How To Reverse Contour (The Eve Pearl Technique)

As promised, here’s a how to reverse contour tutorial. I’ve come to a realization that there has been a few beauty vloggers and bloggers who attempted the Reverse Contour technique using very dark and very light foundations. Let me stop you right there! Using shades that are way too dark and too light for your skin do not work! The Eve Pearl Reverse Contouring technique does NOT use foundations/concealers that are TOO light and too dark. Instead, this technique actually uses 2 foundation colors that are very similar in shade to each other.

The Eve Pearl Reverse Contouring technique is a contouring technique which defines your cheekbones very subtly so that your skin still looks natural, and your contour moves as you move your face. A normal contouring technique uses a contour shade that is 2-3 tones (nowadays, even 4-5 shades) darker than your skin, placed below your cheekbones.What happen with this technique if it is not applied correctly is that you’ll end up with a dark brown stripes down the sides of your cheeks. This can make your face looks very muddy, and to be honest not very attractive.

This Reverse Contouring technique created by Eve Pearl solves that issue by using 2 foundations that are very similar to your skintone. Shade 1 is the lighter shade, which is 1 shade lighter than your skin. This shade is applied under your cheeks and your brow bones. Shade 2 is the darker shade (in comparison to shade 1), which I personally think, is the shade that matches your skin. Shade 2 is applied on your nose, cheeks, chin and forehead.

How to Reverse Contour

Image courtesy of Eve Pearl

So how does this reverse contouring work? By applying the lighter shade under your cheeks, you’re causing that shadow under your cheekbones to look even darker, thereby highlighting your cheekbones even more. This technique is so great, especially for those with darker face and lighter chest, like me, and those with skin discoloration, and a lot of redness on their face due to acne, and/or rosacea. Check out this video of Eve Pearl doing a demo using the dual foundation and concealer on a girl with rosacea.

This contouring technique is so easy, and if you’re a beginner, you should definitely try this technique out! You don’t have to buy the Pro Palette which I used on the video, Eve Pearl also sells the Dual Foundation in 50:50 ratio, or 40:60. That way you get 2 foundation shades for the price of 1!




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