Chinese New Year Makeup

Since the Lunar New Year is just around the corner, I’ve decided to create this Chinese New Year makeup inspired by the year of the Red Monkey! This look is filled with gold and red which represent wealth and luck! I know that there’s a lot of different cultures who celebrate the Lunar New Year, so I’ll be referring it as Lunar New Year instead of Chinese New Year. I wrote Chinese New Year on the title for SEO purposes. I hope that’s ok with everyone!

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Shu Uemura Metal:Ink Liquid Liner

Couple weeks a go, I bought some stuff online from Shu Uemura, which include these Shu Uemura Metal:ink Liquid Liner. I cannot stop raving about these 2 liners! My new obsession is the red liner, such amazing color which I never thought I could pull off! What makes it even better, is the fact that I was chosen as Shu Uemura 4th week and last winner for “Haute Couture” Instagram competition, after I posted a picture of my eyes with these liners!

As you all know, I have been a huge fan of Shu Uemura products, and have a great relationship with Shu Uemura Indonesia. I’ve participated and was chosen as one of their top 10 winners in the Brave Beauty competition last year. During that competition, I was given a wide range of products to try. I did not get to play with the liquid eyeliners, but I did get to play with their Calligraphy:ink liner. I was in love with the Calligraphy:ink liner so much that I decided to buy it after.Shu Uemura Metal:Ink Glitter Liquid Liner


Knowing how great the Calligraphy:ink liner is, I have high expectation for the Shu Uemura Metal:ink Liquid Liner. Of course, that expectation was met above and beyond! Both the Metal:ink liquid liner and Glitter liquid liner are heavily pigmented. There was no need to layer the liner, 1 swipe and you get the intensity needed.

I find, personally, that the liquid liners are very easy to use. Although, there are people who find that this liner is hard to use (from the review on Shu website). The trick, I think is to wipe excess product on the side of the tube and getting just enough on the tip. Talking about the tips, the metal:ink liner comes with a felt tip whereas the metal:ink glitter liner comes with a brush tip. Both are very thin, yet sturdy, making it, as I’ve said before, easy to apply. I didn’t have any issue with the application whatsoever.

Shu Uemura Metal:Ink Liquid Liner

Shu Uemura Metal:Ink Glitter Liquid Liner

The metal:ink liquid liners have the right consistency to make it easy to apply, and it’s very smooth. It does not have weird texture, just a pretty metallic finish. The metal:ink glitter liner is slightly runnier than the metal:ink, it dripped on my canvas. However, when applying to my eyes, I didn’t notice if it was too runny, I find that it has just the right consistency. The Metal:ink Glitter Liquid Liner, also, does not feel sticky. I don’t know if you know what I mean, but I’ve tried another brand which left me with a sticky eyelid and the glitter was hard to remove. This metal:ink glitter liner is not sticky at all, and the glitter removes pretty easily even with a wet wipe.

I do find that the liquid liners are not waterproof nor smudge-proof. It does stay pretty well on the eyelids, though. I have quite oily lids, but the liners didn’t budge for the whole day. However, I can remove it easily just by using water or wet wipes. The swatches I did on my hand were easily removed just by rubbing my fingers on it. The other downside is probably the price – CA$38/each, but then again it’s Shu Uemura, a luxury brand, I quite expect the price to be quite premium. I don’t really mind it, though, since I know for that price, I get a high quality. Not to mention, last time I bought a glitter liner from drugstore brand, I had a bad reaction to it. So, I definitely rather pay a bit more as long as I get a great quality for it.

Shu Uemura Metal:Ink Glitter Liquid Liner


  • Heavily pigmented
  • Long-lasting
  • Beautiful metallic finish
  • Glitter can be removed easily
  • Applicators are sturdy and easy to use
  • Smooth consistency, making it easy to create a clean line
  • Metal:ink liquid liners come in 10 shades


  • Not waterproof
  • Not smudgeproof
  • Pricy

Shu Uemura Metal:Ink Liquid Liner