Product of The Week: Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner

So, I’ve been slacking a little on my Product of the Week… apologies, I’ll try to update it regularly every week! Anywaaays, as you guys know, I have been using my new Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner a lot lately in my tutorials. I bought it on my Japan trip, and regretted for not buying more! I can’t actually remember how much it cost. I actually didn’t even know that this eyeliner was by Kanebo. I bought it in some random drugmart in Osaka while waiting for the rest of the group to show up.

In general, this is an awesome eyeliner! I can say that this is probably the dupe for Kat Von D Trooper eyeliner. It stayed throughout the day, smudge-proof, but at the same time it can be removed easily with makeup remover. You can create thin winged liner, or thick winged liner. Simply love it!

Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner

The Kate Super Sharp liner actually have shorter bristles, but it felt more compact compared to Kat Von D’s Trooper. The bristles are very firm, which made it ideal to create a sharp line. I mean, you can actually doodle on your face with this if you want. The bristles don’t get separated at all.

Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner

You can create sharp thin lines using the tip of the brush, or a thicker line if you lay the brush flat. The eyeliner itself is very black, but might be a bit shiny when it dries. If you like a matte finish, you might want to add a black eyeshadow on top of it.

The eyeliner takes a while to dry off (may be around 20-30seconds), so make sure you look down or keep your eyes close after application, if not you might end up smudging it. I actually like the fact that it doesn’t dry instantly so I can smudge it (esp. on the lower lid).Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner

The eyeliner is smudge-proof once it dries. However, you might want to be careful, as it is not water-resistant. Below is a picture of the eyeliner after I spritzed some water on my hand. The eyeliner stayed, but as you can see, some of the ink started to dispersed and get dissolved.

I might have exaggerated the water a little, but you might not want to use this eyeliner to go swimming. I have worn this eyeliner for a good 8 hours, and it stayed throughout the whole time. I was outdoor, in the beach when I wore this eyeliner. I’ve also used this on a bride client last week for her wedding in Bali.

Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner

Photo below is traces of eyeliner after I wiped it once using Bodyshop Vit. E facial wipes. It disappeared completely after the second wipe. You can remove this eyeliner easily without having to use much product, no tugging or pulling on the skin. Very easily removed with wipes.

I usually removed my makeup using Shu Uemura cleansing oil, and found that this eyeliner gets removed in an instant.

Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner

Sunset Inspired

I’ve been wanting to do a sunset inspired makeup for a while, but couldn’t find the right colors to do it. Well, ever since I got my hands on that MUFE Aqua Cream no. 9, I couldn’t resist playing with that color. I think it’s probably one of my favorite colors so far. I just want to use it all the time!

If you see anything that’s underlined and bold in the sentences below, it means that I’ve link it to another tutorial/review that I’ve done in this blog. The links are not spam nor will it lead you to another site.


1. I applied MUFE Aqua Cream Shadow no. 9 all over my lid using my finger. (for other tutorials using this color please refer to Coral and Blue, and Candiliscious)

2. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied Smashbox Soft Shimmering Coral from the Admire Me palette on top of the aqua cream.

3. Using Smashbox bullet brush, I applied purple eyeshadow from Sariayu’s Karimunjawa palette.

4. I blended the edge of the shadow using a clean blending brush.

5. Using an angled eyebrow brush, I applied Lancome All Made Up eyeshadow on the inner corner of the lower lid, and the purple eyeshadow from step 3 on the outer half.

6. Using a Kate Super Sharp liquid eyeliner (bought from a Japanese drugstore during my trip), I created a winged liner along the upper lash line.

7. I lined the outer third of my lower lid using the same eyeliner and used an angled brush to smudge the liner slightly.

8. I filled my brows using a mixture of MAC Omega and MAC Brun using an angled eyeliner brush.

9. I curled my lashes and applied L’oreal Double Extender Curl mascara.

10. I applied my face powder right below my brows.

coral and purple makeup

11. Under the eyes, I applied the yellow corrector from MAC Pro Conceal/Correct palette in Medium.

12. On my face, I applied MUFE HD foundation using a Sigma Round Kabuki brush.

13. I powdered my face using Cinema Secret loose powder.

14. I applied MAC Shadowy to contour my face and MAC Peaches blush on my cheeks (for my contouring tutorial please refer to Subtle Contour/Highlight/Blush).

15. On my lips, I applied Revlon Mauve It Over lipstick.

sunset makeup