what is PonyDry

Have you guys heard of PonyDry? Do you have long hair and are tired of maintaining it due to the time it takes to wash and dry your hair? Ladies (and gents), take a look at this new innovation! It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of this” kind of product!

What is it?

PonyDry is the first product that helps women with long hair shower like they have short hair. The patent-pending product allows women to wash their roots while keeping their hair length dry, cutting down on styling time, reducing damage, and extending the life of hairstyles. PonyDry was created by Jessica Watson, an entrepreneur and mom-of-two based in Toronto. The product launched in November 2015, and is available for purchase at PonyDry.com.”

PonyDry makes hair washing for long haired ladies (and guys) so much easier! I used to have really long hair (down to my butt), and every time I washed my hair it’s such a pain to dry. Not to mention, my hair does tend to get really dry at the end, so I didn’t want to over wash it yet I had to wash it every other day since my scalp tends to get oily. Enter PONYDRY! Put your hair in a ponytail, cover the ponytail with PonyDry, roll it into a bun and hop into the shower!


With PonyDry, all you have to do is wash your scalp without getting the rest of your hair wet. After you finish showering and washing your hair, all you have to do is just dry the scalp area which takes a less time than having to dry your whole hair. It cuts down your washing and drying time.

“In consumer trials, 70 per cent of women who tried PonyDry reported that it saved them a significant amount of time washing, blow drying, and styling their hair. After using PonyDry for three weeks, 60 per cent of women who tried the product also reported that PonyDry improved the appearance of their hair, visibly reducing damage. When used as instructed, the sleeve can last between 50 – 80 applications”

PonyDry review


I received PonyDry as PR sample, however, I do not earn any commission or monetary gain out of the review. This review is based solely on my honest opinion and experience using the product. Links on this post are not affiliated links.