Laneige Water Bank Skincare Line Review

Today, I want to do a Laneige Water Bank Skincare Line Review since I’ve been using them for just over a month now. I thought I’d share my experience using these Laneige skincare products with you guys. Whatever your skin type is, without a doubt your skin needs proper hydration. What’s a better hydration than water, right?! Keep on reading if you’re curious about this skincare line.

laneige water bank serum review

Now, before we start, I just want to get a few things out of the way. Firstly, I apologize for not uploading any new tutorial this week. On the weekend I broke my tooth and have to get some dental works done, so I’m in no mood whatsoever to do a tutorial since my jaw is quite sore and I can’t really talk or chew much at the moment. I’m hoping to resume video tutorials soon so I can upload easy Halloween makeup for you guys.

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Anyways, let’s get this Laneige Water Bank Skincare Line Review going! So, if you haven’t already know, Laneige is a Korean skincare brand. It is now widely available internationally, most notably in Sephora for North America. I’ve known this brand for a while now and have been using its water sleeping mask religiously last winter.

One thing that Laneige is famous and internationally known for is its Advanced Water Science, in which its skincare line contains skin-perfecting mineral water to hydrate, protect & revitalize your skin. You can read more about Laneige’s story on their website.

laneige water bank oily skin

So, earlier in August I was contacted by Laneige PR Team and they offered to send me a couple of products to try. Of course I have to say yes! I loved their Water Sleeping Mask, and I absolutely wanted to try the rest of their skincare products. I was lucky to be approached by them, and I want to give them a huge THANK YOU for sending me these samples to try. Korean women are known for their enviable smooth, bright skin, and since I want great looking skin, I couldn’t wait to give these products a try!

The 3 products that they sent me are:

  1. Laneige Sparkling Pop Water Essence
  2. Laneige Water Bank Serum
  3. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (have I said I loved this mask already? lol)

I’ve been using these products just over a month and I’m obsessed! These are my new skincare products, you guys! I absolutely love it. If you don’t already know, my skin type is a combination, usually a bit more oily in the Summer and drier in the Winter.

Before I started using the Laneige Water Bank skincare line, my main skin issue is dullness. After using these skincare line for just over a month (picture above is a 30-day turnover), I find that my skin looks more plump, feels more bouncy, very well hydrated & brighter. My moisturizer also gets absorbed faster than usual. Even N noticed that my skin looks better than before, he complimented me by saying that my skin looks smoother than usual.

I loved these products so much that I actually bought their Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel & Lip Sleeping Mask. I’ll review those for next time.

laneige sparkling pop water essence review
Laneige Sparkling Pop Water Essence

Laneige Sparkling Pop Water Essence

“A unique, lightweight essence with bubble-bursting action to hydrate, brighten, and cool skin. Infused with 31 percent, mineral-enriched sparkling water, it has multi-fruit AHAs to help melt away dead surface skin, allowing moisturizing agents to actively reach and deliver hydration deep into skin for a refreshed, crisp sensation. Skin is left feeling fresh and appears more dewy and radiant. ”

Sephora, 2016

  • CA$46 for 3.3 oz
  • Comes in a metal tin with a nozzle spray
  • Shakes in several times before you pump the product out
  • Product comes out in a stream of spray, becomes very bubbly (see picture above)
  • Very lightweight & has a cooling effect
  • Use AFTER Cleanser & Toner
  • Gently pat it all over your face

I feel like this is the one product that you need to try if you are not used to using serum and have oily skin. This product, esp. in the Summer, is heavenly. I apply this before serum, but after toner. It has a cooling effect which feels really nice after a hot shower, or when the weather is hot outside. It almost feels like water, and it gets absorbed so easily to the skin without leaving any residue. Definitely, one of my favourite product from this line!

laneige water bank serum review
Laneige Water Bank Serum

Laneige Water Bank Serum

“A must-have serum for the smoothest, rehydrated skin. Formulated with exclusive biogen technology, hydro ionized mineral water delivers six moisture-maximizing minerals—zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, and sodium—deep within where toned, re-texturized skin begins. The luxurious formula delivers 24-hour hydration, protection, and revitalization for skin that looks supple and silky.”

Sephora, 2016

  • CA$46 for 2 oz
  • Comes in a glass bottle with a pump
  • Slightly thicker than the essence, but thinner consistency than moisturizer
  • Gel-like lotion
  • Smells heavenly
  • Fast absorption into the skin
  • Use AFTER Cleanser, Toner & Essence, but BEFORE Moisturizer
  • Lightly pat it all over face, avoiding eye area

If you have extremely oily skin, I’d recommend skipping this one out. I find that this serum can make your skin extremely oily IF you apply too much on your skin. For my combination skin, which tends to get oilier in the Summer, I only apply 1 pump of the Serum for my entire face. I’ve tried applying 2 pumps on the first couple days, but I find my skin looks more oily, so 1 pump for Summer. This Winter, I might try 2 pumps since I do tend to get a bit more on the drier side.

This serum is slightly more richer than other serums that I’ve tried from other brands. However, this Serum makes a huge difference. The one thing that I noticed as soon after I started using this serum is that my skin feels more plump and bouncier. I also feels that when I apply my moisturizer, it gets absorbed faster into my skin, and I don’t need to use as much moisturizer either.

laneige water sleeping mask
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

“An overnight, revitalizing gel mask that absorbs instantly and works while you sleep to deeply hydrate skin…This unique mask is formulated with highly concentrated ionized mineral water and ceramides to deliver intense doses of moisture to stressed, parched skin. Aromatic Sleepscent™—orange flower, rose, and sandalwood—relaxes and rejuvenates while apricot and chestnut extracts exfoliate, brighten, and purify fatigued skin”

Sephora, 2016

  • CA$30 for 2.7 oz
  • Comes in a plastic jar (old packaging used to come in a glass jar)
  • Comes with a little spoon to scoop out the mask
  • Use 1-2 times a week AFTER moisturizer, before going to bed at night
  • Gently massage it all over the face & neck, and leave it overnight
  • Gel-like lotion
  • Provides intense hydration
  • Has a cooling effect

For this awesome sleeping mask, I’ve actually bought one for myself last year. I used it religiously last Winter, and will be using it religiously this Winter as well. My Mom, actually, has been using this mask at night as well when she came to Canada and she actually brought it home (to Jakarta, Indonesia) with her. Even though this sleeping mask works great on everyone, I feel that those with dry skin type will benefit the most with this mask. It’s very moisturizing to the skin.

I have combination skin, and when I used this in the Winter, my skin feels very supple and well hydrated. It makes my skin looks brighter and well moisturized, not dull and dry. All you have to do is apply this before going to bed, let it soaked into the skin and go to sleep. The next morning you’ll instantly notice the difference – no more dry skin (or in my case, dry patches). Skin feels more silky, supple and hydrated. I, personally, used this once a week in the Winter, sometimes twice a week if my skin is feeling extremely parched. In the Summer, I used it once every 2 weeks.

I used this mask very sparingly since it is quite moisturizing. If you see that picture above, where I’ve scooped out the mask, I usually used may be half of that for my entire face and neck.

This is definitely a mask worths its price. For CA$30 you get 2.7oz! I mean, that’s a really good price! I know some other brands who sell their face masks for way more expensive and you don’t even get the same results. This Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is AMAZING.


All in all, the Laneige Water Bank Line skincare carries an amazing range of products for all skin-type. I absolutely love the result these products gave me after I incorporated it into my skincare routine. I don’t know if you can see the difference between the before-after picture above, but I feel like my skin definitely looks brighter and well hydrated.

I feel that the 3 products – Essence, Serum & Mask, are a great starting products if you are interested in trying it out. You don’t even have to change your entire skincare products, just add these 3 products into your current skincare and you’ll notice the difference! If you are interested, they also carry cleansers, toners & moisturizers – Water Bank Gel Cream (for combination/oily skin) and the Water Bank Moisture Cream (for dry skin).

I find that these products worth their price, and to be honest, I find that Laneige’s prices are extremely reasonably and affordable for the amount of products that you get. I’ve known and used other brands that are more expensive (with less products), that don’t even deliver the same results as Laneige products.

I’m extremely grateful for having the chance to try these products as samples, and in the future when I’ve run out of these products, I’d definitely purchase it on my own.





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