Feather Nails

I was on Pinterest couple days a go (I’m always on Pinterest) when I stumbled upon a Feather Nails image, then my ipad decided to shut down my Pinterest app on me. Since I have a bunch of feathers that I bought and never used, I decided to do the feather nails. My first try wasn’t that great (posted it on my instagram), but my second try turned out pretty good.

All you need it:

1. Clear nail polish – I used Sally Hansen quick dry top

2. Cuticle scissors

3. Feathers

If you want to do a color as base you can do that too 🙂

Do one nail at a time. To make as little mess as possible, I used a napkin on the desk. This will help you to clean up after too.


1. Apply a layer of clear (or colored) nail polish on your nail as a base.

2. Wait for about 20-30seconds and then put the feather on your nail.

Feather Nail Polish

3. The feather should be sticking to your nail, press it down lightly with your finger (or an orange stick).

4. Let it rest for about 30seconds and then use the cuticle scissor to trim the excess feather.

Feather Nail Art

5. Trim as closely as you can to your nail and apply another layer of clear nail polish.

Feather Nails

6. If you don’t want the feather texture to show up on the nail, apply 2 or 3 coats of clear nail polish on top of the feather. It’ll be super smooth.

Feather Nail Art