IMATS Toronto 2012

Hello Canada! Guess who’s back?! I managed to get into IMATS on its last day together with N. I thought I’d miss this year’s IMATS like last year, but I didn’t! yay! I’ve been to IMATS and volunteered a few years back. I’ve expected the usual exhibitors and was pumped to see this year’s classes and workshops! I’m quite surprised to see that this year’s IMATS weren’t as big as in the past. Less bloggers too, I feel. Anyways, I was quite happy I get to join this year’s IMATS :D


There were obviously lots of exhibitors in the event. I went there knowing I was going to grab some stuffs from OCC. I love their lip tars and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

OCC Lip Tars

Truly, we were there not to shop, but to actually sit on 2 of the classes – Gordon Smith and Iantha Goldberg. If you guys don’t know who Gordon Smith is, SHAME ON YOU! hahahaha..just kidding. Gordon Smith is like the Prosthetic god in the makeup world. He pioneered the use of Silicone in prosthetics makeup. He worked with celebrities and big Hollywood movies like X-men (that’s right, he’s the Mastermind behind Mystique), Platoon, Face Off, Mimic, Truman, Nixon and helloo my favorite tv show FRINGE, and many others! N and I are a big fan of the shows that he worked on and we were definitely uber excited when we get to see him in person, and to hear him talk about his work. Amazziiiing!

Gordon Smith

So after we sat in for Gordon’s, we had to rush to the other stage so we can get front row seat for Iantha Goldberg’s demo in doing Zombie Makeup! Iantha Goldberg is the makeup artist for Resident Evil, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Saw V etc. Hmmm, amazing much?

Zombie Makeup

After the show, we walked around and shopped a bit more. Lots of body painting as usual, and of course the student’s competition is always great. I only managed to take pictures of 2 of the works, but as you can see, they are amazing!

IMATS Student Competition

IMATS Toronto 2012

IMATS Toronto

Make Up For Ever Body Painting

Body Painting