Maison Kitsune Indigo Palette Review

You all know my love for Shu Uemura x Maison Kitsune Holiday Colection, yes? And as promised, here’s my review and swatches on the Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura Beauty Remix palette in Indigo. This Maison Kitsune Indigo palette review is based on entirely my own honest opinion and experience with the palette. I bought this palette myself, and I’ve done 3 tutorials using it. Please check out my tutorials if you want to see how the shadows look like on my eyes.

Why do I choose the Maison Kitsune Indigo palette over the Plum? Well, that’s probably because I prefer the colour selection on the Indigo over the Plum. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Plum palette is gorgeous, but I’m more attracted to the shadows in the Indigo palette. The difference between the Indigo and the Plum palettes is that the Indigo palette leans towards the cooler tones, while the Plum palette is a lot warmer compared to the Indigo.

Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura What is Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura Beauty Remix Smoky Eyes & Cheek Palette #Indigo?

“Sharpen up for a night of clubbing and electro beats in a “new classic” Maison Kitsuné style with the beauty remix smokey eye & cheek palette. Inspired by Western smokey eye and Tokyo street girl’s high cheek. Be bold and chic French style, or subtle and modest nipponesque, two opposites create a new harmony. Play with accent colors on smokey eyes for a fresh, spirited twist. A happy collision between effortless French style smokey eye with navy and pink blush under eyes inspired by a youthful Tokyo spirit.”

Shu Uemura Canada, 2015

This collection is all about East meets West! Bringing the French chic and Japanese street style together, this palette is the perfect combination of East meets West vibe. This Maison Kitsune Indigo palette consists of stunning shades from smoky navy to sparkling gold, and pink blush to top it all off.

Maison Kitsune Indigo palette review


As you can see from the first picture on this post, the Maison Kitsune Indigo palette comes in plastic package. The front cover is a pretty artwork, and it’s very colourful. Open the palette up, and you get a huge mirror inside, 7 eyeshadows and a blush. You also get 2 makeup brushes along with it. I don’t use the brushes that come with the palette, just because I find them too small.

Shades & Finish

7 eyeshadows and 1 blush.

Top row (L-R):

  • #1 pressed eye shadow P navy – navy blue (metallic)
  • #2 pressed eye shadow IR black 985 – gunmetal grey (metallic)
  • #3 pressed eye shadow P soft blue – sky blue (shimmers with white glitter)

Middle row (L-R):

  • #4 pressed eye shadow G gold – yellow gold (glitter)
  • #5 pressed eye shadow IR white – white (glitter)
  • #6 pressed eye shadow G soft green – lime green (glitter)

Bottom row (L-R):

  • #7 pressed eye shadow G deep pink – pink (glitter)
  • #8 glow on blush in pink (matte)

Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura


All the eyeshadows and the blush blend easily, and they last for a good while, especially if you use primer underneath. Who doesn’t use primer nowadays, right?!

The only issue I have is that some of the eyeshadows, even though they might look highly pigmented on the palette, on the eyes they aren’t that great. In my case, I think the Gold, Green and Pink shades look pretty, but don’t really show up on my eyes. As you can see from my tutorial #1 and #3, the Gold and Pink are very sheer, but it still looks very chic. The glitter shades are very pretty as highlighter, to be placed on top of other eyeshadows (like in my tutorial #2).

The Navy and Black eyeshadows are gorgeous, and very pigmented. The shades are beautiful on its own but I have to say, if you layer a colored base underneath it, the shades pop even more especially the Navy. Absolutely gorgeous. My Navy smoky eyes tutorial show just how stunning the blue eyeshadow is.


CAD$85 from Shu Uemura website

Maison Kitsune Indigo palette review



  • Beautiful palette
  • Gorgeous eyeshadows and blush
  • Eyeshadows and blush have a great pigment pay-off
  • Lots of sparkles on this palette
  • Eyeshadows with sparkles/glitters are quite sheer, but in a way it makes wearing glitter very chic and not tacky.


  • Eyeshadows with sparkles/glitters are quite sheer, so in terms of pigments pay-off it’s not that great.
  • The lighter shades might not work for darker skin tone
  • Pricy