Guerlain Meteorites Powder for the Face

I’ve bought Guerlain Meteorites Powder probably a few long months a go. I’ve always be intriqued by this product, part of it because I always see my mom using it when I was a child. I couldn’t find the strength to pay close to cad$60 for a highlighter, afterall, there’s a lot of highlighters out there that promise the same thing – a glow from within.

Finally, not too long a go, I decided to buy this seemingly magical pearls that promise to deliver “pure radiance” (taken from Sephora website). I remembered I bought this in Winter. At that time, I had the extra money to splurge on a beauty product, and buying a Guerlain product was definitely on my wish-list.

So, what is Guerlain Meteorites? (excerpt below taken from Sephora website)

What it is:
An illuminating powder that delivers pure radiance.

What it does:
Inspired by light and created by Guerlain, Météorites Pearls employ the technology of white light, which is used in photography and film to erase imperfections and soften features. A constellation of 6 multi-colored pearls blend together for a flawless, radiant complexion. These pearls-with-a-purpose have now been reinvented in 3 color harmonies that are adapted to each skintone.

On the picture below, I didn’t show the different pearls, since it was taken when I first bought it. The different coloured pearls are hidden underneath the beige/bronzed ones. The 6 multi-colored pearls are: green, white, pink, purple, beige and brown. I bought Teint 02, and I believe its composition is made up of more of the beige and brown pearls than the green and white ones.

The packaging is beautiful, no it’s gorgeous! It comes in this silver tin with lovely flower design on the lid. It doesn’t feel cheap either, the tin is quite heavy and the lining inside is such a pretty colour. It comes with a powder puff, which I think is useless, but a nice touch. The powder puff helps to compact the pearls so they don’t move around much.

The smell of these pearls are wonderful! It definitely reminds me of my childhood, but it does not smell old or granny-like.

Does it work?

I don’t have a picture of me wearing it, but it doesn’t really show up much in pictures. May be on the next tutorial I’ll use the meteorites and upload it for you guys to see. It does, however, make a very subtle difference in real life. You can apply it all over your face or as a highlighter. In the winter, I used to apply it all over my face for extra radiance since the skin can look pretty dull. They are not overly shimmery or sparkly like some highlighter can do to your face, but they provide a pretty nice sheen. I think people with dry skin might benefit from this.

What doesn’t work?

It’s pricy! I bought this because it reminded me of my Mom, and because I’ve extra cash to splurge. However, other than that, I doubt I’ll buy it again. I mean, it is a classic product though, but holy guacamole, it’s expensive. Also, the product is quite bulky. They’ve released a compact version of this product, and if I were to buy it again, I might buy the compact, but yet may be I won’t. I also like the pearls..hahahaha 😛 I’m such a sucker for the package!

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guerlain meteorites