Green & Natural Beauty [Guest Post]

The Best Green and Natural Beauty Brands You Need to Know about

by Samantha Braddy

Your skin is your largest organ and the one you need to keep in good shape both for the sake of your health, as well as your appearance. Skin shows the overall state of your health, and is a pretty accurate indicator of your lifestyle. Smoking, lack of sleep or hydration, a bad diet and too much sun exposure are likely to leave their mark on the skin. Apart from your lifestyle, the most significant factor is your skincare routine. It’s essential to be consistent and use the best products for your skin. And it doesn’t get any better than natural products.

Why go for natural?

Are natural skincare products really your best bet? After all, the industry has come a long way, surely with all that science and billions of dollars they have managed to create something better by now? Well, not really. Think of it this way: if you need vitamins, your body will still manage to absorb them best and receive the best quality from a varied diet. No one can live on supplements. The same goes for your skin. A lot of products are full of toxins and harmful chemicals that are all absorbed through our skin. These are probably mostly safe in small doses. But after years upon years of use, and with as many products as we use daily, it’s perhaps safest not to take that chance. Another point is that many beauty companies test their products on animals, which is a cruel and inhumane practice.

What’s a good routine?

An ideal routine is highly individual, depending on your skin type and particular needs. However, the primary purpose of any skincare routine is to cleanse and nourish. The first step is to determine your skin type. Cleaning is also very important – it will help you remove environmental residue and makeup. Use a nourishing but thorough makeup removers and a gentle cleanse or wash. It’s okay to use a scrub every once in a while too, as long as it’s not too harsh, and you don’t overdo it. If you haven’t already, incorporate a serum into your routine. It’s concentrated, and it’s the first layer of product that hits your skin, ensuring maximum impact. You next step should be a quality moisturizer – don’t think you don’t need one if your skin is oily. Ideally, choose the one with sunscreen, or layer a separate sunscreen product as your last step before makeup.

The difference between organic and non-organic products

Buying organic beauty products means that you are ensuring that the ingredients you are putting on your skin were grown without the use of harmful chemicals, such as fertilizers and pesticides. Organic products don’t use genetically modified organisms either. Natural brands also tend to use non-toxic ingredients, avoiding the use of – sadly, extremely common – but dangerous chemicals like phthalates and formaldehyde. Once you scratch the surface, it’s scary just how many ingredients commonly used in beauty products can cause hormone disruption, cancer and other serious consequences. Finally, if your skin is very sensitive, prone to redness or break-outs, natural and organic products tend to be much less allergenic than those with synthetic ingredients.

The best organic beauty products available

So, what particular products should you look into? The German brand I+M has an amazing organic, vegan hair conditioner with shea butter and argan oil. It will leave your hair feeling like smooth, silky perfection. Inika is a luxury Australian makeup brand with botanical formulas, natural ingredients and a light feel that can satisfy all your needs. When it comes to body care, it’s hard to choose between the Juara candlenut body crème and the Inlight organic restorative body butter. Alexander Sprekenhus, a hip Norwegian brand, also has some excellent body care products that are popular among both sexes. Finally, if your hands are rough and dry, nothing beats the Maria Akerberg Cardamom Orange Hand Cream. This highly nourishing cream is jam-packed with first-rate ingredients that will leave your hands soft and also prevent signs of aging, such as brown spots and wrinkles.

People are becoming more and more aware that they need to take care of their skin in a more natural and beneficial way. Luckily, cosmetics brands all over the world are starting to recognize that need. They are working hard to make sure your skin gets the very best that nature has to offer.