still give it a try), you can forget about the BB creams from Dr. Jart+. I asked if they’ll overcome this issue, and they do not give me any definitive answer. Instead, they kept going on and on how their BB creams come in range for the different skin-type.

Dr. Jart bb cream

(BB cream application)

So, I’d recommend the Dr. Jart+ BB creams if you are light, and have a difficulty finding BB creams for your skin-type (oily, combination, dry, mature, and/or sensitive) you should give this a try. I do think that the BB creams for different skin type is definitely a great idea. Dr. Jart+ carries 9 different BB creams according to your skin-type (only 4 is currently sold in Indonesia).

The price range for Indonesia for each product would be around Rp. 400,000 – Rp. 600,000. Again, let me mention that I’ll give more details in the official press release some time this week.

Dr. Jart+ V7

(Q&A Session)

So, what’s the take-home message from this event? I think Dr. Jart+ carries an amazing skincare line. I have no doubt about it. Afterall, this is one of the biggest Korean skincare brand around the world. How I feel about the BB creams is entirely my own opinion, and for me I don’t find the BB creams to be that good since it only comes in 1 shade. Don’t get me wrong, I think most Korean BB creams only carry 1 shade because Korean women (and men) are very light and pale to begin with. It’s no surprise that they only carry that light shade.

So, please be warn that if you are interested in their BB creams, it might not match your skin-tone. However, you can find a great skincare line for everyone from Dr. Jart+.

Dr. Jart+(with John Kim)

Below is a picture of a few Indonesian Beauty Bloggers who came to the event, along with Dr. Jart+ staff. Not all who came to the event was in the picture below since they had to go to other events. It was great to see the other bloggers, and we had tons of fun (and questions)! Shout out to all the bloggers who was asking all the right questions!

Indonesian Beauty Bloggers

A big thanks to Dr. Jart+ for inviting us to the event! Thank you for the great goodie bag as well!

Healthy Face Movement with Etude House Indonesia

If you guys followed my twitter account, you would know that I was kindly invited to join the Etude House Healthy Face Movement event last Saturday at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta. I was happy to see the other beauty bloggers, especially since I met familiar faces as well as new bloggers. I was quite surprised to see that some of these bloggers actually know my face and my name.

Etude House Indonesia

For those who were there, and have been reading my blog, a big hug and thank you. I’m not one that’s good with faces and names, so a big apology!!! I know I kept asking some people their names, ’cause I can’t remember. Sorry sorry sorry..I’m just really really bad with memorizing names and faces in big events, esp. because there’s way too much things going on (i.e. loud music and people chattering). If you see me next time, just come up and say hi to me. I’d probably ask for your name again, but I promise I’ll try to remember! Or say hi to me on Twitter 😀

Indonesian Beauty Bloggers

Indonesian Beauty Bloggers

Back to the event itself. So, Etude House Indonesia created an Etude Carnival in the atrium of Mall Taman Anggrek. Pretty much, they’ve turned the mall Pink! Pink is the main colour of Etude House. They even have pink makeup case! Cute much?  Not only they turned the atrium into a Pink Carnival, they organized makeover booth, cosmetics stand, manicure stalls, photo booth and a big centre stage.

Pink Makeup Case
All bloggers were directed to the Beauty Workshop area where we were introduced to Yohanna and Ivonne. Yohanna, as the media relations staff, explained to us what Healthy Face Movement is. She mentioned about 3Me – my skincare, my makeup application and my makeup removal. This campaign is directed towards Indonesia women to care  and give extra attention to their skin using those 3 steps mentioned – cleaning face with skin care, using moisturizer or light primer and cleansing the skin after activity.

For this Healthy Face Movement Campaign, Etude House created a Video Competition for everyone! All you have to do is to create a video testimony and tutorial of the 3Me activity that you have done, and a Daily Makeup Look. For more info please visit Etude House Indonesia Facebook fan page.

etude house indonesia makeup class

Besides that Healthy Face Movement campaign, the event itself was created to officially released the first Korean CC Cream  in Indonesia. More on the CC cream on the next post.

So after Yohanna talked to us a little about the Healthy Face Movement, she introduced Ivonne who is an Etude House Indonesia makeup artist. She talked to us about the little makeup competition that we had to do using Etude’s products. She introduced Michin, Etude House Korea makeup artist, and Michin performed a demo to a model. We were supposed to create a similar look on ourselves using products provided to us on our table.
Etude House Indonesia

Etude House Indonesia
I just want to say this was the only time in the event that I felt grossed out. First of all, the products given to us were used testers. I’m not sure if these testers were well cleaned with alcohol or not, but the eyeshadows look quite dirty. If you guys don’t know me personally, let me just mention that I hate using testers on my own face. I think it’s nasty! Not to mention products like mascara should NEVER be shared around! Second of all, we were given no brushes, and some of the eyeshadow sponges were dirty, like used dirty with brown stuffs on it. Next, the products like the compact powder does not even match our skin tone. It was my worst nightmare!!! Ok, fine may be I was being a big baby, but anything that’s going to come close to my eyes better be clean! I do not want any eye infections! So I used the clean Q-tips given to us and my fingers to apply my makeup.

Etude House Indonesia

Nevertheless, I wanted to be a good sport and not a party pooper. Thank goodness I brought my own baby wipes. Ladies, please, regardless whether you have a baby or not, always carry baby wipes in your handbag, you never know how useful these things are. I used the wipes to wipe down some of the products, and cleaned my face with it. I was glad I had worn my own mascara before the event, so I avoided using mascara provided by them.

Korean makeup before and after
During this time, I get the chance to try on their CC and BB cream. I’m not sure how I feel about these 2 products just yet. You guys should know by now that I think CC and BB creams are just a big marketing hype. I’ll talk more about these 2 products this week.

The event ended when Michin chose 2 winners and that’s it. After our blogger event, the area was used for makeup classes. I walked around the atrium for a while and man, it was PACKED! I, especially, loved the nail corner. Since I had to go and meet a friend, I didn’t get the chance to shop around. Nevertheless, it was quite awesome.

Etude House Indonesia

Etude House Indonesia

Ob for Shu Uemura Collection Part 2

As promised! This is the second part of my Shu Uemura event coverage. If you haven’t seen the first one, please check the Ob for Shu Uemura Collection Part 1 post. Let me warn you that there’ll be lots of pictures.

So, as you guys know, last Saturday I went for the Shu Uemura event for the launching of the Ob collection. During this event, 4 illustrators were present, and each created an illustration for the 4 different princesses – cherry blossom, moon, ocean and forest. They have to create the drawing using ONLY makeup products provided to them by Shu Uemura. All the drawings below are created using eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lipstick, and eyeshadows. They used their fingers and cotton pads to blend the colors. Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Shu Uemura Ob Collection event

Here you can see the illustrators presenting their works. The illustrators are: Lidia Puspita, Citra Kemala, Diani Apsari, and Diela Maharanie.Shu Uemura Ob Collection event

After the event, the illustrators were each given several bookmarks to live sketch anyone who attended the event! Well, since I want all 4 to sketch me, I waited in line one-by-one..bahahaha..I love the sketches! I think they are amazing artists and they are super extremely nice! I get the chance to talk to them, and see them sketched. They are pretty awesome, I tell ya! Shu Uemura Ob Collection event Shu Uemura Ob Collection event Shu Uemura Ob Collection event Shu Uemura Ob Collection

As mentioned before, I received a goodie-bag from Shu Uemura. Inside, I received macaroons, lipstick, UV under base mousse, and Shu Uemura (my all-time favorite) cleansing oil. I love the lipstick! It’s bright, it’s fuschia and it’s matte! Wait for the tutorial, you guys. I’m so going to use the lipstick on the next post.

So, again and again, I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Shu Uemura Indonesia (esp. Regina, Sesa and Dea) for inviting me to the lovely event. I truly enjoyed the event, and in all honesty it was really fun!

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Matte PK 376



Ob for Shu Uemura Collection Part 1

Happy Sunday, you gorgeous people out there! Last Saturday (yesterday), I was invited by Shu Uemura Indonesia to join them in the launching of Ob for Shu Uemura collection at Sogo in Mal Kelapa Gading. The event was fun and definitely intimate. I love this type of event since I get a chance to talk to everyone! I, however, did not swatch the newly released products because I was too busy admiring the illustrators…I’m soooo sorry! I’ll try to swatch the products if I get the chance to go to the nearest Shu Uemura counter!

Let’s get on it! What is this Ob collection all about, you ask?

“On a constant quest for innovation and beauty, Shu Uemura invites you to a magical world for spring 2013. Inspired by Japanese artist ob and the young creators of her generation comes a limited-edition collection that celebrates the rise of a new era in art. in-between reality and a dream beckons you into ob’s creative universe, a world that appears normal at first sight but is filled with fantasy and delight; a world that showcases the emerging vision of a generation of creators who came of age in a radical new digital world. Discover this magical landscape and create a new you – someone you’ve never imagined yourself to be – with a line-up of gorgeous shu uemura products intricately wrapped in the beauty of spring and the sensitivity of a new generation.” (Shu Uemura USA, 2013)



During the event, I did not see any eyeshadow collection. However, on display, there were UV Under Base Mousse, False Eyelashes, Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine Ob Collection, and Compact Case (for eyeshadow) Ob Collection.

They also carried in the collection the 4 different cleansing oils with the 4 different princesses illustrated on each bottle.

  • Cherry Blossom Princess – Pore-less smooth skin as fresh petals of cherry blossom. This cleansing oil is catered for those with normal, oily and acne-prone skin type.
  • Moon Princess – Luminous soft skin as hazy moon in spring night. This cleansing oil is for all skin type.
  • Ocean Princess – Bright skin as completely transparent ocean. This cleansing is intended to brightened up your skin.
  • Forest Princess – Vitalized even-toned skin as fresh as the young leaves in early Spring. This cleansing oil is catered towards aging/mature skin.

All the cleansing oils above work as a makeup remover as well. I, personally owned the Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil (the pink bottle), and have been using it since I was in makeup school.



Of course, I’ve to take a picture with Regina, Shu Uemura (and Kiehl’s) Brand Manager for Indonesia. You might’ve seen her in my other Shu Uemura events. Doesn’t she look adorable in her outfit? I love her skirt! I think she’s going for the Cherry Blossom look, and nailed it! Tres chic! I also took pictures with Sesa and Dea who sent out the invitation, and were super duper extra kind and helpful with all my questions…they promised to go for a bubble tea with me, right girls? (hahaha hopefully they’ll read this :P)

I decided to dress up as Forest Princess. Since the inspiration for Forest Princess is green, I went with my navy blue with green polka dots dress is from GAP Canada. I also brought along my Longchamp green bag. I also applied Essie Navigate Her nail polish.


Shu Uemura Ob Collection

There were 4 illustrators for the event, however, only 2 drew during the live demo. Yes, people, they were sketching and drawing LIVE! You know what’s even more amazing? They were using MAKEUP provided by Shu Uemura to draw the model. Amazing, much?

Below you can see the illustrators were sketching using Shu Uemura Brow Pencil Hard Formula. This is the same brow pencil that I’ve been using to fill in my brows these couple tutorials. So, if you can’t find your pencil, you can use this brow pencil to draw or write..bahahahah :p


The illustrator in the photo below was using eyeshadow in which she has crushed into loose powder form to fill in the sketch with colors.


Look at that! I can’t even sketch anything if my life depends on it. But, I mean, come on! Live sketch in front of 30 something people in less than 30 mins. That’s super cool!

Shu Uemura Ob collectionOh, yes, at the same time of the live sketch, Shu Uemura makeup artist also did a live demo on the model. She applied Pink eyeshadow on the lid, brown on the crease. On the lower lid she applied a combination of green (inner third), yellow (middle) and blue (outer third).20

I took a picture with the model…she’s super tall and skinny…-___-lll…I feel like a fat midget beside her…

Anywaays! I also get the chance to take pictures with other bloggers (Endi, Ayu and Gaby)!


indonesian beauty bloggers

indonesian beauty bloggers

I’ll also post the 2nd part of this event tomorrow to talk more about the illustrators themselves and their works! I’ll include the goodie bag that we received on the event.

I’d like to thank Shu Uemura Indonesia, esp. Regina, Sesa and Dea for inviting me to join the lovely event!

IMATS Toronto 2012

Hello Canada! Guess who’s back?! I managed to get into IMATS on its last day together with N. I thought I’d miss this year’s IMATS like last year, but I didn’t! yay! I’ve been to IMATS and volunteered a few years back. I’ve expected the usual exhibitors and was pumped to see this year’s classes and workshops! I’m quite surprised to see that this year’s IMATS weren’t as big as in the past. Less bloggers too, I feel. Anyways, I was quite happy I get to join this year’s IMATS :D


There were obviously lots of exhibitors in the event. I went there knowing I was going to grab some stuffs from OCC. I love their lip tars and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

OCC Lip Tars

Truly, we were there not to shop, but to actually sit on 2 of the classes – Gordon Smith and Iantha Goldberg. If you guys don’t know who Gordon Smith is, SHAME ON YOU! hahahaha..just kidding. Gordon Smith is like the Prosthetic god in the makeup world. He pioneered the use of Silicone in prosthetics makeup. He worked with celebrities and big Hollywood movies like X-men (that’s right, he’s the Mastermind behind Mystique), Platoon, Face Off, Mimic, Truman, Nixon and helloo my favorite tv show FRINGE, and many others! N and I are a big fan of the shows that he worked on and we were definitely uber excited when we get to see him in person, and to hear him talk about his work. Amazziiiing!

Gordon Smith

So after we sat in for Gordon’s, we had to rush to the other stage so we can get front row seat for Iantha Goldberg’s demo in doing Zombie Makeup! Iantha Goldberg is the makeup artist for Resident Evil, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Saw V etc. Hmmm, amazing much?

Zombie Makeup

After the show, we walked around and shopped a bit more. Lots of body painting as usual, and of course the student’s competition is always great. I only managed to take pictures of 2 of the works, but as you can see, they are amazing!

IMATS Student Competition

IMATS Toronto 2012

IMATS Toronto

Make Up For Ever Body Painting

Body Painting

Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura

I had the opportunity to go to the Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura Collaboration event a few days a go (all thanks to Shu Uemura Indonesia for inviting me!). The event was to introduce to the media the latest collection from Shu Uemura, which will launch in Indonesia on November 1st, 2012. This was one of the product launches that I’ve been waiting for ever since I heard about it beginning of the year. If you follow me on Twitter (which you should!), you’d probably already seen some of the sneak preview photos I uploaded there.

If you don’t know about it alraedy, Karl Lagerfeld, yes, that famous designer Karl Lagerfeld is having a collaboration with Shu Uemura by launching the MONSHU girl collection. Karl, himself, is a very dear friend of the deceased Shu Uemura, thus naming the collection MonShu, which means “my darling shu”.

The collection’s icon, named the MonShu girl has a very “Sadako” eerie feel, yet one cannot help but to feel a strange attraction towards this icon. A very 1920s makeup, smoky eyes with red lips, is the signature look of the MonShu girl.

The event started out by introducing the whole concept behind MonShu girl (see video below).


Then Regina introduced us to John Pagaduan, who’s a Shu Uemura accredited makeup artist from Philippine. John’s work can be seen in countless fashion magazines in Philippine and he was there to show us how to achieve the MonShu look.

Monshu Makeup Demo
John Pagaduan Makeup Demo
Shu Uemura Indonesia
John Pagaduan and Monshu Model
Karl Lagerfeld Monshu
John Pagaduan and Bloggers

Throughout the whole makeup demo, we were lucky to be able to see the soon-to-be-released products. I have my eyes on the super cute eyelash curler, the eyeshadow palette (the purple one), and the eyelashes!

Shu Uemura eyeshadows
Monshu Eyeshadow Palettes
Shu Uemura Monshu Collection
Monshu Lipsticks, Monshu Gel Liner and Monshu Cleansing Oil

The products that will be launched on November 1st are 2 eyeshadow palettes, eyelash curler, 4 lipsticks, cleansing oil, gel eyeliner (eggplant color with glitter) and false eyelashes.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler
Monshu False Eyelashes and Eyelash Curler

After the makeup demo, we were able to have a quick chat with John, as well as having our pictures taken using polaroids with the MonShu models. I think Regina and the rest of her MonShu girls look super adorable in their MonShu Outfit and makeup! Tres Chic!

Shu Uemura Monshu
Monshu Crew
Monshu Models
Jessica with Monshu Models
Shu Uemura Indonesia
Regina and Bloggers

Yes, we also received a goodie bag which I’ll share with you guys on the next post, since this one is getting too long and too picture heavy. Anyways, don’t forget to check the Shu Uemura Indonesia counters in Jakarta on November 1st, 2012 for the MonShu launch! The sales rep and makeup artists from Shu will be wearing their MonShu outfits and makeup too, so be there and join the MonShu movement. :D

Shu Uemura Indonesia
Regina and I

YSL Grand Indonesia

Hi all!

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of post since last week. Work has been busy, and to add to that so many things going on lately (positive :D )! Just to keep you all up-to-date first with a few things: 1) There will be some changes going on soon, the transferring to the new site has been quite bumpy and I still have a few technical difficulties that I need to sort out, 2) I’m back on Twitter baby! Please follow me @KireiMakeup! Gimme a shout-out, I promise I won’t bite :) .

Now, after the Shu Uemura invite to the dinner, I received another invite the following day by YSL to attend their new counter opening at Seibu in Grand Indonesia. To be honest, I’ve never seen an YSL counter in Jakarta yet since I just recently moved back. Curiosity got the best out of me and I asked Wiwin to come with me to Grand Indonesia to see the new counter, as well as to shop around :P

(as always, click to enlarge the picture)

YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia

YSL Lipsticks

YSL Lipgloss
YSL Lipgloss
YSL Lipstick Swatches
YSL Lipstick Swatches

The girls who attended to us were nicely dressed and very friendly. One of the sales rep who was helping us, Sylvie, was so kind and helpful. She kept offering us to try on their products on our faces. However, since I already have makeup on, I decided to let Wiwin had all the fun. Sylvie applied a plum mascara on Wiwin, as well as a gold eyeliner (which she ended up buying!). So, with YSL, if you want to buy their products, they will do a consultation for you for free before you buy them to ensure that you will enjoy and use the products to its potential. Thus, there is no refund/exchanges allowed (unlike Canadians’ makeup counters where you can do a refund/exchange if you’re unhappy with your purchase). However, I really like the idea of free consultation before you buy the products, that way you can ask and get all the information you want/need to know before you buy it.

YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia

So YSL counters in Jakarta offered a private makeup class, where you pay Rp. 1,000,000 (about $100) to get your makeup done, and explained in details how to do your makeup (from skincare to makeup application). The money you’ve paid is redeemable towards products. I do have to say that the products themselves are quite expensive, so with that Rp. 1,000,000, you can probably get a quad eyeshadow (Rp. 600,000) and perhaps a mascara or lipstick (at Rp. 350,000)

YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Summer 2012
YSL Summer 2012

Now, I do have to say that I’m very surprised that YSL Indonesia actually carries a larger range of shades of their foundations and, their most popular prized products, the Touche Eclat. I, myself, have already bought one before I left Canada. As you all have known, the Touche Eclat now comes in several shades, that it was very nice to see that YSL Indonesia carries all those shades!

YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia

Gemala, the YSL PR rep, informed me that since YSL in Indonesia carries a smaller range of skincare lines compared to other brands, they strive to bring in more range of makeup products into Indonesia. It’s really nice to finally see a well-known brand that finally carries a larger range of shades to cater the different skintones in Indonesia.

YSL Grand Indonesia
YSL Grand Indonesia

Anyhow, the event ended with a breaking fast together, however, since Wiwin and I had to go, we didn’t attend the dinner, but I’m sure it was fun! I mean, Wiwin and I spent about 1hr just browsing around the counter itself, talking to the people, getting to know the products and ended up buying them..hahaha..who can resist?

I do have to say that the prices are a little bit higher than what I usually pay for in Canada, may be there’s about $5-$10 difference. It is YSL and they do tend to be more expensive in North America, and they are even more expensive in Indonesia. I, myself, bought a summer quad and a coral lipstick (which I’ll share with you guys on the next post), and Wiwin bought a gold eyeliner. I received a Rp. 100,000 ($10) voucher from YSL, THANK YOU :D .

I also received a goodie bag which contained a few samples of their products – YSL touche eclat no. 1 and 2, and 3 shades of their lipsticks. Thank you once again YSL for inviting me to the opening of the counter! It was such a pleasant experience and I had fun getting to know more of the beauty industry in Indonesia. :)

YSL Goodie Bag
YSL Goodie Bag