Product of the Week:NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette Review

I’ve been asked to do a NARSissist eyeshadow palette review ever since I posted a picture of the palette on Instagram couple weeks a go. I’m so sorry that this review is up a bit late, I’ve been having too much fun here in Jamaica (as you all can see on my Not to mention, last week I was celebrating my birthday, so sorry but not that sorry…hehehe..

Anyways! Here’s my NARSissist eyeshadow palette review! I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Narsissist review

What is a NARSissist eyeshadow palette?

A palette of 15 NARS signature eye shadow shades for creating unlimited artistic effects.
Connect with captivating colors that will have all eyes following you. Ready to wear every day, every way—15 signature eye shadow shades every NARSissist adores.

(Sephora, 2014)

At first glance, this NARSissit eyeshadow palette is not as eye catching as the Urban Decay’s. It doesn’t have anything rosy, the packaging is black, it doesn’t stand out much. However, since it is NARS, of course I have to walk on that aisle to admire it. The simple and sleek design of the packaging is what makes this palette look so very elegant! To be honest, I didn’t even stop to take a look closer, I just grabbed it and go.

With all the neutral palettes that are out in the market (i.e. UD Naked, UD Naked 2, UD Naked 3, Smashbox Full Exposure) I felt that perhaps NARS was just jumping in the bandwagon. However, the more you look at this palette, the more you’ll realize there’s quite a difference between the rest of the palette and NARS. I find that this NARSissist palette has more of a “grown-up” feeling to it. There’s some sort of elegance to the range of shades in this palette. I love the mixture of cool and warm neutrals, and I find that the darker shades are slightly more on the sultry side compared to the other 4 palettes that I mentioned earlier.

This palette consists of eyeshadows that are available in singles or duos, with the exception of Bad Behavior. However, the palette in itself is a limited edition. If you do like the shades in the palette, but can’t buy the palette anymore, you can still purchase the eyeshadow in singles/duos. This palette is so worth the price. I’ll talk more about the value of this palette under “Price” below, so please keep reading or scroll down if you are curious!


Narsissist palette review


Like I’ve mentioned above, the packaging is simple and sleek. Very NARS. This palette comes in a black case. Inside you’ll find a big mirror on one side, and 15 eyeshadows on the other.


I have worn this eyeshadow with Urban Decay Primer Potion and it has minimal to no creasing after a 10-hour wear (in a warm climate)

Narsissist review

Shades & Finish

Please note that I and II indicate whether the shade is on the Left or Right side of the duos, since these shades are also available in singles/duos (for more info read under Price).

Top Row (L to R) –

  • All About Eve I – flesh toned neutrals.
  • Madrague II – matte caramel.
  • Fez – velvety cocoa.
  • Bali – neutral.
  • Coconut Grove – deep brown infused with reflections.

Middle Row (L to R) –

  • Madrague I – matte cream (pretty much non-existence on my skin tone. It matches my skin color exactly)
  • Nepal – soft sheer rose.
  • Ashes to Ashes – shimmery violet based brown.
  • Brousse II – black violet.
  • Mekong – espresso infused with gold.

Bottom Row (L to R)

  • Bellissima I – shimmering beige with subtle glitter.
  • Lhasa – lavender grey.
  • Bad Behavior – deep pewter. (Not available in single/duos)
  • Dogon II – charcoal black.
  • Pandora II – matte black.

*shades description taken from Sephora*


Narsissist Swatches


CAD$85 for 15 eyeshadows (0.03 oz/each).

Keep in mind that each singles are CA$28 (0.07 oz), while duos are CA$39 (0.07 oz/shade).  If you only like a couple of the shades from this palette, I think buying the singles/duos is far more worth it than buying the whole palette.

However, if you have to have this palette, it’ll come down to CA$5-6/shade compared to $28 each (singles) or s20 each (duos). You pay significantly less for half the amount, so I think it is a good deal.


  • Great for makeup artists or beginners who want more neutrals in their palette without breaking the bank.
  • The eyeshadows in the palette are very smooth and easily blendable.
  • Great value for money.
  • The eyeshadows are not limited (except for Bad Behavior), so if you’ve finished a shade on the palette and want more you can buy it in singles/duos.
  • Highly pigmented and easy to work with.
  • Great mix of matte and shimmer.
  • Would be a great alternative to the Naked palettes.


  • You have to prime your eyelid with an eyeshadow primer – dry skin will find it’ll help the eyeshadow to stick to the lid better.
  • Without primer, some of the shades end up looking a bit more sheer.
  • The color range is so-so. You can find similar shades from different brands.

I’ll try to do a tutorial using this palette soon! 😉

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated nor sponsored to do this review. This palette was bought out of my own pocket, and I do not gain any monetary profit out of it.