Reflection – 2018

Wow! What a year! I can’t believe 2018 is coming to an end. This year especially felt like it has just flown by. I know I haven’t been updating this blog at all this year and I do want to thank everyone who still check my blog out. This post today will be a bit more of a personal story and I felt the need to write it since I owed it to you guys for sticking by me.

As you know, since Summer 2017, I’ve been running my own boutique in Hamilton. That has proved to be a challenge, especially since I’m doing it by myself with the help of N. Obviously, I enjoyed doing it although there were some days where I felt like giving up. All in all, the store has been doing really amazing, and I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful people along the way. Other opportunities came knocking on my door, and I’m so grateful that I took a leap in running my own store. My customer list has grown this year, and some of them have turned into friends.

This year, however, I’ve went through several personal struggles as well. Most of you should know by now that I’m a very private person. This blog is a reflection of that. I only share stuff about makeup, beauty, skincare, and nothing personal. I don’t like to share too much about myself with the world, especially when privacy is concerned. You should know, however, that I’ve lost an immediate family member this year and another has fallen ill. This has affected me deeply personally, and so I have to make several major decisions for 2019.

What does this mean? I don’t know yet. My plans and goals have changed due to the events that had happened in the past couple months, and I’m hoping that these changes that will take effect in 2019 will allow me to blog more regularly and to update my youtube videos.

Meanwhile, you can always follow me on Instagram (@jillyijoe) for short tutorials and to take a peek of what’s going on in my life. This blog, may or may not eventually be moved under a different name, I’m still not sure yet.

One thing for sure though, 2018 has been good to me. You all have been awesome. Cheers to 2019!