Introduction to Clozette Indonesia

As most of you should know by now, I’m quite active on Instagram. If you realized, I’ve been hashtagging a lot of my beauty, skincare, fashion posts using #clozetteid and/or #clozette. If you are curious as to why I’ve been doing this, keep reading!

So, a year ago I started seeing Clozette Indonesia advertisement on Facebook, being a curious person, I decided to click on it and found out that Clozette Indonesia is a large beauty- and fashion-related social network in Indonesia. I decided to sign-up for it, connected my Instagram account to it and started hashtagging my works with #clozetteid.

Fast forward to a few months later, a few of my friends, followers and I started to realize that my tutorials have been popping up on Clozette Indonesia facebook ads. You would know if you follow me on Instagram, because I actually took a few screen shots of those ads and posted it there. Curiosity had gotten me, and I decided to email the staff over at Clozette Indonesia to ask why were my pictures were used. To my surprise, they asked me to become a Clozette Ambassador!

So, I’m certainly looking forward to meet the other ambassadors, and hopefully I can continue to inspire more people through Clozette Indonesia! I was quite surprised to see I’ve increased the number of followers over on Instagram, as well as Clozette’s website just from hashtagging my work with #clozetteid. I know the numbers are still low, but hey, baby steps!

Clozette Daily

Anyways! I’ve been talking a lot about Clozette Indonesia, and I’m sure you’re curious by now. So let’s get started on the website itself, and what does it do. Like I’ve mentioned previously, Clozette Indonesia is a fashion- and beauty-related social network. It is an online community, where you can share and discover beauty secrets, fashion must-have items and many more! Not to mention, you can find out what’s the latest videos and pictorials to keep your fashion and makeup wardrobe up-to-date.

What I love the most about this website is the hashtagging feature; you can add #clozetteid #clozette on your Instagram description (only works on description, not comments), and it’ll automatically get uploaded to your Virtual Closet in Clozette’s website.

Clozette Indonesia

What is Virtual Closet, you ask? See, on Clozette Indonesia’s website, you can categorize your pictures into many “folders” to make everything organized. These “folders” are your Virtual Closet, much like your wardrobe at home. You know how you separate your wardrobes into “dresses”, “pants”, “sweaters”, “shirts” etc? Virtual Closet works like that, except you can make it into anything you want! If you take a look over on Kirei Makeup Virtual Closet (that’s mine), I have several closets such as “Face of the Day”, “Eye of the Day”, “Instagram”, “Recent Purchases – beauty” etc.

So, I’ll try to upload more pictures into my Collection (all of my virtual closets are called Collection), and not just on Instagram. But, as you can see, this is a neat idea, isn’t it? Everything is organized in its own closet! You can add whatever you want – wish list, fashion, look of the day, shoes, etc.

Clozette Indonesia Kirei Makeup

The other feature of Clozette Indonesia that, I think, is pretty cool, is their Store Management So, tell me, do you have a tons of clothes or makeup that you don’t even use anymore, and it’s collecting dust? Or, have you been wanting to start your own fashion/beauty business but don’t know where to start? Well, take a look at their Bazaar! This feature allows you to create your own store, and start selling your own fashion- and/or beauty-related products FOR FREE! All you need to start selling is just 10 items, and you can start making your money!

Clozette Indonesia

The other feature, related to shopping again because let’s face it we do love to shop, is Shoppe. What is shoppe? Shoppe is like an online store, but unlike Bazaar, the brands in Shoppe are affiliated with Clozette. Local and international online stores, like Zalora, Dian Pelangi, ASOS, Neimann Marcus etc can be found in Shoppe. So, if you’re like me, definitely check Shoppe out! You can shop many different international and local brands in just 1 website! How convenient!

See, Clozette Indonesia isn’t just about inspiring, and getting inspired. It also enables you to become an entrepreneur, for free! I think this website has so much more potential, and I’m so happy to be able to become a part of Clozette Indonesia.

clozette daily

Have I piqued your interest? Well then, what are you waiting for? Come, sign up over at Clozette Indonesia, and start following me! Comment, like, and I’ll be waiting for you! I hope my pictures can inspire you, and you inspire me!

Psst, if you are not from Indonesia, you can still join us! Just take a look at Clozette website right now!

Disclaimer: I am a part of Clozette Indonesia Ambassador program, however, I am not being paid to do this post. All links are NOT affiliated links. I do not earn any commission from Clozette Indonesia.