How to Fill in Eyebrows

Today’s post is a requested tutorial on how to fill in eyebrows. I was asked to do a tutorial on how I do my eyebrows for my tutorials, and how I get my edges sharp. So, here’s a tutorial on how to do it. I know I’ve done a few brows tutorial before with different products – pencil, eyebrow gel, and powder. However, in this tutorial, I’m using my all-time favorite, Anastasia Brow Wiz.

Let’s take a look at my before and after picture before we proceed to the how-to. The white lines in the pictures below is a guide on the location of the eyebrow’s head, arch, and tail.


  • Sparse eyebrow, esp. on the tail area.
  • Head of eyebrow is far from the side of my nose – this cause the bridge of my nose to look wider and bigger.
  • There’s no definite shape, thus not framing my eyes
  • Tail of eyebrows is thin, even though it ends at the right area.


  • Head of eyebrow begins at the side of my nose – bridge of my nose will look slimmer. However, keep in mind that if the head of the eyebrows are too far into the center of the face, your face will look funny. Make sure it’s not too far out, nor too far it when drawing your eyebrows.
  • Eyebrows look fuller and thicker – helps with a youthful appearance.
  • Tail of eyebrow looks thicker and arch of eyebrows is more visible.
  • Eyebrow frames the eye nicely.

how to fill in eyebrows

For this look, I used:

1. Anastasia Brow Wiz – Ash Blonde and Brunette.

The reason as to why I used 2 different shade is because Ash Blonde is a perfect match to my eyebrow hair, but a tad too greyish and light for my hair. Brunette, on the other hand, is too warm (i.e. red) for my hair. Thus, I used 2 shades to create the perfect color for myself. Feel free to use just 1 shade. And yes, I do match my eyebrows to my hair color.

2. A flat edge eye brush from MAC – MAC 212.

3. Concealer – MAC Pro Correct/Conceal palette in Medium (you can use the yellow corrector to highlight under the brows, or your foundation instead).

mac pro correct/conceal palette

I assumed that everyone knows how to shape their brows, or get them professionally done. If you are a beginner, and you want to do your own eyebrows, please check my Brows 101 to see how it’s done. Remember not to overpluck! If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, please get them done professionally. .


1. Brush your brows upwards using a spooly (clean mascara wand).

2. Using Anastasia Brow Wiz Ash Blonde, I framed my brows by creating parallel lines on the bottom and top of my eyebrows.

3. I continued my brow’s frame using Ash Blonde.

4. I filled my brows in using Ash Blonde.

5. Using Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette, I filled in my brows in the sparse area. I lightly drew each hair in to make the brows look thicker.

6. Using MAC 212 and concealer, I very lightly lined the line on the lower part of my eyebrow. Note how I used the straight edge part to create a clean line.

7. Using MAC 212 and concealer, I lined the upper part of my eyebrow. Note how I placed the brush flat against my skin.

8. Once I’m happy with how the concealer looked like, I blended the bottom part down towards my eyelid, and blended the upper part upwards toward my forehead.

9. Use a clean spooly/mascara wand, and brush your eyebrows lightly upwards.

how to fill in eyebrows

If you are confused as to what I was trying to say on Step 2, please take a look at the picture below. I created the 2 lines on the bottom and upper part of my eyebrows, just like how it’s indicated by the white lines. This way, you can get a sharp clean edge at the beginning of your eyebrows, if that’s what you prefer.

hd eyebrows