Product of the Week: Sariayu K. Karimunjawa

This week in Product of the Week installment, I’m presenting another Sariayu eyeshadows! I’m loving this Indonesian makeup brand so much. It’s affordable, pigmented and widely available. Martha Tilaar’s other brand, which is P.A.C is actually designed for makeup artist, but I find that Sariayu (also by Martha Tilaar) has the same quality as P.A.C eyeshadows. I also love the fact that Sariayu products are not tested animals!

Anyways, let’s talk about this trio palette! This palette is called K. Karimunjawa, and it’s one of the latest products from Sariayu latest collection – Sariayu Trend Warna 2013 Pesisir Sentrajava. I bought mine in a Martha Tilaar store in the malls for IDR Rp. 45,000 (about USD $4.50). If I’m not wrong, when I went to Carrefour on the weekend, they were selling this at IDR Rp. 38,500.

The inspiration of the Karimunjawa palette comes from the Northern coast of Central Java, whereby there’s 27 little islands of Karimunjawa with the brightest ocean. Karimunjawa is a great home of the beautiful coral reefs. A place for almost 400 oceanic species, including 242 ornamental fishes that live there. As a National Park, Karimunjawa has developed and becomes a Marine Park attraction for both local and international tourists (Martha Tilaar Group, 2013).

Sariayu eyeshadows

The colors are amazingly pigmented, and easily blendable. All the colors have shimmers in them, but I do find that the yellow isn’t as shimmery as the green or the purple. The purple might look dark in pictures, but it’s not that dark when you apply it to the skin. The consistency is very buttery. I find it very easy to blend the colors without having to lose the intensity.


sariayu k karimunjawa

I’ve done a tutorial using this palette in my Northern Lights post. I’ve received a lot of compliments on that look. A lot of people seems to like the yellow eyeshadow since it pops out a lot in pictures.

In general, the color combination works and I think this is an awesome palette, especially for the price that I bought it at.


Sariayu K Karimunjawa

Of course, there’s more than just this shadow from Sariayu trend warna 2013. With the Karimunjawa line, they also carried 2 lip products and a Glow Powder which I did not buy. On their website, they also show the 3 different ways to wear the Karimunjawa trio shadow palette, so do check them out!

Will I buy this product again? Most definitely! I love all 3 colors and for that price, of course I’ll buy it again. I give this palette 5 winks out of 5! I have yet to find something that I don’t like from it. I love love love love it!