Big Dolly Eye Makeup Tutorial

Today’s Big Dolly Eye Makeup tutorial is for those who’d like to make their eyes look enlarged and more doll-like! I think this type of makeup look is very popular in Asia, and I know personally in my home country, Indonesia, girls love this kind of look since it makes their eyes look bigger. For me, this look is already pretty heavy, and I would not wear this out for a day makeup. I’ll probably wear it if I go to party, but again, it’s up to your preference.

The key to this look is heavy eyeliner and lots of lashes. I could have done something a bit more extreme, and made it look even bigger, but I also wanted to make the look more wearable. If you want to make your eyes even bigger and more doll-like, feel free to substitute the black eyeliner on the waterline with a beige or white eyeliner. If you have monolids, you can use eyelid tape/glue/fiber to create a fold, it’ll help to open up the eyes more and make it look bigger.

Also, add more lashes, you can stack 2 lashes on the upper lashes and a bottom falsies. I don’t have bottom falsies, so I didn’t put any. The falsies I’m using is already thick and long, so I didn’t stack my falsies.

dior eye reviver tutorialI used my Dior Eye Reviver palette for this tutorial. I’ve used this palette on my other tutorial, so if you’d like to see the shades that correspond with the number I listed below, please check out my Summer Wedding Guest Makeup Tutorial post. I have a picture of the palette there with the shades’ numbers.

Products used


  • Primer – Urban Decay Primer Potion “Original”
  • Base – Dior Eye Reviver palette “#1”
  • Transition – Dior Eye Reviver palette “#3”
  • Outer V/Crease – Dior Eye Reviver palette “#5”
  • Eyelid – Dior Eye Reviver palette “#2”
  • Outer half of lower lash line – Dior Eye Reviver palette “#5”; Kat Von D Eye Contour Shade + Light “Shax”
  • Inner half of lower lash line – Dior Eye Reviver palette “#4”
  • Winged liner – Kat Von D Tattoo Liner “Trooper”
  • Waterline (outer half only) – L’oreal Paris Voluminous Smoldering eyeliner
  • Falsies – Gwiyomi falsies “Putri”
  • Brows – Anastasia Brow Wiz Taupe; Kat Von D Tattoo Brown “Medium Brown”

ysl pop water glossy stain Eau de Corail



  • Contour – Kat Von D Shade + Light “Shadowplay”
  • Blush – Chanel “Blush de Horizon”


  • Lipstain – YSL Pop Water Glossy Stain “203 (Eau de Corail)”

ysl pop water glossy stain 203