BVspa Canada – Luxury Spa Experience at Home

Pamper yourself with a luxury spa experience at home with scrubs, lotions and body butter by BVspa Canada. Curious about this brand? Read more below and find out my experience with these products!

bon vital spa

Just a quick note before we start, I received these products as PR Samples. Full disclaimer below.

Who/what is Bon Vital you ask? Well, Bon Vital is a premium & preferred skincare brand of professional massage therapists. BVspa will heal, soothe and revitalize the skin with professional, spa quality treatments intended for at-home-use, with natural ingredients and essential oils that are free of parabens, sulfates & phthalates. 

Bon Vital Press Release, 2016

BVspa’s products are available in 3 fragrances, each hand-selected for their aroma-therapeutic nature. The 3 fragrances are: lavender & rosemary to soothe & relax, pomegranate & acai berry to rejuvenate, and pink grapefruit to energize. I actually received 2 out of the 3 fragrances – Pink Grapefruit and Lavender & Rosemary, and they both smell amazing!

Pink Grapefruit has a very strong sweet citrusy scent, if you smell this scent it’ll immediately remind you of Summer. I absolutely love the Pink Grapefruit scent, it makes me very energetic and fresh. I think I definitely would use this more for morning and in the Summer, or on days when I need a push of energy to perk me up.

Lavender & Rosemary, on the other hand, is a little bit more mild and it’s a very soothing scent. I used Lavender & Rosemary at night, before going to bed to allow my body to relax for a good night sleep. Personally, I’d prefer the Lavender & Rosemary to calm my body before going to bed.

*If you are interested in buying these products, they’ll be available at Shopper’s Drug Mart at the end of May 2016!*

bon vital spa

BVspa Sugar Scrubs

I find that the sugar scrub’s crystals are bigger and more coarser than the salt scrubs. It does a great job in exfoliating the skin without drying it out. Skin feels refresh after usage.

  • Gently polish & buff away dry, dull skill for a radiant glow
  • Contains natural sugar crystals, safflower seed oil, and jojoba oil.
  • Everyday use
  • For sensitive skin

bon vital spa

BVspa Body Butters

Very thick and creamy, the body butter is excellent for my dry skin in the colder weather. Even though it has a thicker consistency compared to the lotion, the body butter does not leave oily/sticky residue on my skin. It gets absorbed on my skin fast and it’s very hydrating.

  • Deeply hydrate to leave even the driest skin supple, nourished and smooth
  • Contains Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Sunflower oil

bon vital spa

BVspa Salt Scrub

The salt scrub contains smaller crystals compared to the sugar scrubs, which is quite unusual since usually I find that sugar scrubs tend to have smaller crystals than the salt. Anyways, I personally find that this salt scrub is a little bit more abrasive than the sugar scrub, and thus exfoliate my skin better. I find that the salt scrub works better in areas like my elbows & heels. I also find that the salt scrub is a little bit more relaxing on my aching muscles (not sure if it is because of the Dead Sea Salt or the Lavender/rosemary scent, or perhaps both).

One word of warning, do not use this salt scrub on open broken skin because it’ll cause a lot of pain (common sense, right? salt on wound = pain)

  • Comfortably remove dry, calloused, dead skin from difficult areas
  • Moderate level of exfoliation for a soft & smooth feel
  • Contains Dead Sea Salt, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil

bon vital spa

BVspa Body Lotions

If you guys hate lotions/body butters and looking for one that is not sticky and lightweight, you have to try this BVspa Body Lotion. The consistency is very fluid and watery, but it moisturizes the skin really well. It gets absorbed to the skin so fast that you don’t even feel like you have any lotion on. It’s so gooood!

If you have really dry skin, you’ll want to grab the body butter, but if you want a lightweight lotion, especially for Spring-Summer-Fall, when the weather is not that cold yet, give this lotion a try. I can’t emphasize enough on how fast this lotion gets absorbed to the skin, leaving only smooth skin behind. None of those sticky feeling.

  • Condition and moisturize skin
  • Smooth, whipped texture
  • Contains Squalane, Jojoba oil & Sunflower oil


  • This review is based on my own experience only, and should not be used to treat, diagnose, prevent any skin conditions.
  • If irritation occurred, please contact your health care provider.
  • I am not liable for any reaction occurred to you while using this product.
  • This product was sent to me by a PR Company as PR samples.
  • I do get paid to do this review, however, this review and any opinions expressed in this post is solely based on my own honest experience.
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