How-to Apply [Red] Lipstick

I was wearing this look to the MUFE Pro Finish workshop event last week, and received quite a lot of compliments as well as questions regarding my lip color and how I do it. I used Revlon Black Cherry lipstick with a red lip liner to create this look. The reason as to why I mismatched my lip-liner to my lipstick is because I didn’t want to go too dark with the lips, and I wanted to bring out the deep red from the lipstick.

If you noticed from my MUFE Pro Finish pictures, my lips are darker than in this tutorial. That’s because, I actually wore this to the event and was asked to remove my makeup. So, I used MUFE Aqua Lip Liner 11C and Revlon Black Cherry for the pictures in the MUFE Pro Finish workshop.

You can see a picture of me wearing this look on my Tweet to RevlonID when I was on my way to the event. I definitely will wear this look again. I think it’s also perfect for Fall, since it’s not too bright and at the same time not too dark.

Obviously you can use this technique to do your lips using red, or pink, orange, or purple. Whatever color you want, it’s the same basic principle. 🙂

how to apply red lips


1. I scrubbed my lips with homemade brown sugar lip scrub.

2. I applied L’occitane olive oil lip balm to moisturize my lips.

3. After doing my face, I applied a tiny bit of concealer (you can use foundation), to my lips.

4. Using Complections Classic Red lip liner, I marked my cupid’s bow and the outer corner of my upper lips. You can substitute this pencil to whichever you want.

5. I connected the line from the outer corner of my upper lips towards the cupid’s bow.

6. I did the same for the bottom lips.

7. I filled in the rest of the lips using the same lip pencil.

8. Using a square lip brush (or you can use any lip brush of your choice), I applied Revlon Black Cherry starting from the middle of the lip, going towards the outer part. As I reached the outer lip line, I tried to apply the lipstick as neatly as possible. Having a straight edge from the brush helps in achieving a straight line.

9. Once done, take 1 sheet of kleenex (or tissue, whatever you call it). Usually these tissue comes in 2-ply, so try to remove 1 ply and put it over your lips gently.

10. I applied Cinema Secret transparent loose powder over the tissue using a blush brush.

11. Remove your tissue, and re-apply lipstick. Then, repeat step 9 and 10 again.

12. You can repeat step 8-10 until you achieve the desired intensity. I only reapplied once for the picture below.

revlon black cherry

13. For the rest of the face, I pretty much kept it to the bare minimum. I applied Clinique CC cream all over my face using my fingers.

14. Under the eyes, I applied MUFE HD concealer.

15. On the eyes, I applied MAC Soft Ochre paint pot all the way up to the brow bone.

16. I curled my lashes. I applied 1 coat of L’oreal Double Curl Extension mascara, and 2 coats of Maybelline Express Volume Turbo Boost to my upper lashes. I applied a little bit of L’oreal Double Curl extension to the lower lashes.

17. I filled my brows using Shu Uemura brow pencil and set it with Anastasia Duo Brow Powder in Brunette.

18. I contoured my face using MAC Shadowy.

19. I applied NARS Mata Hari blush.

Since I want the lips to be the focus of attention, I kept my eyes very minimal. I also created strong brows so my eyes are still framed. In this case, I applied my cheek color after lipstick application to ensure I don’t look washed out.