Lee Hi It’s Over MV Inspired

Hi all! This look was requested by Sarah over on Facebook! I think the video was super cute and the makeup is very chic. From the video itself, Lee Hi has 4 different looks mainly playing with the lip colors: pink in the center and nude on the outer, bright pink lips all over, orange red lips and lastly peach colored lips. The eyes pretty much stayed the same. It’s a very doll-like makeup. I quite like how she looked in the video. Very cute!

I did the tutorial in a rush and I didn’t get the chance to look closely on the video, but I think she might have a thin eyeliner on the upper lashline, which I skipped (my bad). It also seems that she had individual lashes put it. I only owned the short lashes in my possession currently, since I ran out of the medium ones. She looked like she wore the medium ones, so again, my apologies for the difference.

Anyhow, the rest of the face is very simple and easy. It’s not a lot of makeup, very clean, very little is on her face. I chose the one with the pink lips just cause I think it’s the cutest one, but feel free to change it to peach or the nude or the red.


1. I applied MAC Soft Ochre paint pot all over the eyelid using my finger.

2. I applied a nude colored eyeshadow (Foxy by Urban Decay) all over the lid.

3. On the lower lashline, I applied MAC Blunt blush using an angled eyeliner brush. I blended the edge using a clean pencil brush. You can use any reddish-brown eyeshadow for this.

4. I curled my lashes and applied Dior Overcurl mascara.

5. I applied short individual lashes by Elise (Indonesian local brand) on the upper lashes. I think I applied about 6-7 of the short ones, and then pinched my real lashes to the fake ones to blend it together.

6. I filled in my brows using Dolly Winked brow pencil.

lee hi it's over makeup

7. For the face, I applied MUFE HD Foundation using Sigma Round Kabuki brush.

8. Under the eyes, I applied L’oreal Magic Touche concealer.

9. I applied a little bit of Benefit Moon Beam along the bridge of the nose and on top of the cheekbones. I also applied Benefit Hervana blush on the cheeks.

10. Powder lightly if necessary.

11. On the lips, I applied a very tiny drop of OCC Lip Tar in Queen on the center of the lips.

12. Using a clean lip brush, I blended the liptar outwards.

13. Blot excess with kleenex and applied lip balm/gloss if needed.

lee hi it's over makeup