Murad Acne Complex Kit (Review)

A big thank you to Balley Direct for sending me the 60-Day Murad Acne Complex Kit! I received this kit last week and right after I finished the last drop of my Obagi Clenziderm. As you all know, I’ve used Obagi Clenziderm kit for a while now, but I’ve actually been having troubles trying to re-stock it since apparently now all the Obagi systems have to be prescribed by dermatologists. My derm is over in Indonesia, and it’s hard for me to get the kit in Canada.

Anyhow! I was super thrilled when I received the Murad kit! I’ve used Murad a looooong time a go when I was in 13-year-old, but at that time, being a teen I was inexperienced and naive. I wanted to get rid of my acne quickly, and I decided to throw the Murad kit away when the kit exacerbated my skin. Little did I know, it was a purging period that I had to go through before my skin cleared up.

Nevertheless, I decided that this Murad kit might just replace my Obagi kit. I was reminded by the Balley rep that my skin might have to go through a period of purging (read: breakouts) before it clears up. I’m fine with it, since with the Obagi Clenziderm kit my skin went pretty nuts on the second and third week anyways. I thought how bad can it be! Balley rep also offered me to call their toll-free number should I have inquiries! How nice! 😀

As I opened the kit, and going through all the ingredients on the bottles the first thing I noticed about this kit is that it’s Benzoyl Peroxide free! A bonus for me since my skin reacts quite violently (no joke) to Benzoyl Peroxide. No kidding, my skin gets really red, itchy and swollen, so I’m very happy to know that no peeling, redness, itch and dryness will be involved during the trial period with Murad.

Now, on the booklet that comes with the kit, they said that “92% of users experienced reduced breakouts in just 3 days! It will work for you or your money back”. From my experience, 3 days is not sufficient enough to get rid of acne, especially if yours is worse than mine. So, please, do not buy this kit if you think your skin will get cleared up in 3 days. Give it about a week or two before you notice any difference.

So, my skin type is combination. I get oily on my T-zone, and dry on the rest of my face. My breakouts tend to occur on the outer perimeter of my face (jaws and chin), this usually corresponds with my stress level. I also have quite a few scars on my face from my younger days. The pictures below compare my face from Day 0 to Day 7. I have yet to use the Acne Spot treatment and Clarifying mask.

For this week, I feel that my skin has cleared up quite significantly, but again, I don’t have much breakouts, mostly just scars. Bf said my face has gotten better, and he said this on day 2. The formulation does not dry your skin up and it doesn’t sting. No redness, no peeling, no dryness and no itch! I think I might grab the Post-Acne spot lightening gel in the future to get rid of my scars.

All in all, it has been a great week with the kit! I will continue to update on week 2, 3 and 4 🙂

If you want to take a look my face from day 0 up until now, check my other MURAD posts for comparison 🙂