Subtle Highlight, Contour and Blush

I was asked to show how I do contouring by a few readers as well as my clients. So, I’m going to show you how I do highlight, contour and blush placement. For the eyes, please refer to my previous post Rosy for the tutorial.

I do contour differently depending on the shapes of the face, but in general, everyone always asked to get the hollows of the cheeks contoured, as well as nose (esp. for asians), and sometimes the jawlines. The idea of contouring is to make the facial structure looks sunken in. On the other hand, highlighting is all about making your feature stands out.

In this tutorial, my highlight/contour/blush technique used powder products. This is a very subtle way to contour/highlight/blush the face. If you want a heavier application, feel free to add more products.

Below is the Before and After photo.

contour and highlight asian

Just let me mention that this is NOT the only way to do highlight/contour/blush. There’s so many different version, you just have to play around and find what you like and which version you prefer. I might do a heavier contour/highlight/blush with cream products next week 🙂

Below is the “Before” photo with bare face.

how to contour

1. I applied moisturizer (Clinique Dramatically Moisturizing Gel) and face primer (Smashbox Foundation primer) all over my face before I started out.

tips: For mature and/or dry skin, I probably would choose to use a thicker moisturizer like the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream, or Embryolisse  etc to ensure that their skin gets enough hydration before foundation application.

For pictures below, please note that I only applied foundation, highlight, contour and blush on one side of my face (the left side on your screen). The other side is kept bare as a to highlight

2. I applied  YSL Touche Eclat in no. 1.5 on the places where I want my features to stand out: bridge of my nose, under the eyes, on top of the cheekbones, forehead, top of the brow, cupid’s bow and chin.

3. Using your finger/sponge/brush to feather the highlighter out and blend to the skin.

how to contour

4. Using the handle of a fan brush, I placed the brush underneath the cheekbone. You should be able to feel a hollow area under your cheekbones. The area where you want to contour is from your ear to just before the corner of your mouth.

5. Using MAC Shadowy pro powder and the face fan brush, I applied the contour right at the hollows of the cheeks towards the corner of the mouth. Stop your contour about 2-3 fingers away from the corner of your mouth.

6. Use whatever is left on the brush to be applied on the temples and jawline.

how to contour

7. I used a fluffy angled brush and MAC Shadowy powder to contour the side of the nose.

8. I placed the brush in the middle (see photo below), and swiped it down and up. Blend the line down to the side of the nose to remove any harsh line.

how to contour nose

9. Using Benefit Hervana blush, I applied it to my cheeks with a blush brush.

10. I applied the blush to the center of my cheeks without smiling so that the blush doesn’t get droopy. This will help to create an illusion of a higher cheekbone. This will benefit mature women to create a face lift and look to apply blush

Below is the side view of what we’ve done in the steps above. Keep the highlight/contour/blush at an angled to create an illusion of high cheekbones.

how to highlight

Below is the After photo with both sides of the face completed.

how to highlight

L’oreal True Match Superblendable Concealer Crayon

If you guys were following me on Instagram and Twitter, you’d know that I finally got my hands on the new L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Concealer Crayons! I’ve been looking for these crayons in Shopper’s and couldn’t find any, and by chance I went to Rexall and got them with 15% off! Super awesome 😀

Anyhow, I went to grab 3 colors, because they were on sale and also because I wanted to see if I could use them to do highlighting and contouring. I bought the Fair/Light (W1-2-3), Light/Medium (w4-5) and Medium Deep (N6-7-8).

On me, the Light/Medium (W3-4) is my matched. I used this to conceal blemishes and under eye circles. The Fair/Light (W1-2-3) is quite light, but not super light like the foundation counterpart. If you are very fair (ivory/porcelain), you might find the W1-2-3 a bit too yellow for you. May be the N1-2-3 might fare better for those with very fair skin tone.

The darkest shade (Medium Deep N6-7-8) is definitely darker than the W6-7-8. Those who use MAC NC/NW 50-58 might find the Medium Deep shade to be a shade or two lighter than their skin tone. Might be good as a highlighter for those with NC/NW 50-58 skin tone. This Medium Deep shade is definitely a great alternative for those who has similar skin-tone like mine or lighter to be used as a contour product.

L'oreal True Match Concealer Crayon

Please keep in mind I was doing this post in a rush, so didn’t do a great job in terms of blending or placement. I’ll show you a highlight/contour tutorial next time. The purpose of this post is to show you that these concealers can be used as concealer, highlighter and contour product.

Below on the left side, I only had Urban Decay Naked Foundation (click on link for review of the foundation). As you can see, my dark circles are quite prominent (thanks to lack of sleep and stress). Other than that, I’ve redness around my nose. I applied the foundation using IPKN Artist Auto Wave Makeup.

On the right side, I applied L’oreal Super Blendable Concealer Crayon in Light/Medium (W4-5) under my eyes and around my nose, as well as on my blemishes. For a quick highlight, I applied Fair/Light (W1-2-3) on the high planes of the face: on the bridge of my nose, under the brows, on the forehead, along the cheekbones and chin. I blended everything using Sigma Precision Round brush (first the concealer, then the highlight and lastly the contour).

For contour, I applied Medium Deep (N6-7-8) under my cheeks, on the crease, side of the nose and temples.

L'oreal concealer crayon

Left: With Urban Decay Naked Foundation; Right: Concealer, Highlighter and Contour

Below is a picture of my bare face (don’t judge!) on the left and a full face with foundation, highlighter, concealer and contour only on the right. Pictures are taken in daylight. The highlight and contour are meant to be a light application. I’d probably do this if I’ve extra time in the morning since it’s fast and easy. Take less than 3 minutes.

L'oreal True Match Superblendable Concealer Crayon

Left: bare face; Right: final look

My experience using this:


  • Just like the name said, Super Blendable, the concealers are easily blendable with fingers, brushes and my favorite way with a damped sponge.
  • I found that the crayons are easier to work with when it’s warm, so if you’re in a cold climate, you might want to rub the crayons in between your palms first before application.
  • Love the crayon type of concealer. So easy to be used, so easy for traveling. So much love <3
  • Coverage is medium, pretty good for blemishes.
  • Under eye circles somewhat covered, but the product isn’t as creamy as the True Match liquid concealer. Might sink on fine lines under eyes after 4-6hours.
  • Works as amazing highlighter and contour, I mean, hello look at my cheekbones.


  • Dry skin might want to stay away from this product, might cling to dry patches.
  • Only 6 shades available.
  • Need extra work to blend in cold climate.

Will I buy this product again? Absolutely! I do wish they will sell this in Indonesia or Singapore. It’s super convenient and easy to use!

4.5 stars out of 5