Eden’s Semilla Vit. E & Jojoba Oil

Recently I’ve tried Eden’s Semilla oils for my skin, nails and hair. The 2 that I’ve tried are their Vit. E Oil and Jojoba Oil. If you’ve been wanting to try to use oils for a while, but still unsure what to use them for, keep reading below to see how I use mine!

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So first thing first, I just want to say how much I love those droppers that come with the oils! It makes application so much easier and cleaner. Anyways, before we proceed I want to let you guys know that I have had experience using Jojoba oil for my scalp and hair. I use it all the time, so to receive 1 from Eden’s Semilla, it was awesome!

For some reason, Jojoba oil is so hard to find in Jakarta and it’s quite pricy too in Canada. The one that I used to buy in Canada, I bought it at Goodness Me, and goodness me (pun intended) the price is so ridiculously expensive! The one from Eden’s Semilla is definitely way more affordable and you get more product for the bucks.

Anyways, the reason why I love using Jojoba oil is because couple years a go I started having issue with my scalp. For some reason my hair kept falling out and my scalp became very dry and itchy. My hairstylist, Vera, then told me to go get a Jojoba Oil and use it as a scalp treatment. I’ve used Jojoba oil since then. I never figured out what happened to my scalp, but the Jojoba Oil definitely helps to relieve the issues.

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What Jojoba Oil does is to create a better environment for your scalp, and thus help to promote healthy hair growth. You can use the Jojoba Oil in several ways, but my favourite way is to apply 1-2 drops on my hand and massage it to my scalp AFTER I finish washing my hair. It really helps to moisturize my scalp in the winter. If you find that this might get too oily for your scalp, you can also use it before you wash your hair. Leave it for 15mins and then wash your hair afterwards.

The other way I like to use Jojoba Oil is to do a deep oil conditioning. Once a week or once every 2 weeks, I will generously apply Jojoba oil on my scalp and hair, and left it for about 30mins-1hr. I’ll put a shower cap on after I apply the oil, and go read a book or watch tv. After 30mins/1hr, I’ll go shower and wash my hair. This really helps, especially, if my hair is feeling dry (or a couple days after I coloured my hair).

I know other people also put a couple drops of this oil in their shampoo and/or conditioner instead of putting it directly to their scalp/hair.

I’ve used Jojoba Oil since 2011 and I’ve never experienced anymore split ends or dry ends. I noticed a lot more hair growth and I do get compliments from family & friends saying how healthy and shiny my hair looks.


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Now for the Vit. E Oil, I’ve heard that you can actually add this into your moisturizer for extra hydration. I, personally, have a combination skin so I don’t think I’ll be adding this to my moisturizer anytime soon. However, I do have very dry cuticles and hands. Ever since the temperature drops, my fingers have been cracking and bleeding even after I apply my hand and nail treatment cream. So, as soon as I received this Vit. E Oil, I’ve been adding a couple drops to my hand cream and instantly it relieves the dry skin and cuticles. Now, instead of mixing it into the hand cream, I used it straight. I do may be a couple drops, 4-5 or more, and just work it into my hand and cuticles.

I’ve also been adding the Vit. E oil into my body lotion and I’ll continue doing that. It really helps to keep the skin moisturized and I feel like my skin and hands are a lot softer ever since I started using the oil. I really like to rub this oil on my dry cuticles! It stops the cracking!

Your hand and cuticles might get very oily at first when you apply the Vit. E Oil, but leave it on for a couple minutes and the oil will get absorbed into your skin. It’ll leave your skin soft and no traces of weird oily residue.

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