Dr. Jart+ Indonesia V7 Product Launch

As you might know from Twitter (I was live tweeting), I was invited to join Dr. Jart+ Indonesia product launch, and the event occurred just last Wednesday. A BIG THANK YOU AND HUGS to Indah for the invitation! Anyhow, I wanted to share what happened last Wednesday in this post. For the official press release, I’ll post that up later on this week.

I have heard about Dr. Jart+ back when I was in Canada. Sephora stores in Canada carry this brand. To be honest, I never actually paid much attention to it since I thought it was just another brand selling BB creams. Just couple months back, I was actually curious about Dr. Jart+ skincare lines, and lucky me I received an invitation to join their product launch!

Dr. Jart+ is a Korean skincare brand, which is developed by Korean dermatologists. Their products are known globally, and now are available in Indonesia.

Dr. Jart V7 skincare line

Last Wednesday , they wanted to launch the Dr. Jart+ V7 skincare line in Indonesia. Several key people in the pictures below are: Vera Liono (Brand Manager Dr. Jart+ Indonesia), John Kim (Overseas Sales Team Manager), and Dr. Kevin Maharis (guest speaker, an aesthetic physician).

So, what is V7 skincare line? The V7 skincare line consists of several products, which help individuals to achieve a brighter looking skin. It’s called V7 because the products in this line are infused with several vitamins which can help to brighten the skin. The products include cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and BB cream. This line is directed for those who want to get rid of their dark spots, dull skin and hyper-pigmentation. The products do not consist of any alcohol, and artificial fragrance, coloring as well as preservatives. It’s for all skin-type, and for both men and women.

Dr jart indonesia

(Vera Liono giving us a brief introduction regarding the brand)

Dr. John Kim

(John Kim, explaining to us about the development of Dr. Jart+ globally)

Dr. Kevin Maharis

(Dr. Kevin Maharis talking about the importance of proper products during skincare routine)

During the event, there was a demo to show us the right sequence to apply these products and what kind of effects the skin will get. I felt that the BB cream was way too light for her skin, when the makeup artist started her application. I zoomed in a little closer to see if my hunch was right, and true enough. Look at the picture below to see the difference between the left and the right side of her face.

Dr. Jart bb cream

(Skincare and makeup demo)

In the Q&A session, obviously, I had to ask. I raised my concern regarding the range of shades from the BB cream. I am, afterall, a makeup artist and I was curious to see if they have a good answer. I do want and like to recommend products to my clients, friends and family. I, of course, want to ensure that I recommend great products.

Not surprisingly at all, the answer to my question was quite confusing at first. The answer was NO, there is not a wide selection of shade for the BB cream. In fact, there’s only¬†ONE shade for the BB creams. So, anyone who’s darker than MAC NC/W15 (may be NC/W20 can still give it a try), you can forget about the BB creams from Dr. Jart+. I asked if they’ll overcome this issue, and they do not give me any definitive answer. Instead, they kept going on and on how their BB creams come in range for the different skin-type.

Dr. Jart bb cream

(BB cream application)

So, I’d recommend the Dr. Jart+ BB creams if you are light, and have a difficulty finding BB creams for your skin-type (oily, combination, dry, mature, and/or sensitive) you should give this a try. I do think that the BB creams for different skin type is definitely a great idea. Dr. Jart+ carries 9 different BB creams according to your skin-type (only 4 is currently sold in Indonesia).

The price range for Indonesia for each product would be around Rp. 400,000 – Rp. 600,000. Again, let me mention that I’ll give more details in the official press release some time this week.

Dr. Jart+ V7

(Q&A Session)

So, what’s the take-home message from this event? I think Dr. Jart+ carries an amazing skincare line. I have no doubt about it. Afterall, this is one of the biggest Korean skincare brand around the world. How I feel about the BB creams is entirely my own opinion, and for me I don’t find the BB creams to be that good since it only comes in 1 shade. Don’t get me wrong, I think most Korean BB creams only carry 1 shade because Korean women (and men) are very light and pale to begin with. It’s no surprise that they only carry that light shade.

So, please be warn that if you are interested in their BB creams, it might not match your skin-tone. However, you can find a great skincare line for everyone from Dr. Jart+.

Dr. Jart+(with John Kim)

Below is a picture of a few Indonesian Beauty Bloggers who came to the event, along with Dr. Jart+ staff. Not all who came to the event was in the picture below since they had to go to other events. It was great to see the other bloggers, and we had tons of fun (and questions)! Shout out to all the bloggers who was asking all the right questions!

Indonesian Beauty Bloggers

A big thanks to Dr. Jart+ for inviting us to the event! Thank you for the great goodie bag as well!