Coral Eyes with Sleek Makeup Showstoppers

Alright! So, I’ve been wanting to do another tutorial using Sleek Makeup Showstoppers palette (if you are in Southeast Asia region, you can buy it from Luxola). I wanted to use the coral shade since it’s so pretty! I’ve done another tutorial using the same palette in my Smoky Purple post.

Oh also, I’ve done some research regarding the names of the eyeshadows in this palette. Apparently, there was a misprint on the labels that came inside this palette. The correct names for each shade is as the picture below. Thanks to Gloria from Beautiful with Brains for clarifying it on her blog!


Please note that on picture in the bottom left corner, my eyeliner might look weird but I can assure you it is not. It’s because the camera couldn’t focus on my eyelashes, which is so frustrating! Anyways, I might have to invest in a better lens.

Anyways, my eyelids are prep using Smashbox eyelid primer.


1. I applied Oh So Special all over my eyelid using a flat eyeshadow brush.

2. Using a clean blending brush, I applied Sunset above my crease.

3. I packed on Noir on the outer V using an angled eyeshadow brush. Lightly, I dragged Noir on to my crease.

4. Using another clean blending brush, I blended Noir out using a small circular motion.

5. I applied Noir using an angled eyebrow brush on the outer half of my lower lash line. I also applied Sunset on the lower lash line on the inner half.

6. Using a small shader brush, I applied Storm on the inner corner of my eyes.

7. I also created a winged eyeliner using Kanebo Kate Super Sharp eyeliner.

8. I lined my waterline using L’oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner.

9. I curled my lashes and applied Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara, and applied false eyelashes.

10. I filled my brows using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette.

sleek showstoppers makeup

11. On my face, I applied Smashbox Halo foundation using Sigma Round Kabuki brush.

12. I concealed my under eyes using MUFE Concealer palette no. 3 – the salmon colored shade.

13. I applied contour on my nose and under my cheeks using L’oreal Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer in W6-7-8. I blended it out using CoverFX cream foundation brush.

13. On my cheeks, I applied Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze in Make a Mauve, blending it out using my finger.

14. I set my face using MUFE Pro finish powder.

15. I applied Revlon Mauve It Over matte lipstick on my lips.

sleek showstoppers makeup

Sleek Makeup Showstoppers – Smoky Purple Tutorial

I’ve bought several Sleek Makeup iDivine palettes back when I was in Jakarta from Luxola website. I love the iDivine palettes, and have used some of the palettes regularly for my makeup job. Today, I want to showcase the Sleek Makeup Showstoppers palette since I haven’t do a tutorial using this palette yet.

I’ll try to do a review and swatches of the Sleek Makeup Showstoppers next time. I love the combination of sparkles, matte and shimmers in this palette. For today’s tutorial, I wanted to use some colors since I’ve been doing quite an earthy, brown, neutrals on my previous tutorials.

I’ve done a similar tutorial like this one using a more wearable color in my Pearlescent post. I love having the highlight in the center of the lid. It looks so gorgeous when you blink. You can obviously do this tutorial with any colors you like. I’ll try to do another tutorial using another color, something more wearable.

Anyways, let’s get to the tutorial!

Sleek Makeup iDivine ShowstopperHow-to:

1. I applied Sparkle from Sleek Makeup Showstoppers palette on the outer corner, and the inner corner of my eyelid using a flat eyeshadow brush. I also applied the eyeshadow on the crease as well. Leave the center of the lid empty.

2. Using a clean flat eyeshadow brush, I applied Bad Girl eyeshadow from Sleek Makeup Showstoppers on the center of my eyelid.

3. Using a fluffy blending brush, I picked Oh So Special from the Showstoppers palette and applied it to the crease. Do it very lightly at first, and add more color if needed.

4. Using the flat eyeshadow from step 2, I blended out Bad Girl eyeshadow. Do not add anymore eyeshadow at this time. Just use whatever is left on the brush.

5. Using a small angled eyebrow brush, I applied Sparkle on the lower lid.

6. I created a cat eyeliner on the upper lash line using Kanebo Kate Super Sharp eyeliner.

7. I lined my waterline and tightline using L’oreal Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner.

8. I filled in my eyebrows using Anastasia Duo Brow Powder, and an angled eyeliner brush.

9. I applied L’oreal Carbon black mascara on both upper and lower lashes, then I applied false eyelashes (haphazardly because I was rushing…sorry).

Sleek Makeup Showstopper

10. I applied MUFE HD Foundation in 118 all over my face.

11. I applied Blush Horizon de Chanel on my cheeks.

12. On the lips, I applied MAC Whirl lip liner and then Revlon Socialite lipstick on top.

Sleek Makeup iDivine Showstopper