Stitched Up (face paint only)

Last minute Halloween idea using very simple products:

  1. Dark red lip liner (or face paint) – I used the dark red from Kryolan Bruised Wheel palette, and an angled eyebrow brush.
  2. Light red lip liner – I used MAC Brick lip liner.
  3. A small flat eyeshadow brush.
  4. White pencil eyeliner.
  5. Liquid eyeliner – I used L’oreal Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner.

No latex, no glue, no special equipment needed. Everything is face paint, and it’s easy to achieve. You can get all these products from Wal-Mar, Shopper’s Drug mart etc. Very easy to make!

Should you decide to wear this look out, you might want to apply your makeup first and then create the face paint.

stitched face paint


1. Create dashes along your face using a dark red lip liner, or using face paint with an angled brush.

2. Using a lighter red lip liner, smudge it beside the lines that you’ve created.

3. Using the flat eyeshadow brush, blend out the lighter red lip liner to create pink tenderness on the face.

4. Lightly line the outside perimeter of the “dashes” to highlight it. This will make your wound look swollen.stitched up makeup

6. Using the black liquid eyeliner to create the “stitches”. Create dots at the end of the stitches.

7. (Optional) You can use the white pencil eyeliner to highlight the ends of the stitches.

halloween stitched up stitched face paint