Flawless By Friday Masks Review

I recently received a box of free skincare products from Flawless By Friday, and I couldn’t be more thrilled when I opened the box! Thank you Flawless By Friday for sending me these products! Keep on reading to find out which product I’ve tried and check out the before and after pictures.

flawless by friday 5-day masks review

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Today I’m going to specifically talk about Flawless By Friday 5-day detox facial system, since I think this is one of their most sought after product. I’ll also review their serums, eye masks and 3-day masks in my future posts, but just for today, I’ll only be talking about their 5-day masks.


flawless by friday 5-day masks

So, what is Flawless By Friday?

Skylar knows that feeling good about your skin can change how you interact with the world — giving you the confidence to feel like your best self. She spent the last several years working with the top skincare lines in the industry and drew on this experience to develop the FLAWLESS BY FRIDAY: 5 Day Detox Facial System. These 5 different masques deliver a unique blend of ingredients to progressively maximize radiance, hydration and skin tone to give you that perfect glow. Whether you have a special date, job interview, wedding or any other important event coming up, let Skylar be your big sister and best friend and help you feel like a perfect 10 by the weekend!

FLAWLESS BY FRIDAY: 5 Day Detox Facial System review

The 5-day detox masks come in, obviously, 5 different face masks. Each mask corresponds with each day of the week, and each has its own benefits. The 5 masks are

  1. Moisture Monday (blue) – contains hyaluronic acid, algae extract and aloe vera to hydrate your skin.
  2. Toning Tuesday (orange) – contains Vit. C for a radiant skin.
  3. Wrinkle Wednesday (green) – contains green tea and hyaluronic acid to banish those wrinkles.
  4. Tightening Thursday (white) – contains collagen and caffeine to tighten the skin leaving it firm and supple. (MY FAVOURITE!)
  5. Flawless Friday (gold) – contains honey and licorice root extract to make your skin looking flawless & glowing.

How do I use these masks?

I used this mask at night after I shower. Usually I’ll wash and tone my face first, then wear the mask for 15 minutes. They recommend to wash off the excess product with water, which I find to be weird since I’m used to massaging the excess product onto my skin (courtesy of Korean skincare). I find rinsing off the products to be a waste, but well that’s what the box says, so I do it the way it’s intended to be. So, after I wear the mask for 15-min., I rinse off any excess product and continue with my daily moisturizer. For the purpose of this review, I only used my Clinique 3-step system and the masks.



The masks themselves are quite interesting. It’s not a Korean style sheet masks. Korean style sheet masks are made from paper-type products. These Flawless By Friday face masks are actually more like a gel-type. The masks are jelly-like and they are very cooling when you place them on your face. The one issue that I have with these masks is that it slides all over my face. It can’t really stay put since the material is very slippery, and on top of that it’s submerged in liquid. It’s very slipper and I had a hard time taking picture with it since the masks will just slide off my face. I have to tilt my head backwards a little bit so the masks will stay put. So, when you’re wearing this masks, I suggest you don’t do anything for 15-mins., just sit back or lie down and enjoy it.

The masks smelt really great, and felt really good on my skin. I, especially, love the Tightening Thursday mask! It has such a calming scent and my skin just feels so good afterwards.

So, do these masks work? Obviously, there isn’t really a quick fix to your skincare problems. I mean, you can’t expect your skin to look absolutely flawless within 5 days. After using the masks for 5 days, I do feel that my skin looks very well hydrated, and a little bit more supple than usual. However, I also found out that after using these masks, I’m having tiny breakouts on my face, especially near my lip area and chin. I also have some tiny ones on the sides of my face. I’m not sure which mask (if any or all) cause this breakout, but I have a feeling it’s the Vit. C mask, since I have used a Vit. C booster serum on my skin before and it caused me to breakout as well.

Other than that, the masks are great and even though my skin looked less than flawless by Friday, it’s still a pretty nice masks set to try. You can find Flawless By Friday masks at Trade Secrets or online at Flawless By Friday website.

FLAWLESS BY FRIDAY: 5 Day Detox Facial System review


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