Revlon Chalkboard Nail Art

Hello everyone! So sorry for the empty blog last week. I’m not sure if you guys know, but I’m in Canada right now! I can’t wait to go to IMATS again this year *spoiler alert* hahahaha…Anyways, since I’m in Canada, I decided to grab this nail polish from Wal-Mart, and it only cost me CA$7.46 (before tax) at the time.

This is a limited edition product, so grab it while you can! I’m not sure how many shades are available, since these nail polishes were in quite a mess when I was there. I grabbed Spring Break, because who can resist the cute Mint color on the other end?!

Revlon Spring BreakAs you can see, the nail polish comes with 2 ends – black and mint. Both colors have a matte finish to mimick a chalkboard. The black polish has the usual normal nail brush. It’s wide with a rounded tip, which made it very easy to apply the polish to my nails. The consistency of the nail polish is just perfect. It’s very similar to OPI polishes, and it’s very opaque. I did 2 coats  on the picture below.

For the mint end, the brush is somehow not sticking together like a normal nail art polish brush is. The bristles were separated in half, so I think I bought a bad batch. Not sure if may be someone had tried to use it in the store, since the bottle wasn’t sealed or anything. Anyways, that was annoying, but oh well. I should’ve checked before I grabbed it.

Revlon Chalkboard Nail Art

So, I’m not a big nail art fan since I’m not that good with my hands in creating design or drawing, so please, don’t judge my “artwork” below..hahahaha :P…Anyways, I wrote “xoxo” on my thumb, then a failed “hashtag” sign on my index, an “exclamation mark” on the middle finger, a “question mark” on the ring finger and a somewhat skewed “heart” on my pinky.

I like the black end, and I also like the mint end. I think I’ll like it more as a nail polish, instead of a nail art. Perhaps, if I’m better at designing my nail art, I’d probably will love this product. I can’t even do my right hand since I can’t maneuver the brush properly using my left hand.

Revlon Spring Break nail polish

Feather Nails

I was on Pinterest couple days a go (I’m always on Pinterest) when I stumbled upon a Feather Nails image, then my ipad decided to shut down my Pinterest app on me. Since I have a bunch of feathers that I bought and never used, I decided to do the feather nails. My first try wasn’t that great (posted it on my instagram), but my second try turned out pretty good.

All you need it:

1. Clear nail polish – I used Sally Hansen quick dry top

2. Cuticle scissors

3. Feathers

If you want to do a color as base you can do that too 🙂

Do one nail at a time. To make as little mess as possible, I used a napkin on the desk. This will help you to clean up after too.


1. Apply a layer of clear (or colored) nail polish on your nail as a base.

2. Wait for about 20-30seconds and then put the feather on your nail.

Feather Nail Polish

3. The feather should be sticking to your nail, press it down lightly with your finger (or an orange stick).

4. Let it rest for about 30seconds and then use the cuticle scissor to trim the excess feather.

Feather Nail Art

5. Trim as closely as you can to your nail and apply another layer of clear nail polish.

Feather Nails

6. If you don’t want the feather texture to show up on the nail, apply 2 or 3 coats of clear nail polish on top of the feather. It’ll be super smooth.

Feather Nail Art