Zombie Face Paint Halloween Makeup

Hello, hello, hello! It’s been a while! How is everyone doing? I hope you’ve been following my Instagram account & watching my Instagram stories! As you know, I’ve done a Neon/Blacklight Skull makeup on Instagram. Today, I’m going to share my with you a Zombie sorta makeup.

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Skull Makeup Halloween 2016

This tutorial shall conclude my last Halloween 2016 Makeup. We are closing it with my all time must-do, Skull Makeup! Watch my tutorial or read more below!

Check out my step-by-step Grim Reaper pictorial from last year if you haven’t!

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The Spider Lady – Easy Halloween Makeup

Boo!!!! Are you guys ready for Halloween? Still scrambling for a costume? Watch my last minute easy Halloween Makeup using only what you already have in your vanity table! Using only makeup products (no face paint, no sfx), create this illusion of spiders crawling on your eyes. Inspired by a face chart by Sonya, I drew these creepy crawlers on my face.

Check out my blog if you want to see the step-by-step tutorial from my 3-d spider body paint from last year so you can get a better idea how I make the spider legs pop!


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Killer Clown Halloween Makeup

I’m back with another Halloween tutorial! This time I’ve decided to do a Killer Clown Halloween makeup. This look is fairly easy, and all you need is a simple basic face paint along with some artist brushes. For this tutorial, I used Wolfe FX Face painting palette called Hydrocolor Essentials, which are water activated. Other water-activated brands that are easier to find in Canada include MAC Pro Chromacake (can be found on their website or MAC Pro store at Bloor, Toronto), and Snazaroo face paints which can be found in most Art Stores (Curry’s, Michael’s).

Even though water-activated face paints are easy to use, they can also be easily removed. So, be very careful if you like to lick your lips or if you’re going to drink a lot of liquid while wearing this makeup. Also, please note that certain colors are not recommended to be used near the eyes, esp. those with red and orange dyes.

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Killer Clown makeup tutorial

A trick to make the face paint stays well on the skin, and not crack is to dip the brush very lightly into water. Try not to cake on the face paint, the thinner the layer, the less likely it’ll crack. For this Killer Clown look, I didn’t want a smooth white face since why would a killer pay so much attention to their white base anyways, right?! So, don’t worry about the imperfect and streaky white base since it’ll add a bit more to the character.


  1. I applied White face paint all over my face, and on my neck.
  2. Using a Black face paint, I created some evil looking brows.
  3. With a red paint, I created a diamond shape on my right eye. As well as a round shape on my nose.
  4. I created a huge smile on my face, and the outlines of teeth using a Black face paint.
  5. Add details on the teeth by adding light brown, then dark brown at the edges of the teeth. I also added some cracks on the teeth.
  6. Add some scracthes, blood splatter, dirt splatter all over the face for added effect.

The pictures above are pretty self explanatory, I think. If you have any questions/inquiries feel free to comment or message me.

Products used

  • Wolfe fx Hydracolor Essential palette
  • Kat Von D Shade + Light eye palette

Killer Clown makeup tutorial


  • Please do your research before buying and/or trying  contact lenses
  • Please seek professional advice from an eye doctor/opthamologist before buying/wearing contact lenses
  • If you decide to wear contact lenses, you might do so at your own risk
  • I shall not be held liable for any reaction/irritation/infection should you decide to wear contacts lenses

Killer Clown makeup tutorial

Grim Reaper Halloween Makeup

Another Halloween makeup look for today’s post! I have been wanting to do a skull makeup, so I created this Grim Reaper Halloween makeup look. I wanted to created a more evil, creepy skull look, so I googled up “Grim Reaper” and used the image I found as a reference.

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I sooo need to practice on my blending, as well as the teeth. It’s really hard to do the teeth, so note to self – practice drawing skull and teeth! I also should have leave the teeth outline after I colored it bone colored. So, if you want an easier to do the teeth, color it first before outlining the teeth! Also, for the “bone” part, I mixed beige cream product with white. I wanted an off white color, not a stark white.

skull makeup step by step


Anyways, let’s get on the tutorial!

  1. I drew outlines of bones using an angled eyebrow brush and a matte black eyeshadow.
  2. Mixing a beige cream with white, I applied this “bone” color on the areas where the bones are.
  3. You can set the cream product with an eyeshadow or translucent powder.
  4. For the darker areas, I filled it using a black face paint. I left the eye sockets last since I have to put my contacts in, and I didn’t want to get it messy.
  5. Using a white cream product (you can use white face paint), I filled in the teeth dragging the color upwards towards the face for the upper teeth, and down towards the chin for the lower teeth.
  6. I put my contacts in, and filled my eye sockets with black face paint.
  7. For shading around the bone areas, I used brown eyeshadow first then grey to deepen the shadows. All I can say about this part is to have the areas shaded as detailed as you can. I added some eyebrow creases as well to make the whole look a bit more evil looking.

skull makeup

Products used

  • MUFE Flash Palette #902
  • MAQPRO primary palette “white”
  • Kat Von D Shade + Light eye palette
  • Wolfe face paint “black”

grim reaper makeup


Dark Forest Nymph (Halloween Makeup)

I’m back!!! I apologized for missing last week, I was down with a cold and fever, not to mention I had guests staying over. I finally was able to recover on the weekend, and started cleaning up. I realized that Halloween is in like 2 weeks, so I had to start this week with a Halloween Makeup tutorial.

As you all know, I have been doing several creatives with Daniela of Daniela Majic Photography. She is an amazing photographer, and she has a thing for flowers and anything gorgeous. Anyways, I think I got the flower bug from her, because I decided to go make myself a Flower Crown. Michael’s was having a sale on some of the fake flowers, so I grabbed some and created my own Flower Crown.

Since I made the Flower Crown, I wanted to do a creepy but pretty Halloween makeup so I decided to do this dark fairy look. I was going to draw teeth on my lips, but decided to do a puckered lips area instead. Also, I added squiggly lines under my eyes because I thought why nooot?! I didn’t want to make my under eyes too plain. Since I draw inspiration from the flowers, I thought we can just say the squiggly lines were inspired by roots and such.

halloween makeup

Anyways, I used mostly Kat Von D for this look. Another reason why you should get Kat Von D Shade + Light face and eye palettes! They are amazing! So, for this look, mostly just contouring with different shades of browns and greys, and black to add depth. Always start with the lightest brown, then deepen it with grey, and eventually with black, especially on the neck area. I left the highlighting last. I highlighted using mostly using the white and yellow-beige from the Shade+Light face/eye palettes.

You don’t have to do the nose the way I did it, I wanted to show a the nose is somewhat degraded since everything else in the face is pretty sunken in.

For the eyes, at first I wore the red/white (bloodshot?) contacts at first which looks pretty sultry. Then, I decided I wanted to give the whiteout contacts, which give a totally different feel altogether. The one thing with the whiteout contacts, though, you can’t really see much when you wear it. It’s quite uncomfortable since  my sight was quite compromised.


halloween makeup

Products used

Foundation – Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo foundation

Contour (and everything on the face) – Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye and Face palettes

Eyebrows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe

Eyeliner – Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper

Lips – Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Damned

halloween makeup


  • Please do your research before buying and/or trying  contact lenses
  • Please seek professional advice from an eye doctor/opthamologist before buying/wearing contact lenses
  • If you decide to wear contact lenses, you might do so at your own risk
  • I shall not be held liable for any reaction/irritation/infection should you decide to wear contacts lenses

White Sugar Skull Makeup

As Halloween is fast approaching, I’m trying to squeeze in as many Halloween Looks as I can! This is my 5th Halloween tutorial for 2014, and I think this year I created the most Halloween tutorials compared to previous years! Anyways, for the 5th tutorial, I wanted to do a Sugar Skull makeup, but I wanted to create something different than the usual sugar skull. I’ve done a sugar skull makeup before on models using colors and black lines. So, while I was browsing for inspiration, I found this video on youtube by one of my favorite youtube gurus, Samantha from Batalash. I loved how she did hers using white and mainly brown colors. I decided to use her video as my inspiration and create this look.

I was running out of white pencil eyeliner while I was doing this look, so I switched to a white water-activated face paint by Snazaroo. Due to this, you might see some part of the makeup looks whiter than the others, that’s because of the change in medium (pencil to paint).

What you need for this look:

  • Foundation
  • Setting powder
  • Eyeshadows – light brown, dark brown, black
  • White pencil eyeliner or face paint
  • Brushes
  • Contact lens – optional

For a list of all the brands that I’ve used in this tutorial, please check it at the end of the tutorial.

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white sugar skull makeup


1. I applied foundation all over my face, and set it using a setting powder.

2. Using the tip of a very firm flat eyeshadow brush, I applied a light brown eyeshadow around my eye socket.

white sugar skull makeup

3. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I filled my eye area using the same brown eyeshadow as step 2.

4. Again, using the tip of a firm flat eyeshadow brush, I applied a darker brown eyeshadow, lightly blending it towards the center of my eyes.

easy sugar skull makeup

5. Using an angled eyeliner brush, I applied a black eyeshadow as an outline of my eyesocket. I lightly blend it inwards.

6. Again, I outlined my eye socket using a white pencil eyeliner. You want to sharpen this eyeliner and clean the tip every now and then to prevent the color from getting muddy.

white sugar skull makeup

7. Using the same white pencil eyeliner, I created the outline and spider web design on my face.

  • I created a wide spider web on my forehead.
  • I outlined where I’d like the hollow of my nose going to be.
  • I also created a line on the hollow of my cheeks towards the corner of my mouth.
  • I created vertical lines over my mouth to outline where my teeth are going to be.

8. Next, I used the brown eyeshadow to filled in my nose and create some shadows in between my teeth, as well as the hollows of my cheeks.

9. On the nose, I also lightly applied a black eyeshadow just  at the edge where the white and the brown meets to create depth.

easy sugar skull makeup

10. Using a white face paint, I created some dots on my face.

11. I also created flower petals around the eye socket, and lighten up the teeth to make it stand out even more.


Products used

  • Foundation – Diorskin Star foundation
  • Setting powder – Cinema Secret Loose powder (Transparent)
  • Eyeshadows – The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude
    • Light brown – Matt Rosen
    • Dark brown – Matt Garcia
  • Black eyeshadow – MAC Carbon
  • White pencil eyeliner  – Revlon Carbon Cleopatra photoready eyeliner
  • White face paint – Snazaroo classic white

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  • Dr. Who The Waters of Mars Makeup

    Alright! So, another quick Halloween makeup tutorial for those who don’t feel like buying overpriced costumes, or have time to make one! I was actually running out of ideas on what kind of last minute Halloween makeup looks I should do, so I asked N for advice and since he’s a Whovian, I knew he was going to say Weeping Angels. Instead, he surprised me and told me to check out Dr. Who The Waters of Mars makeup on Google. I did an image search and I absolutely love it!

    By no means the Waters of Mars virus makeup was easy if you want to replicate the exact look since they used prosthetic piece in the show. I used a picture I found on the Tardis Wiki and Bleeding Cool websites as references. Again, let me repeat myself by saying I could not replicate the makeup exactly on how the photos look like – I couldn’t really figured out how to get those super thin line using face paint, but still create an illusion of the skin sunken in or risen. I ended up creating depth on the cracks by creating a thicker line. Nevertheless, I was quite happy with the result!

    If you’re a Whovian, and don’t think this looks like the makeup on the show, I do sincerely apologize! I wish I can recreate to look exactly like the pictures just by face painting, but alas I couldn’t. Anyways, I hope everyone does enjoy this tutorial! Even if you don’t know the show, you can still recreate this look into a “Cracked skin” look or “broken doll” since it’s a similar concept!

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    the waters of mars makeup

    I’m going to list all the products you need below, and all the brands I used at the bottom of the page.

    What you need for this tutorial:

    1. White contact lenses – optional
    2. Foundation, preferably a matte finish.
    3. Setting powder.
    4. Eyeshadows – light & dark brown, purple, and grey eyeshadows.
    5. Black face paint – it can be cream or water-based, or even a liquid eyeliner.
    6. Beige face paint or a light-colored (a few shades lighter than your skin) foundation/concealer as highlight.
    7. Brushes
      • Foundation – Sigma Angled Kabuki brush.
      • Eyes – Sigma Blending brush.
      • Face contour – Sigma angled brush.
      • Lines – Sigma Eyeliner brush.
      • Contour – flat eyeshadow brush.
      • Highlight – Sigma Pencil Eyeliner brush.
      • Lips – lipstick brush (unnamed – similar to Sigma Lip Brush).

    *You can substitute all the brushes mentioned above to any art brushes you can find in bookstores or art stores.

    *Don’t forget to check out my other Halloween tutorials!*

    the waters of mars makeup


    1. I applied a matte foundation all over my face using a Sigma Kabuki Angled brush.

    • I used a matte foundation since I want to look very matte and sickly.
    • You can even apply a lighter colored foundation if you prefer to look even paler.

    2. I set my foundation using a loose transparent powder and a powder brush.

    3. Using a blending brush, I mixed light and dark brown eyeshadow and applied it under my eyes, around the inner part of the eye socket, along the lower lash line, and on the crease. The idea is to make the eyes look sunken in since you’re infected with the virus and sick.

    4. I added a mix of purple and grey eyeshadow on top of the brown eyeshadow to create more depth.

    • The reason why you need a purple and grey eyeshadow is because under your skin you have blood vessels, which aren’t getting enough oxygen due to the virus (or you being sick).
    • So, those vessels on my skin will look purplish, while on others they might look more on the blue end.
    • How you find out if you have purple or blue vessels? Take a look at your wrist and see if you have a bluish vein or a purplish one.

    Dr. Who The Waters of Mars

    5. Using an angled face contour brush, I applied a mixture of dark brown and grey eyeshadow on the hollows of my cheeks to make my cheeks look sunken in.

    • I blended the contour down to make my cheeks look even more sunken in.

    6. I also applied some of the same powder along my temples and sides of my nose.

    Dr. Who The Waters of Mars

    7. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I applied a mixture of the light and dark brown eyeshadow on the folds of my cheeks.

    • You can skip this step altogether if you don’t feel like doing it.
    • I did it because I wanted to create an even more eerie feeling to the whole look.

    8. Using the pictures I found on the Tardis Wiki and Bleeding Cool, I created the outlines of the cracked skin using a black face paint and eyeliner brush.

    the waters of mars makeup

    9. I filled in my lips with black face paint and a lip brush.

    10. I used the same dark brown eyeshadow as I’ve used in the previous steps to darken the edge of the lines.

    • While applying the eyeshadow, I keep in mind how to make these lines look deeper and sunken in.

    the waters of mars makeup

    11. Using a liquid eyeliner pen, I deepened the cracks by tracing the lines from step no. 8.

    • On some part of the cracks, I even colored some bits and pieces black altogether so I can create an illusion of depth.

    12. Lastly, I highlighted some part of the skin to make it look like it’s popping out from the face, and to make the lines look even deeper.

    • I used a light colored cream concealer for this and a pencil brush.


    Products used

    • Foundation – MUFE HD Foundation.
    • Setting powder – Cinema Secret loose powder (transparent)
    • Shadows for eyes and face – The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude palette.
      • Light Brown – Matt Rosen
      • Dark Brown – Matte Wood
      • Purple – Matt Hung
      • Grey – Matt Johnson
    • Lines – Snazaaro Black Face Paint; Shu Uemura Calligraphy Ink eyeliner pen.
    • Highlight – Motives Sculpt Palette in Ice (the lightest shade).
    • Lips – Snazaroo black face paint.

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    Halloween #2 Jack-O-Lantern Makeup

    Are you ready for Halloween?! I sure am! So, for the second installment of my Halloween series, I decided to do a Jack-O-Lantern makeup tutorial. WHY you ask? Well, that’s because Jack-O-Lantern aka pumpkin carving is very popular in Canada during Halloween month. My sister and I actually love carving pumpkins! We love the scary face ones!

    JUST FYI – I am accepting Halloween makeup jobs! If you need a makeup artist to do your scary makeup, I’m available! Contact me through email jilly@kireimakeup.com, or line – KireiMakeup!

    Anyways, for this tutorial, you need:

    1. Orange face paint (water or cream) – I mixed red and yellow cream face paint to create the orange base. I used a local Indonesian brand called PAC.

    2. Black water based face paint – you can use cream too if you prefer cream product, or even an eyeliner.  I used Snazaroo.

    3. Eyeshadow – matte black, matte orange, matte yellow for highlight and contour.

    4. Brushes – I used mostly synthetic artist brushes.

    • For large area, I used an angled brush (similar to MAC 263 but slightly bigger).
    • For details like the lines and contouring, I used the Rigger type (similar to MAC 209, but with longer bristles)
    • For highlight I used a blending brush, like MAC 217

    5. Contacts (optional) – you don’t have to use contacts, or you can use a brighter one than mine. I could only find this honey colored ones from Fresh Kon, since it’s pretty hard to find specialty contact lenses here in Jakarta.

    halloween tutorial


    1. I applied an orange cream-based face paint all over my face using a wedged sponge. Lightly stippled it all over my face, neck, and ears for an even coverage.

    2. I outlined where I want the mouth, nose, eyes, wrinkles to be using black water-based face paint.

    halloween makeup tutorial

    3. I filled in the areas on step no. 2 with black face paint.

    4. Then, using an eyeliner brush and a matte black eyeshadow, I lightly create lines all over the face to create the crease of the pumpkin. I also created some cracks near the mouth area.

    pumpkin king makeup tutorial

    5. Using a small blending brush, I blend out the edges of the lines. I also carefully added some shading on the areas where I want it to look like it’s receding.

    6. On top of those black shadows, I applied a matte Orange eyeshadow (I used the orange from Sleek Makeup Ultra Mattes V1 palette).

    7. In the area where I want it to pop out a bit more (to mimick the shape of pumpkin), I applied a matte Yellow eyeshadow (from Sleek makeup Ultra Mattes v1 palette) with a blending brush. I put it in the middle of the “squares” on my forehead, above the eyebrows, on my cheeks area. I really want to make these areas to poof out a bit more.

    creepy jack-o-lantern face paint

    Voila! You are done! Looks pretty cool in black and white, but looking more like a scary clown. I love how the orange/yellow contour/highlight really helps with the whole pumpkin look!


    Stitched Up (face paint only)

    Last minute Halloween idea using very simple products:

    1. Dark red lip liner (or face paint) – I used the dark red from Kryolan Bruised Wheel palette, and an angled eyebrow brush.
    2. Light red lip liner – I used MAC Brick lip liner.
    3. A small flat eyeshadow brush.
    4. White pencil eyeliner.
    5. Liquid eyeliner – I used L’oreal Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner.

    No latex, no glue, no special equipment needed. Everything is face paint, and it’s easy to achieve. You can get all these products from Wal-Mar, Shopper’s Drug mart etc. Very easy to make!

    Should you decide to wear this look out, you might want to apply your makeup first and then create the face paint.

    stitched face paint


    1. Create dashes along your face using a dark red lip liner, or using face paint with an angled brush.

    2. Using a lighter red lip liner, smudge it beside the lines that you’ve created.

    3. Using the flat eyeshadow brush, blend out the lighter red lip liner to create pink tenderness on the face.

    4. Lightly line the outside perimeter of the “dashes” to highlight it. This will make your wound look swollen.stitched up makeup

    6. Using the black liquid eyeliner to create the “stitches”. Create dots at the end of the stitches.

    7. (Optional) You can use the white pencil eyeliner to highlight the ends of the stitches.

    halloween stitched up stitched face paint