Classic Smoky Eyes using Urban Decay Naked Basics

I’ve been wanting to do a classic black smoky makeup tutorial, but I ran out of my MAC Carbon eyeshadow. Then, I remembered I have Urban Decay Naked Basics, and I wanted to give the palette another try. I wasn’t sure how the black eyeshadow from this palette is going to work, since I do find black eyeshadow to be a bit harder to blend. Not to mention, the skin around my eyelid is quite dry, so lots of factor going on here.

I know this tutorial uses a lot of blending brush, which I have on my kit. If you only have 1 blending brush, just make sure you wipe the brush on a clean towel or tissue before trying to blending the eyeshadow.

Also, let me just mention how much I love the YSL glossy stain! I thought it was just a big hype, but now I see why people love it. I’ll do a review soon!


1. Using a flat eyeshadow brush,I applied Crave from Urban Decay Naked Basics all over my eyelid, stopping just right on the crease.

2. Using a clean fluffy brush, I blended the crease.

3. Using another fluffy brush, I applied a mix of Faint and Naked 2 on the crease, and slightly above it.

4. Using another clean blending brush, I blended out the edge of the crease.

5. I applied black pencil eyeliner on my waterline and tightline.

6. Then, using an angled eyebrow brush, I applied UD Crave eyeshadow on the lower lid.

7. I created a winged eyeliner using an angled eyeliner brush and L’oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner 24H in Blackest Black.

8. I curled my lashes and applied L’oreal Butterfly mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

9. I filled my brows using Anastasia Brow powder in Brunette.

(optional: appplied false eyelashes)

10. I applied Venus from Urban Decay Naked Basics on the inner corner of my eyes.

Urban Decay Naked Basics

11. I applied MAC Pro Longwear foundation on my face.

12. I contoured my face slightly using MAC Blunt.

13. On my cheeks, I applied Benefit Hervana blush.

14. On lips, I applied YSL Glossy Stain in PĂȘche Cerra-Cola (27).

Classic Smoky Eyes