Kailijumei Lipsticks Review – Yay or Nay?

I can’t believe I almost forgot to update you guys on these Kailijumie lipsticks that I bought couple months a go! I apologize for the late post on these lipsticks. I truly forgot I actually have them in my makeup drawer, it was hidden under the pile of products I have to review and try. Anyways, read more below to find out how I feel about these so-called “the most beautiful lipstick”.

kailijumei lipsticks review

First of all, let me¬†share a funny thing I heard from a friend of mine when I posted these lipsticks on social media. He saw the name and he told me “you know, the name Kailijumei is just a chinese pronounciation of Kylie Jenner…” I couldn’t stop laughing when he told me this, and it’s probably true. I don’t know how this brand comes about, and it’s not something new. I’ve known about these lipsticks for a while now, but I didn’t bother getting it until this Summer. Anyways, I bought my lipsticks from Kailijumei Beauty. I’m not affiliated with them, but I know some of you might be interested in getting one for yourself. I bought a set of 4 for USD$75.

So what makes these lipsticks so beautiful and why did it go viral? I think pretty much this lipsticks went viral because of the specks of gold and the flower inside of the lipstick bullet. Are the flowers inside these lipsticks real? I don’t know, to be honest. From the website which I bought these lipsticks from, the description said that the flowers are dried, so it could be real flowers. The gold specks, I think is just gold leafs.

I have my reservation regarding these lipsticks, namely because I could barely find any information about these lipsticks online, besides the countless number of blogs, social media posts & magazines articles calling them pretty and beautiful. I do agree that these lipsticks are beautiful, but let’s move on past the beauty part of it.

kailijumei lipsticks honest review

So, a couple things that I noticed about these Kailijumei lipsticks (besides looking pretty)

  • I know that these lipsticks are made in China, even though the website said that they are from Hong Kong, upon further research I found that these lipsticks are probably made in China. As we all know, China requires their cosmetic products to be tested on animals. So, if you are concerned whether or not these lipsticks are tested on animals, I probably have to say yes.
  • The lipsticks, when I first opened it, smells like eraser. I don’t know if you guys know, but back when I was younger we used to have scented erasers and these lipsticks smell just liked that. I even asked N to smell it and I asked him if he noticed anything, and he did say the scent reminded him of scented erasers from childhood.
  • Not sure why it says “Kailijumei Germany” at the back of the box when it’s actually made in China.
  • Contained ceresin, hydrogenated polyisobutene, polyethylene, squalane , tridecyl trimellitate, diisostearyl malate malate, isopropyl palmitate, PEG 30 Phytosterols , titanium dioxide, CI 15-850, CI 14985, Methylparaben
    • This lipstick contains Squalene which can be derived from animals and/or plants.
    • According to PETA, Squalane is derived from shark liver

kailijumei review

  • The lipsticks come with a small mirror on the packaging so you can check your lips when applying the product.
  • The lipsticks are really and truly more like a lip balm. Don’t expect much colour or pigmentation from these lipsticks. Even though the lipsticks come in 4 different flower colours, they all produced the same colour – very sheer pink.
  • Are the lipsticks hydrating? It’s alright, I mean I have found other lip balm that’s more hydrating than these, but they are not bad.

kailijumei lipsticks swatches

Is it worth spending USD$75 for all 4 (or $22 for 1)?

It really depends on how you see the value of these lipsticks. I bought these 4 lipsticks because I thought it’ll be a nice addition to my personal makeup collection, and it really is. It’s quite unique and absolutely beautiful. I would buy these lipsticks as gifts for my friends & family.

Professionally, as a makeup artist, these products are not worth the money. It’s absolutely useless and pricy! It’s only pretty to look at, but have no use in my kit.

So, it really depends on why you want to buy these lipsticks. I, honestly, only used them once and that’s it. I barely touch them nowadays. I knew that these lipsticks were just going to be part of my makeup collection, since I don’t find a use for them. Once you reach the flower part, you’ll probably have to either throw away the flower or throw away the lipstick (as suggested on the website).

The only selling point of these lipsticks are the fact that there’s flowers and gold specks inside the bullet. Other than that, I have yet to find any significant use for these lipsticks.




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