RMS Un-Cover Up Review

I’ve been planning to do a lot of foundation review but haven’t had the chance to sit down and write out my thoughts. I feel like by the time I want to write one down, the phase of that foundation is kinda over.

Anyways, today finally I have the chance to and I want to talk to you guys about one of my new favourites – the RMS Un-Cover Up! Read more about this foundation/concealer below, and check out the before-after photo too.

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Alright, so some of you might know that I opened up a lifestyle boutique in Hamilton called Kitsu (located in Locke St. South). The first thing I wanted to bring in to the store, aside from the clothes, is actually a great makeup brand. I know there’s plenty of amazing makeup brands out there, but not many are willing to work with small indie boutique like mine. It was amazing to find that the first brand that I approached, RMS Beauty, actually said YES to me!

Why RMS? Well, simple..RMS beauty’s philosophy is very similar to mine – minimal, good for your skin makeup! I’m proud to say that we are an authorized retailer for RMS Beauty for Canada!

The older I get, I find myself to be more aware of what kind of products I’m using, and I definitely was looking for a makeup line that not only is good for my skin, but one that also works in photoshoot/editorials. RMS does exactly that.

Anyways, enough chit chat let’s get on the foundation itself! So the RMS Un-cover up is actually a foundation/concealer in one. Now, before you get all skeptical about it, I’ve tested this on myself, several of my models and clients. The result is amazing! Almost everyone I’ve put this on have ended up buying it. I can’t say enough great things about the un-cover up.

Not only it works amazingly as an under eye concealer, it works really well as foundation too. You don’t need much with this product, a little goes a long way. As a concealer, I like applying it using the RMS Eye Polish brush or any blending brush. As a foundation, I definitely am in love using the RMS Foundation brush – it gives the skin enough coverage and blends the foundation seamlessly into the skin.

Coverage is medium to full, buildable. It’s very lightweight and it gives your skin this gorgeous luminosity, almost making your skin looks like glass. I can’t really explain it well with words, but if you see my after picture below, my skin looks like it’s glowing from the inside out! Not overly highlighted, just very dewy and fresh!

If you don’t like the dewy-ness, then I’d suggest grabbing the Un-Powder. I love using the un-powder in the Summer when I’m super oily. However, I have to say I’m obsessed with it! It’s like Laura Mercier secret brightening powder but better! It works to set your concealer, and also your face while at the same time blurring your pores and making your skin looks absolutely flawless!

My shade in RMS Un-Cover up is #22. For foundation comparison, please check out my Foundation list.


  • Foundation/concealer 2-in-1
  • Lightweight
  • Great for most skin type, especially dry, mature and normal skin
  • Certified Organic
  • Great pigmentation
  • Blends easily
  • Not cakey
  • Beautiful dewy healthy finish
  • Recyclable glass container
  • Does not clogged pores


  • Limited range of shades
  • Might be a tad too slick for oily skin (but can be remedied using un-powder)


  • CAD$45 for 5.67g