In Trend: Hair Do 2014 [Guest Post]

Karlie Kloss, a model for Vogue recently got a new haircut that has really captured the imagination of the people. The hype has been so surreal regarding her hairstyle that New York Times did an article about it and Vogue themselves detailed her cut.

The hair cut falls perfectly between the shoulders and the chin and people have been raving about it claiming that the hairstyle is irresistibly casual and chic, a wash and wear hairstyle. Of course, not everyone looks like Karlie Kloss hence the appeal of the hairstyle in the daily street may not be as high, even so, Karlie has prompted interest in debate over hair dos so here’s a list of a few prominent hairstyles of 2014.

  • The Gatsby Do

Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby sparked a revival of the hairstyles of yesteryears, specifically, the 1920s. People all over the world have been inspired to opt for vintage hair pieces, feathers, pinned curls and red bow lips. A retrograde look which is still chic and relevant and still causes many a passerby to stare involuntarily.

  • Blunt Bangs

Naomi Campbell may not be liked by all quarters, but no one will disagree with her great hair. Sporting blunt bangs and long hair, Campbell’s style has prompted many to emulate her. Upkeep is an issue though with frequent trips required to the salon. However, one could maintain them on their own by purchasing  professional scissors such as those found on

  • Le Pompadour

Miley Cyrus sparked a rage when she removed her tresses to sport a pompadour. A lot of people went bonkers over it and now there are various instances of the pompadour around. The ‘faux hawk’ has now become a trendy hair cut and the King, Elvis himself would’ve been proud of his legacy.

  • Ombre Coloring

Highlights highlight. Well they do. They can raise the oomph factor tremendously and if that is not the desired result, then they can simply add to the fun factor and the zest of a haircut. Women’s highlights add to the feminity of a woman while adding some youthful flavor and creativity to the hair cut. The ombre hair cut has a double toned appearance which has a lovely layered appearance.

  • Medium Bedhead

The Bedhead is the epitome of cool, the carefully careless look with just the right amount of shape and messiness. Medium length hair is the best for such ambitions and the best part of said length is that it can be grown when one gets sick of the hairstyle, which happens to everyone.

  • The Sleek Bun

The sleek bun is too severe a look for one but when carried off successfully, it is more graceful and pleasing than a lot of other more complicated hairstyles. Parted in the middle, this hairstyle does require cheekbones and facial features to be symmetric else one can end up looking like a very strict German teacher, though some German teacher’s do look quite fetching.

  • Braid Away

The braid will never go away, it’s a symbol of woman hood, of simple beauty and elegance, girls with braids always have an innocent allure to them which added by their features, makes them all the more beautiful.

Hairstyles have defined fashion since the days of Audrey Hepburn and Greta Garbo, and the modern hairstyle resemble the advancement and evolution of fashion while also harkening back to an era which made fashion come to the fore of culture. Maintaining such hair styles is always difficult but getting equipment such as professional scissors from will help in keeping hair in shape. Tresses are modes of expression, they should be styled and exploited and made with creativity and imagination.


Victoria H is a senior Fashion Buyer for some of the UK’s largest brands. She works for Cool Blades who offer specialist hairdressing & beauty salon supplies. She has worked with leading salons across the country and has garnered experience which she uses to provide solutions related to tresses.