Salon of The Week: Do Hair Salon

Just to change up a little, this week’s installment of Product of the Week is changed to Salon of the Week! First of all, just to clear things of, I paid for all the services in the salon out of my own pocket. This is not an advertisement or endorsement. I do not gain anything from the salon or the stylist by reviewing about this salon.

As you guys know from my Twitter and Instagram, I went to a salon to get my hair colored and trimmed. I’ve been wanting to go ombre for a while, but last year when I did it in another salon in Jakarta, my ombre highlights ended up in a disaster. I decided that it’s time to give it another try, but was concerned as to which salon I should go.

In Canada, I usually go to Hairem salon with Vera, who is an amazing hairstylist. She knows how to cut my hair and colored it the way I love. I’ve high expectations for the next stylist who’ll touch my mane. Being away from Jakarta for way too long, I was unsure if anyone could live up to the standard that I have. I’m actually not that picky with salons and stylists, but since the ombre disaster I’m more wary about which stylists/salons I picked.

Now, 10-13 years a go, I went to this home salon, Do Hair Salon, yearly to get my hair trimmed and colored whenever I returned to Jakarta for the Summer. I tried to relocate the salon, but since I couldn’t remember the way to get there, and I thought all hope was lost. Until, I found out that the salon has moved to a commercial area.

I was so excited and decided that it was time to give the salon a visit. To my surprise, all the staff was still working there. It was great to see familiar faces. Not to mention, the Owner/Master Hairstylist still remembered me! Ko Harry was very pleasant and he knew what I wanted.

Back in my teens, I had my hair dyed purple and red with him, and he managed to do it without having the need to bleach my hair. However, now I like my hair colors to be subtle, much like my daily makeup. I think as I get older, I preferred subtle colors now. Not to mention, in my non-makeup job, I have to present myself to look professional. Nevertheless, I still wanted to bring a little bit of “oomph” into my hair.

Anyhow, I wanted a brown ombre for my hair, since blonde might look harsh and damaging. As soon as I said I wanted an Ombre hair, he immediately whipped out his special recipe and gave me the colors that I wanted. Ko Harry knew exactly what I want. He gave me a beautiful reddish-brown color for the base that gradually gets lighter at the ends. He mixed a little bit of orange on the tips and the end result was awesome!

He also gave me a warranty – if the ends weren’t light enough I could return to get it lightened for free. I used it. I returned and get the ends lightened a bit more so that it showed up even more. I loooove the result and I think my hair looks a little bit more shiny than usual.

Price for trim, color, wash, blow-dry: Rp. 1,300,000 (around USD$130).

Do Hair Salon is located at Centro Metro Broadway Blok A-16 Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Their phone number is: 021-30010337

For a front-look photo, please head over to my Instagram 🙂

Brown Ombre hair