Halloween #1 – Skull

I should have done a step by step tutorial for this, but at first I was just trying it out for fun. I saw a picture of Rick Genest and fell in love with his tattoo. Rick Genest’s whole face and body are completely covered in tattoo! Go check him out here: http://speedballzee.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/rick-genest.png or google him out!

So, for this makeup you only need a few things:

1. Picture of a skull or Rick Genest (or Lady Gaga)

2. Black eyeliner pencil (any brand)

3. 3 brushes – an angled brush (MAC 208) for the thinner shadow, a shader brush (MAC 228) for really dark shadows and smudging brush (I used Sephora’s)

4. MAC Blanc type for highlight

5. Any medium brown eyeshadow if you like

How-to: look at the pictures and just follow it. I outlined everything first then started shading. I used the angled brush for the thinner shades for the teeth and to create dimension. I used the smudged brush to highlight the areas that I want to pop after I finished shading everything. I used the brown eyeshadow last to add depth.

I think I’ll re-do this tutorial on someone else and do a step-by-step explanation and pictures (hopefully this long weekend). Since I was just doing it for fun, I didn’t really take note on how I created this look..lol..