Kaia Juicy Bamboo Makeup Wipes Review

Have you guys ever use makeup wipes? I don’t usually use makeup wipes, so it was interesting for me when I was given the chance to do Kaia Juicy Bamboo Makeup Wipes review. You might have seen a picture of the wipes when I posted in on my Instagram last week. I finally have the opportunity to use it today. This Kaia Juicy Bamboo wipes were sent to me as PR consideration. So, huge thanks and shout out to Kaia for sending me the Juicy Bamboo cleansing clothes!

If you are interested in getting these wipes, please check out Kaia’s website! You can also find Kaia on Instagram & Twitter

So, what is Kaia Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths?

“juicy bamboo is not your typical makeup remover “wipe”. It’s actually a healthy cleanser with natural oils.

Cleansing with oils, humectants or balms (non mineral oil) will eliminate skin issues overnight. juicy bamboo natural cleansing oil cloths are soaked in honey, jojoba oil sunflower oil and eight essential oils… they may be called a wipe but on the contrary… they are a cleansing oil cloth. Soaked in vitamins B12, C, E.

Without the harsh makeup stripping ingredients of a typical wipe you can use juicy bamboo as a convenient cleanser. Our cashmere-soft 100% bamboo fibers can be placed in the soil and watch them disappear!
100% biodegradable.

For full coverage makeup, you may wish to remove eye makeup prior to cleansing with juicy bamboo.”

– Kaia, 2015

Kaia Juicy Bamboo Makeup Wipes

Isn’t this wipe so cute?! I love the packaging! Besides the adorable packaging, I was given wooden tongs (picture on my Instagram) to pick up the wipes. Anyways, the juicy bamboo cleansing cloths come in container of 30 sheets. The nice thing about these wipes are the fact that the wipes are not soaking wet. It’s just wet enough to remove the makeup, but not so wet that it’s slobbering all over my face.

As you can see on my picture below, 1 wipe removes all my makeup on my face. I had foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, brows, lipstick, blush, & powder. It does a pretty good job removing all my makeup without drying my skin off. I did find that it was a bit hard to remove my mascara, but after leaving it on my eyes and pressing it down for couple of minutes, it did remove the mascara as well. It is recommended, though, for you to remove your eye makeup using an eye makeup remover before using the wipe. However, I wanted to test the full strength of the wipe, which was pretty awesome since it did removed all the makeup off my face!

The wipe is pretty small, compared to other makeup wipes, but I don’t mind it at all. I find this size is pretty good for when I travel. Since the Juicy Bamboo wipes are soaked with vitamins (B12, C & E), as well as essential oils, I definitely will be bringing these wipes with me when I travel, esp when I fly to Jakarta! This would be perfect to clean my face on those long flights, since it cleans, tones and moisturizes my skin!

Kaia Juicy Bamboo Makeup Wipes


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