Killer Clown Halloween Makeup

I’m back with another Halloween tutorial! This time I’ve decided to do a Killer Clown Halloween makeup. This look is fairly easy, and all you need is a simple basic face paint along with some artist brushes. For this tutorial, I used Wolfe FX Face painting palette called Hydrocolor Essentials, which are water activated. Other water-activated brands that are easier to find in Canada include MAC Pro Chromacake (can be found on their website or MAC Pro store at Bloor, Toronto), and Snazaroo face paints which can be found in most Art Stores (Curry’s, Michael’s).

Even though water-activated face paints are easy to use, they can also be easily removed. So, be very careful if you like to lick your lips or if you’re going to drink a lot of liquid while wearing this makeup. Also, please note that certain colors are not recommended to be used near the eyes, esp. those with red and orange dyes.

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Killer Clown makeup tutorial

A trick to make the face paint stays well on the skin, and not crack is to dip the brush very lightly into water. Try not to cake on the face paint, the thinner the layer, the less likely it’ll crack. For this Killer Clown look, I didn’t want a smooth white face since why would a killer pay so much attention to their white base anyways, right?! So, don’t worry about the imperfect and streaky white base since it’ll add a bit more to the character.


  1. I applied White face paint all over my face, and on my neck.
  2. Using a Black face paint, I created some evil looking brows.
  3. With a red paint, I created a diamond shape on my right eye. As well as a round shape on my nose.
  4. I created a huge smile on my face, and the outlines of teeth using a Black face paint.
  5. Add details on the teeth by adding light brown, then dark brown at the edges of the teeth. I also added some cracks on the teeth.
  6. Add some scracthes, blood splatter, dirt splatter all over the face for added effect.

The pictures above are pretty self explanatory, I think. If you have any questions/inquiries feel free to comment or message me.

Products used

  • Wolfe fx Hydracolor Essential palette
  • Kat Von D Shade + Light eye palette

Killer Clown makeup tutorial


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  • Please seek professional advice from an eye doctor/opthamologist before buying/wearing contact lenses
  • If you decide to wear contact lenses, you might do so at your own risk
  • I shall not be held liable for any reaction/irritation/infection should you decide to wear contacts lenses

Killer Clown makeup tutorial