Zombie Face Paint Halloween Makeup

Hello, hello, hello! It’s been a while! How is everyone doing? I hope you’ve been following my Instagram account & watching my Instagram stories! As you know, I’ve done a Neon/Blacklight Skull makeup on Instagram. Today, I’m going to share my with you a Zombie sorta makeup.

Read more below to check out the tutorial.

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Alright! So for the Zombie makeup, I just did something simple and quick. I didn’t have much time to create a tutorial, so everything has to be done at my store taken using an iphone.

For this Zombie makeup, all I used is:

  1. Kryolan Aqua Colour palette – black, cream, white, red, dark red
  2. Brown/Black/White pencil liner for outline
  3. Blush – any soft pink blush will do
  4. KVD Trooper tattoo liner (optional)
  5. KVD Shade + Light eye palette – Black, brown, grey eyeshadows (any brands will work)
  6. A couple good brushes – paint brushes will work too. Just get several sizes. Grab something that can be used as a liner brush to add details.

For the Zombie makeup, you’ll need to use a reference photo. Use some great pictures from Pinterest (follow my face painting board for inspiration) to create the look. I find that having several photos printed out or even have it on your phone helps a lot.


  1. Outline the ripped mouth and teeth so you know where to place the colours. I’m using my ABH Brow Wiz in medium brown, but you can use any pencil liner.
  2. I fill in the gum line with a lighter red face paint.
  3. Using a slighty darker red, I applied this colour around the edges of the rip for added depth. I know it’s not fully visible in the picture below but it does add a bit of dimension in real life.
  4. I outlined the edges using a black face paint. At this stage, I should just outlined it using my liquid liner for a finer line, but oh wells!
  5. For the teeth, I filled them in using a cream colour first for placement.
  6. Using KVD Trooper tattoo liner, I outlined the edge of the teeth. I also added some shading using black eyeshadow around the edges of the ripped. This will add extra depth perception
  7. Using a fluffier brush, I added pink blush around the wound area. This helps to make the area looks pink, swollen and painful. I also added some white highlight around the gum line and on the teeth.
  8. Next, I went back to the light red colour. I dilute this colour really well with water and just randomly placed it around the wound area. I blend the colour using my fingers.
  9. The rest is just really detailed works. I used a cream colour and add highlight around the ripped area to make it more dimensional. I added a mixture of grey and brown eyeshadow on the teeth, and dripped some red face paint along the wounded area & my eyes.