Smashbox Double Exposure Review

As promised, here’s my Smashbox Double Exposure Review post! You all know how much I love this palette already, right?! If you are in between the Full Exposure and the Double Exposure, please check out this post and my Full Exposure review to see which one is for you. They are 2 different palettes, with different shades. I’d suggest the Full Exposure for those who prefer neutral shades, and the Double Exposure for those who want to experiment with colors.

*update – another blogger mentioned that she couldn’t get a pigmentation like what I get on my previous tutorials (Valentine’s Day Soft Makeup and Smashbox Double Exposure tutorial #2). I’d like to mention that I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion (as mentioned on the product list), and I applied my eyeshadow with a dense brush (especially on the tutorial #2).*

Anyways, let’s get into the review! If you don’t care about what I write, just scroll all the way to the bottom to see the pros and cons of this palette, and my summary for it.

smashbox double exposure review

What is Smashbox Double Exposure Palette?

This innovative eye palette features coated pigments formulated with coating technology to create multiple effects when wet, allowing the shadows to transform in one of four ways—allowing these 14 shadows to become 28 shades in just one palette. When wet, these colors amp up vibrancy, become deeper, turn metallic, or create sparkle for endless, customizable eye looks.

Sephora, 2015

Packaging & Insert

Gorgeous packaging! Beautiful rose gold cover against black background with white lettering. Similar to the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette, it seems that it’s made from a carton/box-like material. It also comes with a big mirror.

It contains 2 leaflets: 1) dry/wet eyeshadow transformation booklet, and 2) a #shapematter booklet – a leaflet that shows where to apply your eyeshadow depending on your eyeshape. It also comes with a sample size Full Exposure mascara (not in picture).

It also comes with a double-ended eye brush – flat dome eyeshadow brush and an angled “fluffy” brush. I love the flat dome brush because it does apply the eyeshadow nicely, especially when it’s wet. The angled brush, not a big fan. I expected the angled brush to be more like a blending brush, but mine was super stiff. I might have to wash it several times and see if it’ll get softer, but as of this moment I’m not liking the angled brush end.

smashbox double exposure review


I love the shades that come in this palette, however, I do have to say that some of the shades are not impressive. I absolutely love all the shimmers, I think they have great pigment pay-off wet or dry, and they blend easily.

The satin shades are buttery and creamy, amazing colors. Veiled, however, is the same shade as my skintone, so it doesn’t really show up when I apply it dry. Veiled is a good eyeshadow for me to blend out any harsh edges.

I’m not quite sure what happen to the matte shades. Out of all the finishes, the mattes were my least favorite. They aren’t quite as pigmented when applied dry, quite sheer actually. Also, a lot of fall out. Nevertheless, it’s still workable, and blend easily.


smashbox double exposure palette review

Shades & Finish

14 eyeshadows (0.042 oz/each)

  • Top
    • Silver – shimmer (dry); metallic (wet)
    • Mauve – satin (dry); metallic (wet)
    • Peony – shimmer (dry); metallic (wet)
    • Blanc – shimmer (dry); metallic (wet)
    • Quartz – shimmer (dry); amps up vibrancy (wet)
    • Flushed – shimmer (dry); gets deeper (wet)
    • Veiled – satin(dry); amps up vibrancy (wet)
  • Bottom
    • Midnight – satin (dry); add sparkles (wet)
    • Temper – satin (dry); add sparkles (wet)
    • Haze – shimmer (dry); gets deeper (wet)
    • Noir – matte (dry); gets deeper (wet)
    • Copper – shimmer (dry); metallic (wet)
    • Fig – matte (dry); gets deeper (wet)
    • Espresso – matte (dry); gets deeper (wet)


CA$60 in Sephora Canada

smashbox double exposure swatches


  • Can be applied dry and wet
  • Eyeshadows do not get glazed after wet application
  • Great mixtures of colors and texture
  • Includes both warm and cool undertone shades
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Comes with a double-ended brush and a sample size mascara
  • Reasonable price
  • Very little fall-out


  • Matte shadows have poor pigment pay-offs


Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated/endorsed by Sephora nor Smashbox. I do not earn any money from the links, and I am not paid to do this review. This palette was not sent to me. I bought this palette out of my own pocket, and my review is based entirely on my own experience with this palette. This review is honest and is based on my own opinion.