IMATS Toronto 2013

Again, this year, I managed to show up for IMATS in Toronto. It was held in the Metro Convention Center. I attended the event on Saturday only. This year IMATS was definitely more packed and busy than last year. Please check my post on IMATS Toronto 2012 if you want to see my last year event coverage.

I wasn’t expecting anything from the IMATS. I actually went there without any intention of buying anything. I just wanted to see if they have good deals on certain products.

IMATS Toronto

Anyways, it was a makeup trade show, so there was a lot of brands that were present to sell their products. I think MUFE had one of the best booths there. The body paintings done by MUFE makeup artists were amazing! They have quite a great deal too: 50% off makeup brushes, certain deals on a set of foundation/concealers/primers/powder/blush etc. However, there was a HUGE line up for the MUFE booth, and I just couldn’t bring myself to line up for hours…ok may be not hours, but you get my point…

IMATS Toronto

There were several body painters in the show for their own booths, one of which was the makeup artist from Blur booth. Below, you can see the model from Blur. That was one of the most amazing body paintings I’ve ever seen.

IMATS Toronto

So, I walked around the whole exhibition hall, and bought some makeup brushes from Crown Brush. It was such an awesome deal! Some of the brushes were only $4, others were $7.50. Pretty great, no?!

Besides Crown Brush, I also bought 8 nail polishes: 6 OPI for $30 and 2 Essie for $3.50/each. You probably would have seen the picture of the brushes and nail polishes if you followed me on Twitter or Instagram.

IMATS Toronto

Besides the shopping, a very amazing event took place! Ok, so N was sitting down while I was shopping around looking at all the different booths (kudos to IMATS for providing chairs all around the hall for people to take a short rest).  While I was all skipping down the aisle getting my brushes, N was asked by a lady if she can sit beside him. He said yes, and took a glimpse at her name tag. Guess who??? RAE MORRIS! (the makeup artist, not the singer)

So, N immediately send me a message “you’ll never believe who sat beside me? where are you? come dowwn! it’s Rae Morris!”

Unfortunately, when I went to his seat, she already left to do some judging for the competition. So, N and I decided to stalk her..hahahahaha…Anyways, we managed to catch her after the competition, and we managed to chat and take a picture with the world famous Rae Morris! She was so nice and kind!

Below is pictures of us with Rae Morris. Yep, that’s my N right there! 😀

Rae Morris