Highlights for Brunette

Howdy, everyone?! As you all know, I’ve recently went to the salon to get a trim, and a little bit of highlights on my hair. A lot of people have messaged me requesting for a post on these highlights for Brunette. So, here goes the full detail on how I get these highlights!

First of all, I get my hair done by a professional. I think highlights, color and trim should be left to the professionals whenever possible. I do not recommend you doing this at home with a DIY kit. I went to The Hairem Salon at Locke Street, Hamilton, Canada. My hairstylist is Vera, and I recommend her for anyone who is interested in getting their hair done.

I went to Vera and showed her a few pics from Pinterest showing I wanted to put in some highlights. Now, if you have been following me for a while, you’d have known that I’ve had very subtle caramel brown highlights back in 2011 (e.g. Fresh Look post), which was also done by Vera. I was very happy with the result back then, and I’m pretty comfortable with her handling my hair. I’ve been going to her since 2011, so she knows what I like.

Anyways, I told her this time I was willing to go lighter and bolder than before. She loved the ideas, and told me that she’d have to bleach a few pieces of my hair, and for the bottom layers she was going to put in my fav. caramel highlights. I said no problem, go ahead! In addition, she also mentioned she was going to give me the ombre look.



Blonde highlight on Asian

As far as I know, Vera added caramel highlights on the bottom layers, and she bleached some part of my hair, esp. the front and top layers. Then, after a quick wash, she added 3 different toners on my hair – dark (for the top section), medium and light (for the bottom section).

After about 3-hour on the chair, my hair was colored, trimmed and blow-dried! The damage was pretty intense on my wallet (ard $200), but it was all worth it! I was worried that the bleach might turned my hair brassy and dry, but not at all! It was soft, and to my surprise, very blonde! I can never imagine my hair that light, since I’ve had bad experience in the past with bleach. Usually my hair just turned orange if bleached, you would know if your hair is as dark as mine. Usually, us Asians don’t get that lucky with bleach. However, I’m so glad it turns up blonde! Vera said she had to use the 40% (developer) on my hair.

I was quite surprised when a lot of my followers on Instagram, friends, and fellow bloggers mentioned how good my hair looks! Yay! Feel free to use my pictures and be brought to your hairstylist if you want similar highlights.

I simply love how different my hair look when I’m out in the sun! It’s super gorgeous, and golden! I do miss my old dark hair, but I’m ecstatic to have these highlights in! I love how the blonde pieces are peeking through everywhere. Since there aren’t too many blonde streaks, the whole look isn’t tacky, you know what I mean? It’s still different, and chic at the same time. I love my caramel highlights and the ombre effect it gives.

It has been 3 weeks since I had it done, and it still looks amazing! If you want to see more pictures of my hair straight with the highlights, go over to my Instagram! I’ve posted several pics of my hair there, as well as a picture with Vera.

ombre hair

If you want to go to Vera, below is her contact info:

The Hairem Salon

144 Locke Street South
Hamilton, ON

Phone no: (905) 296-7493


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated nor endorsed by The Hairem Salon. All services are paid by me using my own money. All review on this blog is based on my honest opinion.